How do I clear my Mac or iPhone Safari History?

Do you need to clear your browsing history
in Safari on your Mac or iOS device? On the Mac, open Safari, select the Safari
drop down menu, and choose “Clear History…” and pick which interval of time you’d like
to clear it for. Alternatively, you can go to the History drop
down and select “Show History”. From here you can pick and choose individual websites
to remove from your history. Simply select one by clicking on it, and press the Delete
key on your keyboard. To clear all history on iOS, open Settings
from your home screen. Scroll down until you see Safari, tap it. Scroll down to nearly
the bottom of the Safari settings until you see “Clear History and Website Data”, and
tap it, iOS will present a warning, to continue tap Clear History and Data. To remove individual sites from your history,
open the Safari app, tap the Bookmarks icon near the bottom of the screen, make sure the
left-most tab (Bookmarks) is selected (The middle tab is Reading List and the right tab
is Shared Links), tap History. From this page you can swipe from right to left to reveal
a Delete button for each individual site. To confirm deletion, tap Delete. I hope you found this useful. If you have
any questions leave them below and thanks so much for watching.

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