How to contact support on YouTube TV | US only

In this video, we’ll show you how to send
feedback and get help within the YouTube TV app. To get started, tap your account icon at the
top of any screen. Now tap “Help”. From here you can see our top Help Center
articles and search for additional content. These articles will give you a better idea
of how YouTube TV works. If you can’t find what you’re looking
for and would like additional support, you can always email us by tapping here. Chat is also supported during our regular
business hours. If you’d like to give us a suggestion to
improve YouTube TV, tap “Send feedback”. Please note that while your feedback will
go to the YouTube TV team, you may not receive a response from YouTube. Again, it’s best to contact us through email
or chat if you have any questions for us. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for more YouTube
TV tips and tricks.

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  • How do I change your YouTube channel name?

  • hi youtube…..can u help me almost all my videos were gone! plss tell me why

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  • #FixYouTube

  • #FixYoutube

  • #FixYouTube

  • I have a question: but if we send a copyright i recive damage in money?

  • Hi

    Can anybody help please, My youtube comes on with all the usual suggestions of things to watch but when I try to view something, All I get is a blank screen, There is no message to say I have been blocked and going through all the settings I have no idea how to get my youtube channel working again???

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  • YouTube, how come views can decrease

  • me aguda consegui mil inscrito por favor

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  • Saya gk bisa aktifkan monetasi. Padahal saya udah daptar tpi gagal knpa ya

  • So I'm now getting a 30 SECOND COOLDOWN whenever I try to use the app just because I won't update. Not a very nice way to push updates.

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  • have ya'll listen to michael jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • how do ya'll make videos on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Youtube Community!
    My video was recently deleted because "It was a duplicate" of the same video I posted. However the video was original and had been up on my channel for three weeks prior…
    Does anyone know what's going on? I called Youtube Support via Google and left them a message, but it looks like that's all I can do.. I would prefer not to re-upload because that would be lost views… Any ideas?

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  • how to increase mv video views


  • I sell Avon how can you tube AVON T.V. help me?

  • there is a problem with youtube where I cannot unfollow somebody if they have no videos to view.

  • I can't subscribe to anyone. The button is glitched. And ideas?

  • There is no way to contact YouTube or Google. Only forums. We have YouTube on our television. we click on a video watch it finish it click on another one. problem is that it reverts back to the original choice. who can help me? Where and how do I get a live person from YouTube or Google? How do I get a response from this forum.

  • you tube tv sucks,,,how do i cancel it

  • Does anybody have a phone number for youtubetv help?

  • Youtubetv navigation is really screwed up!

  • i have get creator support option but no contract us option i need help

  • how do I cancel this youtube live ?

  • Ples help me admob cancel Google adesans contact

  • I can't reproduce un second plane on my app you tube red, why is this? How can I get help?

  • My YouTube is outdated. Please will upgrade it for me.thanks

  • my account monetization is disabled wrongly.kindly help

  • How do I change a portrait video to a landscape video on my TV? Does anyone know?

  • I did not Get that email option, wt should i do?

  • Am i the only one who experiences sending YouTube creator support an email when i have a problem or issue, explain in detail what my issue is then get a reply from YouTube that basically has little or nothing to do with what i'm asking, the reply is just an automated reply and does not address almost anything i asked in my email and it's not a one off incident, it's almost every email i send so the replies are no accident, why does YouTube do this, we should not allow them to insult us by accepting automated replies to our emails, i even asked YT about this in my last email asking them why they do this, and the clown that replied said, "yes it can be frustrating and see what you mean, let me know if there are any other concerns", what the hell is this, a circus or do they just avoid answering the truth to what your asking them in the emails!

  • so if i get tv now $35 your gonna rise my charge in March? or it stays the same? for how long? if i wait its more? confusing add

  • So.. they make a video about support,.. 👍☺☺☺..and then not even bother to answer these questions? Not cool YouTube!

  • YouTube doesn't offer support. A forum where only other users ask and answer questions is not support and you know this Google but what do you care because you think you're too big to fail. I remember there was a time when other companies thought the same thing and now they are gone. Keep the current model of offering products with no viable support model and you'll be in the same boat. Your competitor Amazon at least offers users the ability to speak with a live person for technical issues.

  • I dont have this but they are taking my money cant find a phone number to talk to a person contacting my bank

  • I can not delete my youtube tv! My boyfriend made an account and we dont want it!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrible

  • Well??? What is the email?

  • I el español?? Uno de los idiomas mas hablados del mundo, y no esta en español?

  • Youtube screen freezes on sony bravia tv and must reset each time. How can I fix problem?

  • this is not actually what you see the video played here is not helpful!

  • Kindly request to enable monetization as soon as possible

  • Did you know on YouTube TV you can flag the content? When a hateful political ad was playing I flagged it as hateful.

  • I can't watch my purchased videos, because it shows an error message (Licensing error can not play video) WTF…..I paid for them and I can't watch them? Getting help from youtube is like trying to find life on Mars. God damn shame

  • I've been under review by YouTube for months now for monetization…and I can NOT find anyway to contact them at all what so ever. Even this video put me right back where I was. Thankfully other people have been making money off of my videos though… 😐

  • gracias jasper me ayudaste mucho solo que estaba tratando de conectar mi celular y cuando volvi a la computadora ya estabas atendiendo a alguin mas muchas gracias fue genial tu informacion

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  • much thanksssss!!!

  • I was part of the program and they dropped me because of the sub number and now that I have well over the 1k requirement and WELL over the 4k watch hours… I had been waiting 3months till they got back and said I had duplication… didn't know why so I randomly deleted some videos that I thought might have stuff in them that Could possibly be duplication??? Once again no information as to what it was but gave it a shot and re-applied… and to specify my channel has never received strikes of any kind…. now I have been waiting an additional 3 months and thats from the first 3-4 months waiting…. thats more then half of this year all well uploading content almost every other day. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE LET ME KNOW WHATS GOING ON….

  • I can not upload videos to full screen on YouTube, please help me

  • How do we contact YouTube directly? They have shut off their email support, and the YouTube TV chat gives us the cold shoulder. What is going on with YouTube?!?!?! Why cant we stream 4K/4K HDR content without buffering on our external streaming devices?!?! What, are you FORCING us to PAY for YouTube Red or TV now so you will stop throttling the content? Is that it?

  • Good afternoon support staff,
    I translated some videos (LEGENDS) into English. How do I get these videos to be seen in other countries that speak English? Do I need to disclose them? or does YouTube itself have the tools they do automatically?

  • Since three days I cannot chat on live stream; as soon as I hit enter my message is gone, after the live streaming is over I can see all my messages but nobody can see this during the chat so what good does it do??? How can I change this???

  • How do I recover a channel? I am unable to get into the account. I forgot the password to the E-mail account for the channel (which was changed by a friend who was working on the channel for me) and the backup E-mail was closed out. Any suggestions?

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  • I keep getting charged twice for a monthly subscription…My bank account shows 2 debits from Youtube tv but when I contact them..they don't see that on their end…I am going to try and cancel Youtv completely and go with Sling Tv..I can't keep going thru this every month…

  • Playback error.

  • I was going to give YouTube TV to try and tell I tried to use my debit card I don't know why they have such in the Box payment options not everybody has a Mastercard or a credit card some people use prepaid cards they really need to change this feature I was so disappointed😲😳😥 so I will just stick with Philo

  • And some of your customers are already complaining about your in the Box features and how you guys don't respond to technical support or help. And when I say in the Box features I'm talking about you're in the box payment features where you can only pay with a credit card such a let-down in such a disappointment


  • I just want a human being to talk to!!! To answer questions about Youtube TV. What do I need to stream shows? Do I have to keep my Dish tv? I would like to get rid of it

  • Recorded a new series on ABC – playback shows 1-16 Commercials that I MUST WATCH BEFORE THE VIDEO WTF???

  • Hello

    Please , Please , Answer my question

    Recently when ever I upload my videos ,

    In public number of likes show less than I see in my control panel ?


    Please help me

    Many thanks

  • on December 29 th I signed up for a free 5 day youtube tv trial and canceled it on the 4th day, I was charged $42.70 on December 29th and then charged $42.70 3 more times for a total of $170.80 plus intrest. My account says inactive, and my subscrition says canceled so why are they still charging me for a 5 day free trial.

  • PLEASE HELP. I CAN'T EVEN CONTACT SUPPORT!. My Channe's monetization got canceled a few months ago for this reason apparently: "Reused content

    In most cases, you can’t reupload someone else's content unless you get permission first. Remember: It's not enough to credit the content owner or state that "no copyright infringement is intended." BUT ALL THE VIDEOS AND PHOTOS ARE MINE! I DO NOT REUPLOAD SOMEONE ELSE'S CONTENT, UNLIKE OTHER CHANNELS! AND I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO…. 🙁

  • How do we make sure YouTube TV, with their new, higher rates will carry the ACC TV network in their channel list?

  • Thanks bạn video hay và hữu ích lắm

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  • YouTube tv customer support is nonexistent,

  • Pradip.kumar ray ajay raj

  • YouTube is an important venue to many saying that a channel I watch often has been demonetized. Secureteam7 has been a popular channel, he was supporting his family and now has been demonetized. Please rethink this decision and reinstate his channel for monetization!

  • I really want the ACC Network. Please add so I don't need to cancel.

  • Hey I'm a you tuber I whont to put my video on YouTube tv

  • Support am work YouTube contact you

  • I'm tired of having to plug a code in every 2 or 3 days to get my YouTube TV

  • most channels are unwanted,

  • This new policy of limiting family family membership in the way you've done is really tacky – I/ll be looking around for alternatives just on principal

  • Como criar uma Conta no yputube

  • Why don't some of the items that I purchased work on my TV?

  • I have a question about categories. Why isn't there a "weather" category? I don't like posting my weather videos under "science and technology" but it's the only one I can think that even partly applies. You need a "Weather" category. PLEASE.

  • How to contact/ask auteur for publishing?? after/still in progress claim

  • You tube tv commentators are horrible on the Cleveland Indians broadcast on July 23. How about calling the game! Really bad. Sean Casey, please shut up and stop telling your horrible stories. You guys at least pay attention to the game. Worst ever!

  • New business idea

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  • YoutubeTV advertises that it includes local channels, but then all of a sudden and without any warning, will just block certain channels. They try to blame it on others, but if I had any other TV service, I would be watching the event. Dishonesty in advertizing and blame-shifting.

  • Mi tv se corta que.pueden ase uds al.respecto

  • YOUTUBE service contact information is a NIGHTMARE!
    I have been double billed for YouTube tv! ..I tried there contact information but when youtube returned my call, there is a voice activation that states press one to talk to a representative, but there system malfunctions, and doesn't work!… I am going to cancel my service with youtube!

  • I’m getting off YouTube ther 10 min comershels are too annoying

  • YouTube app stoped working on my 2017 vizio TV. All other apps work fine. What's up with that??

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