How To: Clear your Youtube Search History

Hello and welcome to the computer lab vids
YouTube channel and in this video I’m going to show you how to clear your
search history within YouTube, okay so let’s get started so the first thing
that you need to do is make sure that you’re on the YouTube channel
and in the top corner if you can’t see this menu there is a three dots which
brings up the left hand bar here so the Hamburg menu here – if you click that you will notice the side menu disappears so make sure you can see the side menu in here just under library you have your history so click on the history tab and then in this history
you have watch history search history and comments so obviously the search
history is this one here and if you want to clear all your history you click on the “clear all history” button and YouTube says “are you sure you want to do this” clear all search history and then you
can also pause search history or see if you pause the search history here you
need to make sure the resume it when you log back in but this only works if you
are logged in as a particular user so I am logged in as my channel here and
that will be remembered by YouTube as this setting until I resume the search
history back on there you can also clear the watch history and your comments are
all in this section here so I’m going to clean my watch history I can literally
just clicked up there and it will clear the history for the watch as well if you
want to do a full clean down and also pause it as well here okay that’s it so
hope this video was helpful if it has please do leave comments below and give
a big thumbs up or subscribe because it does help my channel and thank you very
much for watching

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