How To Clear Your YouTube Search History – Tutorial

Hi this video is about How to clear your YouTube
search history Did you know that YouTube saves your search
history so it knows what videos to recommend you watch.
YouTube not only tracks the videos you watch but tracks your search history.
Herman Drost Let me show you how YouTube tracks the videos
that you’ve watched and therefore knows which videos to recommend
When you log into your YouTube channel click on “what to watch”
It shows you a list of recommended videos for you to watch
Now let’s do a search “how to embed a YouTube video on WordPress”
So I’m searching for that Let’s check the search history and show you
how to clear it Click on profile
Click on creator studio Go to video manager
Click on search history and at the top here you’ve got my search history
The first one “how to embed a YouTube video on WordPress” is the video that we just seached
for Here’s a list of all the videos that I’ve
searched for recently So to clear YouTube search history
Click the box at the top This will remove all the videos that are in
your search history or you can simply click one box and that will
remove that particular video That’s it!
Now you know how to clear or delete your YouTube search history
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