How to Delete Cookies

How to Delete Cookies. If you find that many web sites know you better
than you’d like them to, a few simple steps will improve your online security and clean
up your hard drive at the same time. You will need A computer with internet access
and internet explorer, firefox, or safari internet browsers. Step 1. Open the Internet Explorer browser on your
computer. Locate the Tools menu at the top of the browser
and select Internet Options. A new window will pop open. Step 2. Click the Delete button under Browsing History. Select Cookies and either click Delete Cookies
or check the box and press OK at the bottom of the window. Delete other types of internet files to clean
up your hard drive from this same window anytime. Step 3. In Firefox on a PC select Tools at the top
of the screen and then Options. If you’re using a Mac, go to Preference in
the Firefox menu. Step 4. Select the Privacy tab at the top of the pop-up
window. Click the Show Cookies button, and then Remove
All Cookies. Step 5. If you’re using Safari for Macs, select Preferences,
Security, and then Show Cookies. Click Remove All. Step 6. Wait for your computer to finish deleting
cookies. Once it’s done, close any open windows by
pressing OK. Did you know Did you know? Identity theft costs victims over $5 billion

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