How To Clear The Entire Firefox Web Browser History

Hi everyone this is Patrick from Dutchy
Tech Tips and in this video I am going to show you how to clear the entire
Firefox web browser history. So stick around to find out how. Before we begin,
Please note the following: We’re about to show you how to clear the entire web
browser history in Firefox. However there are programs and forensic
software out there that can recover this information. Now that’s out of the way,
Let’s begin. Now there are two ways we can clear the entire web browser history
in Firefox. It all depends on the configuration and preferences. If you had
the menu bar enabled in Firefox you can do this from the history menu.
If you do not have the menu bar enabled you have to do it the other way. To do it
the other way or by default we need to move our mouse to the right hand side
and left click on the icon button with the three bars which will bring a menu.
What we need to do next is left-click on the history button which will pop out
with a bunch of options and we want to select clear recent history. It also
shows us a shortcut key which is Control + Shift +Delete which you can
use at any time. So we’re going to left click clear recent history. As you can
see a pop up window has appeared. It’s asking us to select a time range to clear.
To clear entire history we need to select everything as you can see a warning
message has appeared stating all selected items will be cleared this
action cannot be undone down below we have a bunch of options we can check
whether it is browsing and download history, form and search history, cookies
cache, active logins, offline website data and site preferences by default offline
website data and site preferences are unchecked by default. If you want to
clear everything in Firefox it is best to check these two options click the
clear now button but please note once you do this you will lose everything
including like sessions like the Gmail or any other application that requires
cookies or any data to be stored on the computer. So click clear now.
As you can see that the entire web history has been cleared but you do not
get a pop-up notification stating so. To summarize this video I’ve shown you
how easy it is to clear the entire Firefox web browser history by taking
you through the process step by step in windows 10.

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