How to clear YouTube history on Android

YouTube history was designed to improve
your viewing experience but, sometimes we all need to clear our history for (pause)
various reasons, Yeah! You can clear your YouTube Watch History
a couple of ways on the Android App. Let’s start by clicking on the “Person
Icon” here, then click “History”. This brings up the videos you’ve watched
recently. You can clear them one at a time if you wish by clicking on the
three vertical dots to the right of the video you wish to remove from your watch
history, then click “Remove From Watch History” and this item has been removed
from your history. Now if you want to clear all your
history, click on the three vertical dots at the top and then click “Clear History”
you’ll be shown a pop-up to confirm and once again click “Clear History”. Now you’ve cleared your entire watch
history. Another way to clear it up, the three vertical dots at the top just
like you did before only this time, select “Settings” and then select “Privacy”.
In here you can clear your watch history and your search history you can also pause the history you wish
by clicking on the slider or sliders of your choice. Real simple right? That’s it, short and
sweet. If this was beneficial to you, leave a
comment, give it a thumbs up, and please don’t forget to subscribe.

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