How to Delete Facebook Search History?

Hi this is Harish Bali To delete your facebook search history, mousehover
to the top and click on this arrow shaped icon. Go to activity log From the left hand side navigation, click
on more which is below comments. This navigation would expand. Go to search Facebook records every single search a user
does from his account. While the privacy of all the searches is set to only me. But still for some reason if you wish to delete
your search history, it’s very easy. If you wish to delete the particular search history,
click on this little icon, Delete. Remove search. That particular search history has got removed. If you wish to clear your complete search
history, click on clear searches from the top. Clear searches. Your complete search history has got cleared
from facebook. That’s how easy it was to clear facebook search
history. For more videos on facebook, YouTube and other
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