How to Clear WhatsApp Chat History on iPhone

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exciting episode of iGeeksBlog this is Punit Khatri back from the video so
basically guys this video is all about whatsapp so whatsapp is the basic
application that is being used by lots of people to exchange conversations and
to talk to their loved ones. But there are a few problems related to whatsapp
because it consumes a lot of storage on to your device and it can be one of the
applications which store consumes most of the storage of your device so in this
video we’ll help you figure out how to just go ahead and shorten the storage
used by whatsapp on your device so without wasting any bit of time let’s
get started once you open whatsapp you need to tap
on the last option that says settings under settings there is an option that
says chat so just go ahead and tap on chat and here you will see the two
options the last two options specifically clear all chat and delete
all chat. If you want to clear all the chats on the conversation you have
onto your device you don’t want to delete them just the all the data or all
the messages and the all the media that has been received and sent would be
deleted just step on clear all chat enter your whatsapp number and just hit
on clear all chat and that would easily go ahead and clear all the data on to
your whatsapp so that you can save a lot of storage the second option is to
delete all chats so all the chats messages and individual conversation
group icons the group names would be there but if you want to remove the
group names also then just go ahead and repeat this process again again for
deleting all chat enter your whatsapp number here and just godín tap on all
chat delete all chats and it will just go ahead and delete all the chats on
your device so this was about deleting all the chats and or clearing all the
chats on your device or you on whatsapp but if you want to do go ahead and
delete or clear an individual conversation or a group conversation
what are you gonna do is first of all open the group select a particular
message like press and hold on that and you would get an option that says delete
just tap on delete and other than that if you want to read more than one
messages just select all those messages tap on the bin up right here on the left
corner and delete messages those messages would be easily deleted but if
you want to just go ahead and like clear entire group you step on the group name
scroll all the way down and here you will have option that says clears chart
that will help you to delete all the messages in the media sent and received
in the conversation so that you can clear up space and you can delete all
those messages the second option is to exit the group so that automatically all
the chat in the media gets deleted and you would have space there on your
device. The alternative option for doing the same is to go ahead here in the chat
option and then swipe from right to left and tap on the more icon oh your again
you would have these two options that says clear chat and exit group so in
order to clear the chat just go and tap there and you would have again two
option that says delete all except the starred messages and delete all the
messages you can select the one which is convenient to you and in order to delete
the entire chat you just go in and tap on exit the group order so guys now we
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