How to clear YouTube watch history

In case if you want to delete the YouTube
watch history by using your android device then what you do is go ahead and open YouTube. You need to be logged into the YouTube by
using your google account. So, once you are logged in what you do is
go ahead and tap on this Library. Now right now these are the videos which I
have recently watched and this is in my YouTube watch history. So, if you want to delete any of the videos
then you can press on three dotted icon here and then select remove from watch history. But if you want to remove all of the videos
which are there in the YouTube watch history then what you do go ahead and tap on the profile
icon at the top. Go to “Settings”. Then you need to go to “History and privacy”
and you have the option here “clear watch history”. So, tap on it. Now if you want to clear the watch history,
you can select “Clear Watch history” and when you clear it, the YouTube watch history will
be deleted across all of the devices where you have logged in using your google account. That means if I select clear watch history
it will delete from from this device as well as it will delete from all the devices like
may be a computer or another mobile device where I have logged into YouTube using the
same google account.

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  • Can you tell me why I need to delete this Youtube watch history. You explained it very well. Thank you first Like! Gary

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