How to clear your Browser History on an iPhone or iPad

– [Voiceover] When you
browse the internet, your browser history leaves
a trail of the places you’ve visited online. Other people can follow
this trail if they want, and more than your
privacy could be at stake. Login details and personal information are sometimes also stored
in your browser history. If you don’t want someone to know the websites you’ve visited, you can erase your trail by
clearing your browser history. Apple devices allow you to
clear your browser history. Here’s how if you’re using
Apple’s default browser, Safari. Open Safari, and tap “Bookmarks” in
the lower right corner. Tap “History” to view your search history. Tap “Clear.” Then tap how far back you want
to clear your search history. Tap “Done.” Another option to keep
your browsing private is to use private mode. Watch our separate video
on private browsing. Find out more at eSafety for Women.

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