How to clear instagram search history – November 2018 Up to date

hello everybody in this video I will
show you how to clear Instagram search history it is very easy now let’s start
Instagram when you start Instagram your home icon is active let’s go to person
icon on bottom right-hand side I tap it on person icon now as you can see there
are three horizontal bars on top right hand side and let’s tap on these three
horizontal bars as you can see on the bottom the Settings icon or the gear
icon is here and we can tap on it now when we come to settings we can see
account settings here let’s go down as you can see in account settings there is
a there is an option called search history I tapped on search history now I
will tap on clear search history ok it asks you are you sure yes I’m sure okay
your search history is cleared is deleted and that’s all don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to turn on notifications have a great

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