How To Create a Clean Cinematic Title Animation in Premiere Pro (Tutorial)

Hey, what’s up? I’m Ignace aleya from and today I’ll be showing you how to create a really clean and professional title in Adobe Premiere pro using the new title designer It’s really easy to create something really cool and clean so yeah, let’s open up Adobe Premiere pro and get started Alright here. We are in Adobe Premiere pro, and today. I will be showing you how to create a nice clean cinematic title animation In Adobe premiere pro, so let’s get started the first thing [that] we’ll do is [create] a new sequence like so so once you have your sequence go to the text tool and click with the text tool in your program monitor like so I will write something down in caps tolerated cinematics and There we go, I will select my text and go to the text tool right here press. L on my keyboard I’m going to search for the font [lato]. I really like this font It’s a free font that you can find online, and I will scroll [down] right here I will change this to a bold text title and maybe make it a little bit smaller [I] I will change the spacing and well? I will change it to a centered text and spacing to 300 just to give it a little bit more of a cinematic look It really has more space, and it fills in the screen a little bit better both changes to 85 I think for its size, so let’s select my text again control a 80 and there we go and I think this looks alright So what I will do now is go to window and go to essential graphics right here And then I’ll go up here and make sure that we can align transform this in the center of my screen So we have our title I still think it’s a little bit too large So I’m going to change this back to 70 and there we go So now we can start on the animation go to the effect controls Right here and at the beginning of your timeline well first drag it out a little bit I want my [tyl] [to] Last for something like six seconds at the beginning of my title well sequence at the beginning of my sequence I want to change my opacity right here in the effects controls to zero this will automatically create a keyframe then go to two seconds change it to 100 go to four seconds right here and Click on the diamond here to create another Keyframe Then at the end of our timeline all changes back to zero so now it’s going to fade and fade out like so I will select all of my Keyframes right here right click and change it to auto busy And that’s going to soften our animation just a touch it’s going to smooth out The Harsh cut and stop all the starting stops. Oh, and there we have it We have a smooth animation looks pretty clean we want to add something more we go to effects video effects And I’m going to choose blur and sharp and and go for a gaussian Blur right here Will apply this to my text and scroll [down] to that effect and the effect controls at the beginning of my timeline again? I’ll create a new keyframe for the blurriness and set it at 50 then at two seconds I want to change it back to zero and at [four] seconds I want to create another Keyframe 40-0 value and at the end I want to change it back to [fifty] so now we have trading in like so really clean in my opinion alright So that looks very cool. We want a little bit more of a dynamic feeling to it So what we will do is go [back] to the beginning of our timeline and click on the stopwatch for the scale Go to the end of your timeline and change the scale to something like 110 and there we have it It’s going to zoom in very slowly very nicely and going to look very cinematic, okay So this is what we have will pick my selection tool and what we can do now is click on this text Go to the essential graphics, and I’m going to hold alt and drag this on a new layer like so Click on this layer click on the text, and I’m going to pick my text tool right here I’m going to change this to subscribe well subscribe For more there we go. I’m going to select everything and I’m going to make it smaller like so and change it to a light Font there we go and also. I’m going to move it [down] a little bit right here for this text I want to actually move it up a little bit So we’ll do the same thing right here with on the opposite side click on this text, and it looks pretty nice So now we have both of these titles fade in. I still want this to move a little bit more Downwards like so there. We have it really nice So now I want to click on this layer and actually off set the just touch so it actually comes in a later a little bit Like so really nice now We have a nice clean title that fades in and fades out and premiere pro really easy to create But it gives it a very cinematic look so I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you did give this video a like also subscribe to the [channel] for more and Definitely check out our website. We have a bunch to offer for Filmmakers motion graphics artists We have template packs really crazy stuff Definitely check out our website a link will be put in the description, and then I’ll see you in the next one [and] goodbye you

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