How To Clear Call History Facebook Messenger

Hello and welcome to KahindoTech! In this video I will show you how to clear your video or voice calls on Facebook Messenger. We will begin by… Opening up the Messenger app. Once you have it open, go to “Calls”. It’s on the upper left corner. So if you see right now, it’s on “Messages”. And if you keep going right, “Active”, “Groups” and “Calls”. When you get to “Calls”. As you can see… There is my “Recent” class right there. “cough* Excuse me. To erase a call, just.. Tab, hold it, then swipe left. This was a little bit difficult for me when I was beginning, but I eventually master it. So, just be carful when you do it. So tap, hold, it will turn grey and then,,, Swipe left When you get to the options to do this again, tab and hold, then swipe left. As you can see, I’m deleting. And it will ask you… “Delete Calls” or “Archive”. Click on “Delete calls” And on the list again. Tap, hold, then swipe left. And then it will give you the option to delete. Then delete. That’s how easy it is to delete calls… In your call history If you like my video please, like it, And if you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below. And please subscribe to my channel. I make many… different “how to” guides. And, thank you for watching!

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