How to clear your Browser History with Safari – Audio description

– [Voiceover] This video
provides instructions for clearing history
from the Safari browser. The narration is mirrored
by a visual demonstration that shows the actions required to achieve this on a Mac computer. – [Voiceover] When you
browse the internet, your browser history leaves a trail of the places you’ve visited online. Other people can follow
this trail if they want, and much more than your
privacy could be at stake. Login details and personal information are sometimes also stored
in your browser history. Safari is Apple’s default browser, and it allows you to clear
your browser history. This video shows you
how to do this on a Mac. Open Safari. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, choose History and then Clear History. At Clear, choose however far back you want to clear your search history. Click Clear History. Your browser history for the period you chose has now been cleared. Find out more at eSafety for Women. – [Voiceover] The video
concludes with an end credit of the Australian government
crest alongside the title Office of the Children’s
eSafety Commissioner, the brand mark for the
programme eSafety for Women, and the url

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