How to Crochet the Double-Loop Stitch

Hey, it’s Margaret and Sheldon, and we’re here, as promised, to show you how to make Sheldon’s double loop stitch for his fur See it makes it nice and fuzzy. Okay for the double loop stitch on this sheep, it’s done in the round so I made us a round. A very small one. All right when you’re doing the double loop stitch basically all it is is a single crochet and you’re leaving two loops behind. All right so here’s how you do it. You insert it into the first stitch. Yarn on your finger. One, two, go round twice, okay? Take your hook go back and under and get all three pieces of yarn on your hook and then pull in. Okay? You’re pulling it through and then I use the width of my finger as my measurement gauge, okay? So that’s the right height. All right now hold it on there and pull your finger out. Now you have your working yarn. Okay, this looked like a loop initially, but it’s not, it’s your working yarn. Go around Hold your loops back there in the back and pull it through all that mess. Okay? So I Just added Two more loops for a total of four. Okay? All right, so let’s do it again. Insert into the stitch. Put your yarn on your finger. One, two. Alright. Go behind the yarn and under it like that, and then just get that yarn on that hook any way you can. You can wiggle and finagle Until you got it about the width you want. If it’s too tight, you just keep wiggling and you just stretch it out Okay, hold your stitch on your hook pull your finger out. Yarn over, pull through. Insert it into the stitch, put the yarn on your finger. One, two. Go around and finagle that yarn on there, any old way you can. Pull through. Okay using your finger to make sure it’s not too tight, not too loose. Pull that stitch. Pull your yarn around and through all the mess. Hey don’t forget to hold your little loops back here. Just because it It’s not that you would pull them out if you didn’t, but it just gives you more control, at least that’s a key thing for me But of course I don’t crochet in the normal fashion so my technique leaves much to be desired. One in, yarn on your finger. One, two. Get the loops on that hook any old way you can. Pull through, hold the stitch, drop the stitches go around and pull through. So … See making nice little loops. Okay, one more time. Into the stitch, yarn on your finger. One, two. Go behind and under and get all three of those strands on that hook and pull through. Hold the stitch. Pull out your finger. Yarn over, pull through. Okay, I think that’s probably enough. It’s just the technique. Once you figure out what works for you, you can go to town. Now here’s something I noticed that you need to pay attention to. Go ahead and pull those loops. You see how this is kind of loopy? If you pull them tight you get nice clean stitches, right here when you have to go back around. These stitches come out nice and clean. That’s just a way of combing his fur, pull it out. Okay, and you keep going you

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  • Great tutorial! Super clear and detailed.

  • thanks for the tutorial Margaret I wanna try this I love how your sheep came out he's so cute.

  • Great tutorial, Margaret. Love that stitch!

  • you made that look too easy….. am eager to try now. thanks!

  • Thanks Margaret will have to try something with this stitch now …..Sharon

  • Great tutorial!

  • well done 😉 and yes I like your Sheldon Sheep too 😀

  • Nope. They can only go so far. They're locked into place.

  • Great tutorial Margaret

  • i am making a loopy cardigan at the moment. I have bee working o it about 3 weeks ow as I havent bee crocheting much. Its great to know how to do the double loop stitch. Thank you for showing me xx

  • Wow when I first saw Sheldon that stitch seems so intimidating. Now after watching you I think I could try it. Thank you!

  • Love this idea, but if you wanted to do another row, do you have to do a row of single crochet and then start the loops again?

  • no. It finishes just like a regular stitch so you just continue on with the next row in the same fashion.

  • Thank you

  • hello..

    I've been trying to do the double loop stitch for some time and I have one question..

    my double loop stitches look like I've done them well. but for each double loops, when I pull on one end, the other loops goes smaller until it disappears and the double loop becomes ONE big loop.. is that normal?

  • Hmmm… when you pull on one "end"…do you mean when you pull on one LOOP or the end of your yarn?

  • I mean on one loop..

  • Really enjoyed your tutorial but I'm having a difficult time finding the pattern. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you!

  • Well, apparently Caron did a complete re-do of their web site and I can't find it on there anywhere! Luckily, though, I'm a techno nerd and I found a copy of it on The Way Back Machine. Check the description box again for the new link! (YouTube won't let us post links in the comment boxes.)

  • Got it! Thank you again!

  • Love it…thank you so much….very helpful.Thanks.

  • Great video!  Very helpful.  Thank-you very much for sharing.

  • wow this is awesome…as I have tried other methods, it seems the the stitch could be pulled out if u don't do it right. ur method doesn't look like it would be pulled out easily, and it looks a lot more easier. Once again thanks for sharing. Im hoping I can apply it to the loopy boots that someone posted.

  • I had to come and learn this stitch again as I haven't used it in years. When my daughter was an infant I made her a little hat,mitts,booties,sweater and the leggings in hot pink…….all in loop stitch. Everyone loved it lolol! It was a winter outfit and she looked like a piece of candy in it. You would think that I would never have forgotten how to make this stitch! But 37 years is a long time ago. 🙂 I loved your video. Very nicely done!

  • my project finally came out right. Thank you!!!

  • I've had this very pattern for a while and only just now decided to give it a try. Tickled to find yours showing the finished product in the tutorial for the stitch I needed to learn. Thanks!

  • I was so frustrated trying to figure how to do this stitch from a diagram. I just completed 2 rows following your fingers and
    I am amazed to find that I finally got the stitch right!  I am confident that I can go on to make a small project using your

  • muchas gracias por compartir… saludos desde mexico

  • I wanted to learn this stitch to make a rug, this was the best tutorial, thank you very much.

  • I've learned to crochet over the past few months using Youtube videos, starting with the fold-over potholders, then going to round ruffled ones, then chicken place mats, and a stool cushion cover.  I really, really want to try this sheep.  I printed the instructions from the site (I've never gone from just printed directions before this), and they say it's of intermediate difficulty.  I saw on another one of your videos that you haven't done a sheep tutorial because it would be a big undertaking.  That worries me if it would be a big undertaking for you, and I'm just on cushion covers.  Do you think I should practice something else first?

  • Love your beautiful creations! Thank you. Angela, from South America

  • I cannot tell you how many videos I watched trying to learn how to do this stitch!! THANK GOD for you and your video. Your video enabled me to do this stitch after hours of trying. WOOOOHOOOOO!!! Thank you for teaching me!!!

  • Thank you for the pattern, now I can Perfect my loop making, LOLOLOL

  • Thank you for this simple and effective tutorial. Really helped.

  • Thank you try lol but hard

  • Hello love and think I'm getting it but one question need help on the
    double-loop-st2tog please help stuck there

  • I'm confused how to get them together please help love your sheep and your vids

  • I'm confused how to get them together please help love your sheep and your vids

  • I did it not as beautiful as yours. Thank you so much wanted to send you pic but don't know how here lol

  • Hello my friend thank you for the pattern and the is tutorial and for helping me when I got stuck lol. Just wanted to tell you started with one for me to put in my office well long story short someone ask me to sell it to them I did them made another and long story short asked me to sell it to them so gone. Son asksd me to make one for my grandbaby cause he thought I Frist one I made was for him. So made another well was gonna start one for me but asked to make anther lol again I thank you they have made people very happy thank you

  • You make it look so easy– thanx, Margaret! What is the link for the pattern for Sheldon?

  • Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am busy making this sheep but having a really hard time with the decreasing, I keep landing up with large holes. Please could you do a tutorial on decreasing in the double loop stitch. Im sorry I just checked your pattern and its not the same sheep. But please if you could do a tutorial on decreasing I would really appreciate it.

  • I really like your demonstration! Thks for sharing! Your demonstration method is very precise & well executed!

  • Thank you, Margaret! I watch and rewind, watch and rewind — I thought I had it but then thought I didn't like that "loose" …..Then you said " pull the loops and it will tighten everything up" Margaret, you're a mind-reader !! 😊

  • This works great this way u explained it so I could understand a lot better then some videos

  • Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Hello Margaret, I seen the loop stitch in a book I brought recently for a Hedgehog 😁 & I could not figure the loop stitch out from it 😏 so thank you for this Tutorial 😁 you made it very Easy for Me 😁💜💕 Erica x

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