How To Clear History of Quick Access, Address Bar and Run Command | Windows 10

Hello friends, The Teacher here! Windows 10
keeps a track of your recently used files and folders in the Quick Access favorites.
Not only that it also stores the history of those links that you visited directly through
using the Address Bar. Moreover, if you right-click on the File Explorer icon in the taskbar,
you can also see the recently visited folders list there as well, and the run command history.
The commands or applications that you executed through Windows Run command remain kept.
But, sometimes you might want to clear all the history. However, Windows 10 does not
allow you to clear an individual history, but still if you ever decide to clear all
the history at once, then you can easily accomplish this by opening the File Explorer, and then
click on File menu, and then click Change Folder and Search Options. From the General
tab, below under the Privacy section, clicking the Clear button will instantly remove all
the records from Quick Access, Address Bar, Run Command, and even from the Frequent List
of File Explorer context menu. For any privacy issues, if you want Windows
not to keep history of recently visited files and folders, then move back to the Folder
and Search Options window and here uncheck both the options, Show recently used files
in Quick Access and Show frequently used folders in Quick Access, from the Privacy section.
You can also clear the history using a Batch File. Write down all these codes into a Notepad
file, and while saving the file, save it as a batch file by choosing Save As Type to All
Files, and then type a .BAT extension in the end of the file.
Next time you can clear the entire history by just double-clicking on this file. If you
don’t wish to clear an individual history during the execution of batch file, then you
can edit the batch file and put REM in the beginning of the command.
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