How to delete Facebook search history | How to clear Facebook search history

In case if you have made searches by putting
some term here or by looking for some people then you will see the searches will show in
the drop down menu. Then you can see the searches here which you
have recently made. So, if you want to clear the recent searches
then what you do is go to this menu option at the bottom. Then go to “Settings & Privacy”. Go to “Settings” again here. Then scroll down and you need to go to the
Activity log option here. After that select “Category” here. Scroll down and you need to go to “Search
history”. So, this will show you whatever searches you
have made so if you want to clear all the searches, select clear searches. Now the searches are cleared. The other thing what you need to do is you
need to log out of your Facebook application and then again log in. So, I will input my password here. So, once I have logged into my Facebook, if
I tap on this search box here now there are no recent searches showing.

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