How to Clear the Browser History on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

a lonely body and welcome to my e listen
I’m your group and am gonna tell you how to delete the navigation history all the events 8 history strongly are browser arm Galaxy Tab are right so this is the screen that we have you
click on the Internet Aiken and the browser would launch an awesome browsers long as you’ll see
this I can only hear the settings like im all
you need to do is just click over here and go to Settings and in the settings
will go to the previous UN Security tab and in the previous UN Security tab need to go to clear history and once you click on
clear history it will the lead the browser navigation
is true that means all you on any issue history would be
deleted just click on okay and it is deleted as simple as that
is in the coop like well from here you just need to
click on the back but im when Hugo well I hope you like this video song
though the next video this is your group not signing up for the day have a
wonderful day ahead and be learning

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