How Can I Clear My Google Search History | How Can I Stop Google From Saving My Search History

Hello there every one. Al here recording this
short video to show you how to delete Google’s search history in a couple of easy steps.
First you’d have to type in your browser and hit enter. Okay this is the page that
you’ll be on once you type in and enter if you’re logged in to your Google
account that is, if not, you probably, you will have to log in. Okay, this is where you
wanna go, up here, okay, it’ll bring you to this. What you first will have to do is hit
the delete option, and you wanna cancel, if you wanna delete all search history you could,
you know you have choices as you can see. I’ll pick all time, delete. Okay, it wants
you to confirm that you wanna delete, so you hit delete again, as you can see the history
has been deleted. Now you wanna go back to this little icon up here, and you go to settings.
It’ll bring you to this page. This is where you prevent Google from saving your search
history any more. All you have to do is click on this button right here. Okay and it’ll
bring up this little page, and you hit pause. Okay, and that’s it, it shut down, no more
saving of your search history any more. You could go a little further if you want by clicking
manage activity, update settings. I am sorry, you click on show more controls and on this
page as you can see you could also stop the search saving from Youtube, which I’ll do,
you gonna hit pause again, and videos that you watch, pause. From this page you could
actually pick and choose which one you wanna keep on and which one you wanna turn off,
I turn them all off. Okay, it is that simple. Hopefully, this was helpful to you. Please
be kind to leave a comment, like the video or subscribe to my channel. Anything will
be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, and have a good day every one now.

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