How To Delete/Clear Google Search History(Suggestions) Permanently On Google Chrome-2019

Hello what’s up guys and welcome to my
YouTube channel “Teconz”. Today we are going to see how to clear Google search
history in your Google Chrome browser. Here you can see this is my google webpage, now I try to search one thing on Google and here you can see, it shows the lots of search results. So how to delete this search histories in permanently?.First of all you can go to Google web page “Settings” by click this
settings link and in this section it has “History”, so you can click to open it. Before going to do this method first of all you can sign in your gmail account. Here you can see, so it has my all search histories and this is my today search history, so how to delete it?. In this section you can go to “Delete Activity by” and in this section, you can select “Today or Yesterday or Last 7 days
or Last 30 days or All time”.Here I try to select “All time” and in this section you can select specific date and the date is successfully selected,now you can select “Product” and in product section you can select google products, which means that
which product history do you want to delete it. So Here i try to select “Google Play store” then you can click to “Delete”, then it shows one notification,so you click to “Ok”. Again also it shows one notification, so you can click to “Delete”.Finally all my Google Play Store histories are deleted successfully. This is the way you can easily delete your all histories from your Google products. For more videos you can subscribe my channel “Teconz” and thanks for watching…

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