[DISCLAIMER] Hey guys, this is Shubh here and today in
this video, I’m going to show you a simple trick that How you can CALL anyone With A
FAKE Number for free. So, when you will call anyone, your original
number will not be revealed but it will show a FAKE Number. So, without any further ado, let’s begin. For this trick, you need to install an application
from the link in the description. It’s called *Free Call* and just open it up. Here, you’ll see an interface like this. Now, what you’ve to do in order to make a
call is that you’ve to earn some credits. To earn credits, you’ll have to do some tasks. Like here if you tap on *Tap to get Credits*,
an ad will pop and randomly some credits will be credited. Now, never choose *Set Phone Number* because
you don’t have to reveal that. You can watch video ads and you can do daily
check-in in order to earn Credits. The best way to earn a huge amount of credits
is by Inviting your friends. Just share the link of this app with your
friends and you’ll get 5000 credits when your friend will install the app. Try all the options to earn credits in your
free time and finally when you have an ample of credits (>=498) you are eligible to
make a FREE Fake Call. Just go to Call option, choose Country Code,
Write down the phone number and that’s it. Every time you’ll call, it will show a different
number. So that’s it for this one, I hope you found
this one helpful. Share this trick in your Instagram stories
and I’ll see you guys in the next cool video. Peace Out!

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