How to Clear Your Internet History in Firefox

How to Clear Your Internet History in Firefox. Have you maybe been eyeballing some things
you’d rather other people didn’t know about? Clear your internet history and leave your
anxiety behind. You will need The Firefox web browser and
a questionable internet history. Step 1. Open Firefox. Step 2. On the top menu bar, click “Tools,”
then “Clear Private Data.” Step 3. In the box that comes up, click every checkbox
and check every box you can. This will clear every bit of information that
might indicate where you’ve looked on the internet, including any passwords you’ve
saved. For a less thorough clearing, click just the
first two boxes. Step 4. Click “Clear Private Data Now.”
Rest easy. Your computer is clean until the next time
you visit the internet’s dark corners. Did you know The records of Alcatraz show
no successful escapes during the 29 years the island operated as a prison.

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