how to clear google search history on android [2018]

hey wassup guys welcome back to a brand new
video on the channel and this is a quick tutorial on How to clear Google search history right
from your android device so without any further ado lets get started So there are two ways
to do it 1.Is by the individual deleting each of the searches Now this is useful only if
you want to delete selected searches just hold on the search which you want to delete
and then click on delete and it will be deleted Now if you want to delete all the searches
in bulk then try the second method For that open google now swipe to the right tap on
settings taps on accounts and privacy My activity and it will open my activity page on your
default browser now if you have not signed in previously in your browser than it will
ask you to enter password I have already signed in So this page came up. Now tap on the three line menu which is at
the top left corner and tap on delete activity by Now you will get various options over here
first one is the range which you want to select like last 30 days or if you want to delete
all the searches right from the beginning just select all time you can also select it
to custom in which you can enter dates manually and then if you want to delete all the searches
like all the image search, video search and all that stuff then just select all products
or else you can select any other option as per your want if you want to delete only the
image search then just select image search and only the searches related to images will
be deleted and then click on delete and click on Ok Now it will say that all the searches
will be permanently deleted you will not be able to undo this step So if you are ok with
it just click on delete and all the image search right from 5th jan to 14th jan are
deleted now Now there is a note over here all the searches from all the other devices
like the desktop, laptop or tablet wherever you have signed in with this account all the
searches over there are also deleted So keep that in mind So that’s about this video guys
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