How To Clear Your Watched YouTube History Easy Tutorial ✔

You guys gerges here back today with video today I got a tutorial for you on how to clean your YouTube watch it history, so let’s get right into it First of all open your YouTube app, and I am now promoting my other channel called gogo Tech. I’m now currently at 52 subscribers I hope that I can get it to more than 200 if that is the case and you guys can do it for me I totally appreciate it from you, and we will just switch over to that channel So yeah be sure to definitely subscribe to there or that for this dude let’s see and click on library’ then click on history and Basically if you want to clear only one video just click on that three buttons Aside from that video and click remove from watching history if you want to clear all your YouTube watch history just click on Those three buttons at the top right corner and click clear watching history and click again clear watching history and Basically as that is your history cleaned so thanks guys very much for watching I hope you liked it be sure to subscribe on the other Channel not also on this channel if you want to and I’ll catch you guys next time peace Thanks Trey them niggas go away while we salad clouds around they look like circus starlight Not be out me there. These are just dog

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