How Did ‘Socialism’ Become a Dirty Word in America? | History

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  • Liberals want and believe in socialism because in essence it is a distribution of others people wealth. I personally will not go to school, sacrifice my resources and take the risk of opening a business so some lazy liberal can stay home , smoke blunts and play fortnite all day and reap the rewards of my labor. The feminist trained entitlement society has brainwashed so many young people into believing that what is mine should be yours as well. Men did not introduce the " participation trophy". Women thought it would be fair to give losers the same thing you would give to the winner. It created generations of people who think they are entitled to have part of what other people work for. For all of you future socialist, keep waiting for that bus, it left yesterday with your hopes of it becoming reality.

  • Ok commie

  • Body counts, that’s why.

  • People can’t seem to understand that socialism is a economic system, not political. You can have dictator like Hitler and Stalin in a capitalism system too. The mass murder was due to the totalitarian government of Stalin, not socialism.

  • Socialism will never work. Never has! Venezuela is 100% proof of that. We as Americans must do whatever it takes to keep Socialism out of our Country. Socialism is death to a Country and her People.

  • Wow, I've never seen Socialism so gussied up!  Almost makes you want to go out and turn off your water and electricity voluntarily.  I am extremely disappointed in the History Channel of all people treating the history of Socialism like it was just a little experiment which had a few bad side effects. You get a big FAIL on this one History Channel!

  • Socialism is worse than Nazism

  • I grew up looking at the 6 Communist made bullet holes in my dad's belly from fighting in Vietnam.Then there's all the support from the left when he came back,like throwing rocks and bad mouthing that just hurt them even more,and adding to the suicide rate

  • If capitalism is so great then why are so many people killing themselves through suicide and alcoholism and drug overdose? Why are so many people in America on antidepressants? The life expectancy has gone down for three years in a row on top of all this the planet is literally dying.

  • A 37-page indictment resulting from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation shows that Russian nationals and businesses also worked to boost the campaigns of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Green party nominee Jill Stein in an effort to damage Democrat Hillary Clinton.

  • Shoot all socialists

  • If America went over to complete socialism how would it get all that wealth away from big business and the billionaires? They aren't going to just hand it over!!!!

  • Becuase lacks little things like
    …free will, freedom of movement, self governing, freedom speech,

  • Who pays for cable?
    Socialism is taking from the rich, thereby dicincentivizing success. Meh, I can at least have apt and amenities on FEDERALLY ENFORCED wage, why be creative or have a passion?
    There are people out there and jobs that do not necessitate 15$/hr. Some security, librarians, ANYONE in a small town convenience store… why bring all of this FORCE into employers lives?

  • Socialists want hospitals and schools.
    Socialism killed 178 trillion people, yesterday.

    Lmao right wingers.

  • You miss million of death 💀 of 30 million Russia and then 100 millions Chinese that why it became dirty word omg how far we fallen the history channel now a communist supporters do you not see people in Venezuela eating out trash can that what you want for the USA

  • Socialism is where the government is responsible for all your needs. Your food, water, housing, healthcare, and education as needed. In exchange all you have to do is obey the government. Sounds pretty good right. But let’s compare it to slavery. In slavery your master is responsible for all your needs. Your food, water, clothing, housing, healthcare, and education. In exchange all you have to do is obey your master. Don’t sell us into slavery of our government.

  • History channel is propaganda.

  • The 1% has too much power and wealth…. Great idea …. Let's give it all to them… Socialism.

  • they are afraid of equality….the rich want to keep their wealth and let starve the rest…the rich are getting richer. while the poor are poorer every year…

  • Socialism gets a bad name because its theft.

  • You left out a lot of history there

  • The real dirty word of the US is Fascism

  • It’s a dirty word because it doesn’t work and kills millions of people

  • Socialism ruling class enslaves Americans

  • If USA turns socialist so if Cortez or Sanders win, you are all dead, and trust me, you can hate Trump, but you will hate more Socialism

  • People like Bernie Sanders will eventually turn into the very people he is trying to fight against if he comes to power, but there is only one winner, the only one who will benefit, he, himself, and him.

  • Going over these comments, I can't help but think of the sixth grade. Specifically, the day before summer vacation, in English class.. how happy everyone was to throw away their book and "not have to read for the whole summer!"

  • Socialism is greed and socialists are immoral. They want what other people have earned. Some guy decides he has a great idea to provide a good or service at a price others are willing to pay, and he risks everything to build a business to make it work. He succeeds only if he has truly provided something that others believe is so valuable they are willing to pay for it. In the process he creates jobs and wealth for countless other individuals in the development, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of his product. People freely work for him at a salary they agree upon, and people freely buy from him at a price they agree to pay. Freedom. But the greedy socialist, who risks nothing, who spends his days providing no goods or services of any value that anyone is willing to pay for, demands the government go in and steal the business owner's wealth and give it to him. Evil. Immoral. Selfish. Greedy.

  • The only good socialist and communist are dead ones.

  • McCarthy did nothing wrong. the soviet cables were declasified around 2000 they were decrypted communications that named all the people he interviewed.
    Now adays by contrast its baseless and far worse.
    You also didn't mention that Germany was socialist, or that socialists stole the nuclear bomb planes just before McCarthy was asked by the dems in power to do what he did.
    this isn't "history" its only your narrative when you leave out all the truth.

  • 425 socialists liked this video. 50,000,000 – 100,000,000 others know about starvation and genocide


  • Let socialism run in America, so the supporters will see if it works or not. I don't like socialism. Youncan see the example of socialism. One of them is Venezuela.

  • Socialism is dirty, always was and always will be. It's the most evil form of forced equality which only makes the ruling class free and everyone else enslaved to them and their whims. I think that the embrace of socialism in America is a disgrace and a total offense to every man or woman who ever fought in combat to keep us a free society.

  • Socialism is so stupid, it amazes me how people still support the idea.

  • Equal spread of misery, poverty and death – the socialism in a nutshell.

  • Now show a documentary on American patriotism.

  • Democratic Socialism and Socialism is different. This video shows bernie sanders at the end and fails to point out he's a democratic socialist . Socialism is just a umbrella term that's also includes countries that have dictators. Scandinavian countries have strong Democratic Socialism traits as well as being capitalist. Such as a good health and welfare system, higher tax for the rich, etc.

  • what u dont realise is Socialism always leads to a totalitarian power grab /communism/facism.. socialism only works in your dreams… people are too greedy and sinful for socialism.. thats why capitalism works best .. because its like a balance beteween bad people with money and good people with money.

  • "We are fighting to put more in the hands of everyday workers."
    And how exactly do you plan to do that darling? Last I checked, you faked being from the Bronx when you were actually from a home of privilege. "For the masses" is what everyone says till the people in power become absolute tyrants and crush all opposition.

  • "Let's explain socialism: *explains communism*"
    I mean you did well to describe why everyone is afraid of socialism by doing what everyone does and confusing the two

  • Simple. Socialism became a dirty word by killing more people than any other idea in history other than Islam (and it's very close).

  • “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” Vladimir Lenin

  • Sounds good on paper but fails everytime. Capitalism works!!

  • Pragmatically speaking, I think I'll stick to capitalism.

  • The answer is simple. It has never worked and has destroyed lives and countries. Case closed

  • Capitalists get rich by paying their workers a tiny fraction of what the capitalists’ products sell for, and keeping the rest for themselves. Socialists think capitalists are pigs for being so greedy. Capitalists think socialists are devils for exposing them. Capitalists would much prefer their workers remain satisfied with a small portion so the capitalists have the extra money they need to send their children to Harvard and maintain the yachts and airplanes so necessary to the upper crust life style god obviously intended them to have.

  • Why do you think *diot? Maybe it has something to do with how utterly evil and horrible it is? Maybe that it has claimed more lives than the na*is? I don't know man. Go figure.

  • Because, whether it is Socialism of the National or International persuasion (ie Communism or Nazism), it leads to the death of millions. It is the politics of resentment and a blight on the mind of humanity

  • Socialism is communism and you'll all hang for it!

  • Watching this video, it becomes much easier to understand the extreme numerical correlation between socialists and pedophiles. Both birds of a lunatic-fringe feather, I suppose.

  • It’s the same as communism

  • Bcuz America is full of facist right wingers capitalist morons. But anyway nice propaganda out there . Bernie Sanders 2020 to break the myth that socialism is evil more like.

  • Because it led to the development of communism which killed roughly 100 MILLION people

  • The republicans love socialist programs ,like their medical care full paid by your and my taxes. Then there is the tax refunds for the rich ,as well as money for farmers oil gas coal ,socialist programs for the rich ,but it's bad for us.We all want to keep our socialist programs too. Like library schools ,fire station ,police, forest service, SS and medical and medicare just to name a few. Our great country would not be so great if we did not put our taxes together for these needed socialist programs.

  • This video screwed up. It says socialism supports public ownership of production. WRONG. The GOVERNMENT OWNS ANYTHING

  • Thank god America isn't a communist country

  • your OWNERS don't like socialism

  • "Socialism" is no more an evil word than "Christianity."
    Socialism no more prescribed Joseph Stalin and his secret police and shuttered churches than Christianity prescribed the Spanish Inquisition. Christianity and socialism alike, in fact, prescribe a society dedicated to the proposition that all men, women, and children are created equal and shall not starve.

  • So socialism is basically stealing from the people who actually put all there chips in the bag? Socialism failed due to this strategy of "Hey Lets take from the people paying these people for doing there job." you see why Communist Russia failed. Democratic socialism is basically ran by a communist and will never win.

  • " 'Murica will never become a socialist country!" LOL.

  • Socialism 🤮

  • By being a completely unsustainable form of society that leads to nothing but poverty?

  • This channel is bad for good.

  • The USSR was not a Socialist state. Under Stalin it was an Authoritarian Dictatorship that exploited workers and killed those who dare dissent. Same with Cuba, China and any other communist country. Socialism is the DEMOCRATIC control of the means of production by the WORKER. Not by one party or one is individual.

  • Think oh I dunno East Germany… over all super crappy

  • "The goal of Socialism is Communism." ~ Vladimir Lenin
    Any more questions?

  • Where is the Soviet Union today?

  • BECAUSE socialisim its terrifying i grow up in socialism country who later became comunist ONE i will tell all the young people in our country the USA u have no idea what u are wishing forand how devastating is socialist the government will take everything from u YOUR parents and everyone else u are going to became just on objects for the government and when they want to kill u they will come with no one stopping and kill u .warning to the snow flake people u are going to REGRET VERY MUCH AND WILL WANT TO TURN BACK AND NO WANT WILL LESSEN TO U BECAUSE U YOUNG PEOPLE WANT THIS TO HAPPEN .


  • 100 million dead people, maybe?

  • Socialism is equal division of graves.

  • Actually, the primary problem of socialism is the impossibility of economic calculation, given the lack of a price system.
    Mises showed it even before URSS came to be.

    People don't like to starve to death, therefore people don't like socialism.

    URSS was not an exception, it was the expected result.

  • So nothing about China, or Cambodia, or North Korea, or Cuba. the list can goes on…

  • Because the ideology is probably the worst to have ever existed along with facism.

  • $15 an hour is still not enough…

  • because very rich people are scared of it

  • Many socialists were kicked out of Europe around the turn of the 19th century. Many anarchists came to the US as well. Remember what happened to Presidents Garfield and McKinley. Assassinated by anarchists. Beware of ANTIFA. They carry the anarchist flag.

  • I have tickets to the Zoo in Venezuela if anyone is interested.
    Oh wait, they ate the zoo animals cause Socialism equals misery, chaos and death.

  • So are just going to ignore the 100’s of millions of people who died?

  • The "History" channel is officially the enemy of the Western World.  What a stupid video this was.      Note to "History".   Socialism is the enemy of all free people

  • Socialism was America's first economic system don't repeat history learn that Socialism has crippled America before and will do so again.
    We have John Smith to thank for saving America.

  • bernie has 10 million in his bank and pays nearly nothing, owns 3 homes but claims to be "green" yet, how green is that. Ask him about his taxes, he gets ANGRY! Hey bernie, PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE AND MOVE INTO A TINY HOUSE!

  • USSA – United Socialist States of America.

  • How did socialism become a dirty word in America..?
    BECAUSE IT IS..!!!

  • The only good thing about socialism is that you lose a lot of weight

  • The comment section has more fingers on their hands than IQ points.

  • cause mass murder and starvation? Let's face it, socialism/communism has not exactly been a beacon of light over the years when it comes to governments. 😱

  • Socialism, 100% failure

  • 1929 USA like 2008 USA

  • Feed the crooked lawyers to the BULLSHARKS

  • What blatant propaganda!

  • Because…….it's communism or Nazism.

  • Socialism- when you can’t make your student loans payments on your Gender Studies degree with your Professional Barista job.

  • There seems to be a concerted effort to paint socialism in a positive light in media circles. Why so much propaganda?

  • Because socialist killed 100 million ppl

  • Can we hunt down the people who made this video and throw them in jail? 🙂

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