How to clear recent searches on Facebook app

If you have used your Facebook app and if
you have searched for certain terms or certain people then when you tap on this search bar
it will show the history, the searches which you have made recently. So, if you want to clear this recent searches
then what you do is go ahead and tap on this three bar icon here. Scroll down. Go to “Settings & Privacy”. Now again go to “Settings”. Scroll down. Go to “Activity log”. Then go to “Category” here. Scroll down and then you have to look for
“search history”. Now it will show you whatever searches you
have done right now. So, if you want to clear the search, select
“clear searches”. So, once you finished clearing the searches
you have to tap on this menu bar again and log out of the device at first. So, once you log out what you do is again
select your Facebook id. Enter the password and log in. So, once you have logged into your Facebook
application again tap on the search bar here. Now this time you won’t be able to see any
recent searches that you have made.

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