How to combine search lines in PubMed

Next we’re going to combine our lines using the
Boolean operators “OR” and “AND.” In PubMed, the lines are combined in the
advanced page, so click on “Advanced” under
the search bar. If you’ve used a structured approach to
searching you should have subject heading
searches and textword searches for each concept all on separate lines. The goal of this search is to find all articles that
discuss the concept of breast cancer and
caffeine. So the first thing I’m going to want to do is to
combine my synonyms – all of the terms that
represent the same concepts – using “OR.” To combine all the synonyms for “breast
cancer,” I’m going to click on the number next
to the line and select “OR” in the builder. This will add the terms I’ve selected into a new
search all combined with “OR.” Select “Add to search history” and this will add
another line to my search history. This line represents my concept of breast
cancer. Now we can repeat this process for
each concept in your search. Now that I’ve combined all of my synonym
lines, I need to combine my concepts using
“AND” to get the final result. Click on the number next to the line that
represents each concept and select “AND” in
the builder. Next, select “Add to search history.” This produces a new line at the top of the
search history and that line represents your
total search results. It’s important to remember that, often, a good
search requires several attempts and you may
need to make some revisions.

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