How To Delete Facebook Search history

What’s everyone, My name is Paul Savola from Copperas Cove,
Texas.. If you want to get a hold of me, you get ahold
of me on Today we are going talk about how to delete
searches on Facebook. Actually to deleting searches on Facebook
is rather simple. What you want to do is going in your upper
right hand corner, you want to click on it. And action that says activity log, you want
hit on that. And you will come to a new screen and see
where all your searches are at. And your going hit more, and then what you
want to do is hit search. As I recently just cleared my not that long
ago, so what you want to do is hit clear searches. And hit the tab clear searches, I mean it
is pretty amazing how facebook monitors everything that you do. But learning on how to clear all your searches
Facebook is easy and simple. And you can apply this method every month,
year or how may times that you want to do it. Alright everyone, there will be a link down
below about getting a hold of me, and learn more. You can subscribe to my channel, Alright everyone
have an awesome day.

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