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Hey guys, so for [today’s] video I’m going to be doing a very in-depth talk to tutorial on how to apply Contour blush Highlight and baking yo face. Basically all the steps to achieve that flawless face that we all see all over instagram And all the celebrity makeup artists are doing on all the celebrities. I’m going to take you through every single step I’m gonna give you the do’s and the don’ts the whys and the why nots So let’s get started [and] I’m going to zoom [you] [in] a little bit so that you can see the fist Okay, [alright], so at this point. I have primed my skin and I have on a sheer to medium coverage Foundation right now you can put on any foundation it does not matter Whatever you love it can be sheer it can be full coverage it can be mass it can be Dewy whatever foundation You love just slap it on your skin And then we can move on so I am going to apply Concealer on camera because that is part of this entire process [and] the reason being is because Depending the technique that you want to use to do your makeup that day You are going to want to change the color of your concealer So for instance if I’m just going to put on some Mascara [a] sheer foundation and some concealer, I’m going to use a concealer That’s only one shade lighter than my foundation or maybe even the same shade as my foundation on a day like today When we are going to do full Beat and we’re going to do every single step the whole jazz Routine a full Face glam look I’m going to go a couple shades on with my concealer [maybe] in between two to four Shades lighter and the reason Being is as you will see throughout this video My concealer color is going to change and you’re going to be happy that you have on a lighter concealer because the end Look is going to be very structured and defined and that’s what this entire thing is all about to be like that flawless face So I’m going to grab the urban decay naked skin weightless Concealer. This is my absolute favorite Concealer and that is because it doesn’t crease I need the eyes especially with the way that I’m going to set it and because the fact [that] it’s very Hydrating and I am definitely dry in this area, so I want a more hydrating concealer if you are more oily And you have a really big issue with step creasing. I would also recommend the Mac Pro Longwear concealer It was one of my writer dies for years. It’s just a little bit too dry on me I’ve noticed so I’m going to be using [a] shade light warm And I am going to just use this stick and apply a line under here [aligned] [on] the side of the nose and a line here. I’m gonna do the same over here Yes, honey. We are gonna. Look cute [during] [this] [process]. [I’m] also going to apply A cross on the chin A Line right here right there And right [down] the center of the nose all right, so I’m just going to pick up a damp sponge And I’m going to begin to blend this out. I personally Love love blending out my concealer [with] a damp sponge And it’s also going to come in handy when it comes time to bake [the] face I? Personally think that a damp sponge whether it’s a [beauty] [blender] or like a different brand [I] think a damp sponge blend out concealer better than anything else in my opinion like the past year and a half I’ve been so Loyal to using a Damp beauty blender because I just think it [looks] so flawless underneath the eyes And what I love so much about using a damp sponge to apply the concealer Is that you’re pressing into the skin as opposed to when you’re using a brush you’re like Dragging like this and not only is it like more gentle on the under eye area But I love that it’s pressing the concealer into the skin not to mention the moisture will pick up any excess concealer that you have So if you applied way too much And you were way too generous your beauty blender will pick up the excess so that it doesn’t get Cakey on your under eye Okay, and then of course We’re just going to blend everything else out as well adding the highlight to the center of the face It’s just going to make everything look more natural I always have to put it in quotations because let’s get real there’s nothing natural about this look But in the end of all of this it is going to look so much more put together and natural Esque as Opposed to just having a highlight here and then nothing in the center of the face you want to bring the center of the face And [the] under eye together so that everything kind of matches and looks in sync And this nSYNc such a good band now. We have applied the concealer on the under eye area in the center of the face I’m going to grab my translucent powder, and this is the rcm a no color translucent powder. I absolutely love this powder It’s my favorite because I am dry if you are oily, I would really recommend the Laura Mercier Translucent powder It is absolutely amazing I use it for so long until [I] discovered this one, and this one is just so much better on dry skin so I’m going to put some this powder into the cap right here, so I can just work with it straight [out] of the Just make a total mess. No big deal now I’m going to do is going to take that same Damp beauty [blender] that we use for the [under-eye] And I’m going to dip it into this cap Directly into that translucent powder this scared the crap out of me the first time that I did it I’m not going to lie because you’re always taught you can’t mix water with powder You can’t mix liquids and powders like they need to be done Separately you know and so taking a damp beauty blender and dipping into powder I’m like don’t put that up my face like it’s like terrifying but I promise you this works if you want to set that under-eye concealer like Nobody’s business [try] this trick it will change your life there are different options for you if you do not want to use the Damp beauty blender And translucent powder a method you could do something like this and use just like an under-eye powder to set it You could use something like the mac pro [emphasized] which comes in a bunch of [different] shades for the under eye area Depending on your skin tone and that’s on Mac cosmetics calm, and then this right here is the anastasia Banana powder I love using these two together and separately [for] my under eyes but for the purpose of today’s video I’m going to show you this method because this in my personal opinion will make that under-eye stay in place all day long It doesn’t matter what you’re [doing] your under-eye area is not Going to move so I’m going to go ahead take the stand beauty Blender grab a little bit more [because] I’ve been shaking it around And what I’m going to do is just tap it directly on the under-eye area And I love this powder so much because the Laura Mercier translucent Powder like not to sound like a hater or anything on me because I have dry under eyes it just makes that under I feel like so creepy when I smile, I’m like ah I feel like I could like having trouble smiling because it makes that under-eye area so dry Whereas the Rcm A no color powder that I’m using right [now] doesn’t do that. It does not feel dry on the skin You’re not going to want to wipe because then you’ll make a mess of your makeup. Just press Directly into the skin the entire time You want to look up and really make [sure] that you’re getting on the [under-eye] because that’s where we all crease and [just] press press press Dab Dab [Dab] Bring it right there on the side of the nose Down and there you go you do not need to bring this down all the way to here. Sorry I keep looking in my Viewfinder to see my face I’m just trying to some focus But you do not need to bring the translucent powder all the way down here because this isn’t highlighting or anything You’ve already done that the concealer This is just simply setting where you would typically crease so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to lightly set my entire Face with a face powder [you] do not have to do this if you’re crazy, dry or if you haven’t found a power of the to love or if you just like going and directly with Powders over top of your Cream foundation I did that for years and years and years But I’m just going to set my face really quickly so that you guys can get the entire like full demo for those of you Who do set your face I am using the Giorgio Armani luminous silk Powder foundation? I absolutely love this stuff like more than life I just discovered it recently and it hadn’t become like an absolute staple at my collection [I] also love the Mac mineralized skinfinish pressed Powder, so Beautiful that one is [way] more affordable if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit easier [on] your wallet now have foundation concealer We have our under eye area set and we have our face set So everything is good to go right so now at this point This is when we’re going to begin actually the baking the contouring the highlighting and all that jazz [so] now what I’m going to do is I’m going to pick up a ridiculous amount of translucent powder, and I’m going to Really get on that beauty blender and I’m going to literally go directly and under my eyes and just stamp and you want it to be as thick as possible and I Will explain why I? Look like a psychopath right now So I’m sure [some] of you right now. We’re thinking okay What is the difference between? Setting your under eye area and baking your under eye area And I will tell you the difference is when you set your under eye area That’s all you’re doing you’re just setting your under eye And you’re moving along with your day when you bake your under eye area you are making that bitch bulletproof That is the difference drag queens have been using this technique for ever We basically glamour makeup takes everything from the drag world you want to know how to do good makeup Go interview a queen because seriously that’s where all of this stuff comes from his drag queens get on stage they perform [they’re] under hot lights. They’re dancing. [yeah], they are working and they need their makeup to stay in place They need their makeup to not move they need to be Perfect through sweat through dancing through the hot lights through everything and so they came up with this technique a long long long time ago And we stole it from them Something [that] [I] thought was so freaking cool when I heard this fact And I have to share it with you is the reason that it is called baking or cooking in the first place is because when you apply a Ton of translucent powder to the skin that area of the face basically can’t breathe and what ends up happening Is your body temperature? which is typically around ninety eight point six degrees give or take comes through and gets trapped between the face and the [Transit’s] mpow durand it literally cooks the concealer cooks the foundation cooks the makeup and becomes Bulletproof it is the coolest thing [in] the world when you think about like that you are literally cooking your face at 98.6 degrees turn that up and on 98.6 and let’s get cookin [you] want to bake any other areas of the face you can go ahead and do so I? Personally like to just do the under eye area when I do this method Because I don’t want to make the other areas of my face – Matt And I really don’t have an issue with other areas moving or not looking really nice but a lot of people like to bake the chin as well because of the fact that your chin can really tend To kind of break up and the reason being is because a lot of times you’ll rest your hand on your chin You’ll be like this you’ll do this you’ll hug people and your makeup will just come up on your chin So if you want to [make] your chin that is a very common thing to do dan girl I’m looking so cute right now all right. So now that our face is cooking. We are going to move on to contour and honestly Contouring can be very overwhelming because there’s so many products out there. There’s so many brushes out there There’s many different opinions out there some people say that if you’re going to contour you acts You have to use a contouring powder that is a cool tone. I’m gonna argue with that I do not think that a contour powder needs to be a cool tone actually I know that doesn’t have to be Because there are some people out there that if they put on a cool tone powder on their face It’s gonna look even outside playing in the dirt That’s just how it happened you me look muddy and gray And it doesn’t work some people need a more neutral colors some people need a warmer color it just depends on Your skin tone. I will say that overall. I think [that] benefit Hoola bronzer is a really beautiful color for contour It’s a nice neutral It doesn’t have too much red or too much [grey] in it And it really does help create and eyeshadow on a lot of different skin tones It’s a really nice color my perfect color personally is Mac. Shape ster. I just recently found this like in the last year Maybe like six to seven months or so if you feel like you haven’t found the perfect shade yet like it’s all good some people Use bronzers some people use face powder some people use colors. [they’re] specifically made for contour Fine works for you, and that’s what you need that’s it Just one good contour color and you’re good to go, and then as far as brushes There are so many, so I will just tell you my top two phase first off is this one right here. This is the morphe [M-52] 3. [I] love it because it’s longest bristles around the center, and it has the shorter Bristles on the side So it gives you a nice line while still blending it out Makes it nice and smooth and the other one is the Nars [Eita] brush I’ve been talking about that brush for years even though. I don’t use it that often every time I pick it up I’m like why do I use this anymore? It is so amazing It’s so easy to secrete [eight] that nice line that sharp [line] cuz I’m going to just grab the [shade] sur Powder by Mac And I’m going to put it on both sides of the brush the reason why I put it on both sides not just one side Is because when I blend out? I’m going to want it to be on both sides to help me get that perfect smooth blending a flawless finish [so] the past couple of months I have changed up the way I’ve done my contour, and I’ve had so many people tell [me] that I’ve lost weight in my face And I’m like no, I haven’t the scale would not agree with you But I think it is truly the way that I’ve been contouring because I used to contour in the top of my ear Down towards the core of my mouth stop right at the edge of my eye And I would kind of round out a little bit like to give That round cheek look which I still do go from the top of my ear And I still do stop at the corner of my eye, but now I just make that line very harsh And I don’t like using the word harsh because no one wants a harsh line on their face But it’s the truth instead of rounding it now I have it way more angle And I [scotch] and I make it much more cut as opposed to Rounded out like I used to so I’m going to grab my brush I’m going to start right [here] at the corner [of] my ear and having face powder right here in the area where you’re going to? Contour is going to really really really help in the blending and smoothing out process and making it look more natural So I’m going to start right here at the corner of the ear And I’m going to begin just to work Downward and as you can see I do not have a ton of my brush because I rather have too little than too much And so in the past I would have gone more like this Down this way like that, but now I’m going to go more up and down like this If you can see that right there same thing over here. I’m just going down at an angle And if you’re rubbing off that translucent powder, and that’s fine. Don’t worry about it. You can go ahead and rub it off You can do the transfers in Powder after contour or before contour? There’s no rules and makeup whatsoever and like I said before if there were I would break them anyway But you can do your baking in the beginning or at the end you can do [whenever] you want alright? So now I’m going to go up on the forehead and the reason that you want to contour your forehead Do not my my baby hairs going in I don’t want to talk about it No, really I don’t want to talk about it um But the reason why you contour your forehead is because now if you have added the shadow down here and made this Slim in and you’ve added depth to the face now It’s like oh hello forehead like so in your face so all you’re gonna do is go to the hairline? right over on the Edges And you’re just going to slim this out if you have a tiny Forehead like [an] [o] head then you do not need to worry about contouring your forehead at all you can completely leave it alone Unless you feel personally like it looks a little blank. It looks a little blah [it] looks like people are gonna stare my forehead then you can contour it if you ever feel like you’re doing your contour and it’s just not blending properly something you can do is go back with like your powder brush and your face powder and just get a Little bit on that brush not much because you don’t want coverage it’ll just help blend everything out and kind of going back over that and gain your face powder and the contour Powder together Will make things look a lot more flawless and more natural its contour line right here That’s kind of sloppy and kind of unblended and needs a little bit of help which I’m going to be honest I just like slapped it on my face because I knew I was going to be baking it and cleaning it up [I’m] going to grab a define brush you can also just use a makeup wedge like from the drugstore You can get like a pack [for] like [2] bucks and just use any wedge that you have I’m just going to use this brush right here. This is a morphe [M/45] 9 is a brand new one [I] Love this brush if you watch my videos [you] know I use this brush in every single video to do this exact thing I’m doing right now What I’m going to do is I’m going [to] go right beneath that contour so that contour is right here And it’s going to go downward and what I’m going to do Is stamp it out like that [so] that I am just helping make that line sharper so that it looks like a shadow under there If you wanted you could just grab a brush right now and just wipe it away And you will see a very noticeable difference immediately and it will clean up that contour, but if you want to let it bake So that it doesn’t move and if you’re going to be out all day And you want that contour to stay in place for hours and hours? Then let that powder sit on the skin for 5 10 even 15 minutes And it will make it so [that] is it all day long [all] right so now at this point I’m going to wipe away my under eye area [this] Bacod [if] you will and you will see that everything underneath the eye is going to look [very] flawless very airbrushed very matte You can use a big brush to wipe this away you can use a small brush to wipe it away, whatever you prefer [I] am just kind of wiping away some of the contour that I got right [here] and blending it out because I don’t really want contour on my Temples because if you have contour on your temples will kind of bring in your face and if you want to have a more higher Cheekbone and kind of looking your face is kind of wider and brought back up here Then you wouldn’t want any contour right here on the temple area alright So now we are going to apply blush and for today’s video I’m going to be using the face palette that I created with Becca cosmetics. This is the champagne collection, [based] [alice] I’m so excited. I feel so cheesy [I] haven’t opened this up on camera yet. Ain’t she [purdy] to apply blush I’m going to be using my personal favorite blush brush of all time And this is the like I don’t have the numbers of anything memorize the e for it’s basically worn off on [mine] I absolutely love this [guys], so Much it is a synthetic brush which I love is I personally don’t love using a goat hair for my blush I feel like it doesn’t apply it the way I want it to I love using a synthetic hair, whatever you have though works for you, whatever blush brush you love That’s what you should be using now for blush I’m [going] to apply it on the apple of [my] cheek But I’m not going to apply it too close to my nose because now that’s going to bring us in word And that’s going to give us a round face and we want to keep this like Sculpted face right so basically I’m going to do is you can smile and you do not want to apply the blush Right here in the side of the face because you might look a little bit like a clown So what you’re going to do was instead of putting it right here. You’re going to put it right here I always angle my brush to the side like this, and I to sweep my blush backward and Upward so I don’t want to put it down into my contour [I] kind of just bring it like this up toward the temple But I’m not going to go all the way to the temple. You [know] what I mean, I Always initially go in with very very soft sweeping motions just to get the product on really lightly and evenly and then I Will swirl it around [make] sure that it’s blended and nice and smooth [ok] so now we’re going to move on to highlighting which Load is a whole video in itself if you ask me there are different techniques in highlighting. You can do an all-over highlight That’s all over the entire cheek area you can do a more specific highlight [that’s] just on the center of the cheek or just back here [in] the high point of the cheekbone You can highlight your cheeks and then apply blush doing that will make it look a little bit more subtle a little bit more like it’s kind of a glow from within if you Will or you can do it the way? I am and do contour blush And then highlight on top you can use a smaller brush and make it more Just in one area or you use a larger brush and make it more of an all-over glow It’s totally up to you, but [you] can kind of play around and see what you love on your face Shape and your skin type well I’m going to be mixing champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop together Champagne Pop is more of a peachy light glow and Prosecco pop is a true Golden glow So I’m going to mix those two together and the way I’ve been highlighting recently is I’ve actually been Concentrating my highlight on the center of my cheeks because I think that it looks the prettiest when I smile as opposed to back here when I have too much highlight on the tops of my cheekbones I feel like when I smile it creates like this weird like indention thing from straight on only lets go from the side So I’ve been highlighting the center of my cheeks the most, so I’m just gonna take it and [just] sweep it as I’m smiling Right on the apple of my cheek. You can see right there And then once I have [it] on the apple the cheek. [I] will just lightly go back over top of my blush All right, so now if you want to highlight the center of your nose you can I never highlight my nose I guess [I’ll] [open] [I’m] video I don’t like my nose so I don’t like bringing attention to it, but if you want to put a little dink You totally can not for me But it looks good on a lot of people you can also highlight the chin if you want This is something that not a lot of people are going to want to do only if you are dry And you feel like your skin looks extremely dehydrated you want to highlight your chin a little bit the top of the Cupid’s bow Right here is a great place to highlight. I look great. It’s to highlight um Recently I’ve actually been highlighting my lips if I’m wearing a matte lipstick. I will take my highlight and just run it right over the center of the lips Okay, my lips are chapped as hell right now. So that’s not a good look hold on hello, ira do that coming in 2017 Okay, that’s better. You can even highlight the forehead if you want right above the brow is a great place It will give a lift to the brow without looking too noticeable Right there a nice little shine. I like doing this in the summer because I think it looks [really] [like] You know [summertime] so now. I’m just going to wipe away down here Obviously, we are not going to leave the house looking like that So that you can see the way the contour looks now that that has been wiped off you can see it’s nice and sharp But it’s not so harsh that it looks Ridiculous this powder doesn’t make it go [away] to the point that you’re like Oh my God like when you grab a piece of paper [use] that to contour with yes All right, you guys that completes this step through walkthrough tutorial or even though I’m calling this video in it But thank you so much for watching. I hope that you really enjoyed it Maybe you learned a little something if you notice something [different] about me I applied Mascara to my lower lashes, and I also removed all of my eye shadow with a makeup wipe I literally stopped [the] camera and wiped off my eye shadow because I rather have no I shadow then that Hot mess. Whatever you want to call it. It wasn’t Cute make sure that if you have any products that you [love] to create a flawless face with leave that in the comment section down Below Let me know your favorite products your favorite tools your favorite techniques I’m always looking to expand my horizon and my knowledge and [makeup] and learn new techniques and new trends and new things and new [ways] Of doing things and new products and new brushes like I absolutely love it if you like deep down I’m just like a [13] old little girl, and I want to play with my ball this makeup, and I always appreciate Everything that you guys do here for me all the engagements that I have I’m so thankful for it you guys have inspired me So much to just be like the best artist that I could possibly be and I’m so thankful for that So I guess I’m just trying to say that I very much respect what you guys have to say here on my channel And I’m just so thankful for it. So keep the comments coming I will be down in the comment section reading everything checking out all your guys tips and tricks, and yeah, that’s it Thank you so much for watching. I love you guys, and I’ll see you soon. Bye

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