How to Clear Cache in Firefox?

Hi guys this is Harish Bali from Cache is a temporary file that gets stored
on your browser. It has images, scripts and other important
information with regard to the web pages that you visit. I’m going to show you how to delete cache
from your firefox browser. Click on menu Go to options Out of all these options, you need to go and
click on Advanced. You will see cached web content here Your web content cache is currently
27 KB of disk space because I deleted my cache 10 mins back only. I need to go and click on clear now button. You will also see a checkbox here which says
override automatic cache management. If I check this box I can put a limit to the
cache that will get stored on my hard disk which is currently 350. I can also change it and make this upto 1024
MB which is 1GB But I don’t want this option to override so
I’m unchecking it and I’m purely clicking on clear now. I will tell you the reason why I didn’t check
this box. Clear now and OK So my cache has got cleared as of now. Now I’ll share with you the reason why I didn’t
checked that box was because I want to customize my firefox privacy settings for my web browser
history. Click on the menu once again Go to options and from options, click on Privacy. These options are for the cookies whether
you want to be tracked or you don’t want to be tracked. You can click on this history drop down and
choose custom settings for history Out of all these options, what you need to
do is uncheck this box. Firefox must restart to disable this feature. OK So firefox will start automatically and I
need to go back, options, privacy and now choose use custom settings. Now this box is unchecked. Remember my browsing and download history
is checked. Remember search and form history is checked Accept cookies from sites is checked I want my third parties cookies to be there
always until they expire which is fine with me. I also want to clear firefox history everytime
I close my firefox browser. That is the setting I want to do for my browser. I need to go and click on settings. These are the various type of browser history
records. So, I am unchecking this, this this this. So only the cache will get deleted everytime
I exit from firefox. I click on OK and OK here. So what I have shared with you is you can
also customize your firefox settings. Hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial and
subscribe to this channel for more tech related stuff. Thanks for watching.

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