How To Bet The Super Bowl – Sports Gambling Advice From A Football Expert

Thanks everyone for checking out how to bet
the Super Bowl. I’m your host Sean Green from the Sports Gambling
Podcast here to explain how to bet the Super Bowl. I know what you’re thinking, Sean, I want
to get in on the game, I want to bet the Super Bowl what do I do? What are some strategies? We’re going to hit on those, a lot of people,
sharps, you know, “Vegas experts” they’ll say, “Hey, remember it’s just one game,
you gotta manage your bankroll, but let’s be honest, it’s the Super Bowl!” There’s tons of betting opportunities and
tons of ways to win cash and we’re going to go over them right now. My first Super Bowl betting strategy is when
in doubt, take the underdog. In the past 18 years, the underdog is 12 and
six against the spread, and it makes sense, right? Because they’re good enough to get to the
Super Bowl and yet you’re still giving them points! Think about it. Eli Manning won two Super Bowls. How good was Eli Manning? Not that good, but it’s a Super Bowl. Anything can happen. That’s why it’s exciting. That’s why we love the National Football League! And you’re getting free points on top of that? So when in doubt, ride the trend and take
the underdog. My next tip on how to bet the Super Bowl,
pay attention to the props, right? There’s a ton of props, pages and pages. You’re scrolling through. You’re figuring out, Oh, what am I going to
do? First off, never pay crazy juice on the coin
toss. Okay, if you’re paying -115 for heads, what
are you doing? You’re at a Super Bowl party. Just find your friend who wants to also bet
50 bucks to take the other side of the coin toss. So don’t pay crazy juice on bets. You don’t have to. Secondly, pay attention to the prop market
because there’s two weeks that people can get all these crazy bets in and especially
late. There’s going to be a lot of action all over,
cause it’s a Super Bowl. They want to see scoring. They want to see yards. They want to see catches. So pay attention if you like unders, hang
around, wait for them to get bet up. Wait for the people that arrive in Vegas,
the 49ers fans, the Chiefs fans that are going there for the game, that they want to take
the over up for their team to score and put up a ton of points. When it comes to betting props in the Super
Bowl, you want to bet on props where it’s not gonna matter which team wins the game,
right? So if you take Patrick Mahomes over passing
yards, that could hit an a KC win, right? That makes sense they’re passing all over
the field. That could also hit in a San Francisco win
Kansas City is playing from behind, also it’s Andy Reid, what are the odds he’s actually
gonna run the ball? Patrick Mahomes, ketchup boy actually trying
to play catch up there and get back in the game. He’ll hit the over in the passing yards in
a loss and in a win. Now if you’re betting under Patrick Mahomes
passing yards, you’re also kind of betting that San Francisco is going to win the game
because what are the odds that he’s going to go under his passing yards and Kansas City
is going to still win the game? My next step when it comes to betting the
Super Bowl, if you’re going to bet the MVP prop, lean on the quarterback, right? Because it’s the quarterback, right? It’s a quarterback driven league. The media is voting for it. They’re gonna lean towards the quarterback. If it’s close, it’s going to go to the quarterback,
right? Seven out of the last 10 years, it’s gone
to the quarterback.The quarterback has won it 29 times. Now, recently it’s been three and three, but
especially if you like the underdog to win outright, you’re better taking the quarterback
to win the MVP. Why? Because of the storyline. Oh my God. How did the giants defeat the Patriots? Eli Manning. How did the Eagles upset the Patriots? Nick Foles. Joe Flacco. Drew Brees was even a dog when he won the
Super Bowl MVP. So if you like the underdog to win out, right? Why not get a little extra juice and bet the
Super Bowl MVP instead. My last tip when it comes to bed, the Super
Bowl is fade the super high totals. 11 times in Super Bowl history, the total
has been over 50 points and of those 11 times, seven times the under has hit. And it makes sense. Everyone’s coming together going, Oh my God,
it’s going to be a shootout. It’s going to be so high scoring, and then
what happens? The game’s a total dud and it makes sense,
right? It’s the Super Bowl once in a lifetime game
that defines your legacy, whether you’re in or out of the Hall Of Fame, all comes down
to this game. It’s easy to choke. It’s easy to drop the ball. It’s easy to be a little off balance on your
throw. Fortune favors the bold when it comes to Super
Bowl, but history favors the under when betting the total. So remember when it comes to betting on the
Super Bowl, lean dog, lean under, keep it safe. When you’re doing the prop bets, don’t get
out of control. Don’t bet the Gatorade color. The last thing you want to do is right after
the Super Bowl ends, you’re getting into a huge argument about what constitutes the color
purple. You don’t want that aggravation! You want to keep it simple, keep it safe,
and you can do that over at where you can play win and get paid!

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