How boss Park sells Hanbok [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.23]

(10 a.m., Cheongdam, Gangnam, Seoul) A great location. Are you still discussing your second branch? I can’t give it up. I can’t give it up. We have several thousand outfits in the basement. We can’t move those instantly. We’ll move them for you instantly. We’re fitness trainers. Trainers can move trainloads of stuff. – Trainers moving trainloads… / – As trainers. (Will Boss Yang become her tenant?) (Hanbok master’s store, busy as usual) (No Myeongseon, 24-year Vice Director) (Park Hyemi, 3-year sales fairy) Goodness. Littering everywhere… She always starts by picking up litter, right? (She starts her day by picking up litter) (Litter by litter) (It becomes a handful) – Hyemi? / – Yes. – Pick up the litter on your way. / – Good morning. Yes, Ms. Park. These cigarette butts are so harmful. I picked up at least 20. She’s nagging. She won’t change, even after two years and a half. – They never change. / – They don’t. – They smell terrible. / – Yes. You shouldn’t wear that in a hanbok house. – Wear hanbok. / – Isn’t she wearing hanbok? – It’s a regular top. / – A sweater? Come here and get changed. (Ironing Hyemi’s hanbok herself) She wasn’t wearing that lovely hanbok. Since it has to be dry-cleaned. When you wear wrinkled clothes, it looks bad and makes viewers uncomfortable. It lowers the quality of the clothes. That’s not good. No, Ms. Park. – Go get changed. / – Yes. It feels different when worn. (Moments later) (Hyemi wears hanbok ironed by Ms. Park) – It’s lovely. / – A lovely outfit. (Graceful) I’m told so many viewers called the TV station to ask about Hyemi’s clothes. Hyemi has a petite frame and a lovely face. The clothes shine on her. That’s a sales tactic too. (Focused on her phone, not snacks) She types really fast. – Hyemi? / – Yes, Ms. Park. Come here for some social media posts. (More than 10,000 posts and 6,000 followers) You have more than 10,000 posts? She has more posts than followers. – Do you post at least ten times a day? / – Of course. Do you get hanbok orders that way? It’s not for actual orders. It’s a way of promoting hanbok to the public. (Photos of everyone who stopped by) They’re all there. (Preserved on social media) Paik Jongwon was a sales target too. – Incredible. / – He was targeted. Park Narae. Narae, too? She borrowed instead of buying. – You failed at selling to her? / – Yes. She sent her stylist instead of coming herself. – You would’ve succeeded otherwise. / – Yes. I feel that social media is quite necessary. Social media lets you communicate with people all around the world. – Let’s post on social media. / – Yes. – For instance… / – It’s Hyemi’s job. Ms. Shim, for instance. Ms. Shim from Boss in the Mirror. Post a photo of her wearing hanbok. (Hard at work) So much pressure. Pull the viewer’s heartstrings. Dry comments don’t reach the soul. Nowadays, customers must feel moved. She should just post them herself. – I have to teach her. / – Oh, I see. Social media should be emotionally honest. – With a personal touch. / – Right. (Pressured…) (This reminds us) Like a school teacher… Like the Joseon-era state examination… (I’m watching you, pressured) (Careful, like writing answers to a state exam) There are so many hashtags. Why did you include “granddaughter’s hanbok?” “Hanbok for parents” and “tailored hanbok” too. People searching for them end up there. – As they should. / – “First-birthday hanbok” too. It’s a hashtag minefield. With “granddaughter’s hanbok” too. (Sulnyeo, I simply offered hashtags) (After thinking long and hard, Hyemi is done) Make it short and sweet. (After thinking long and hard, Hyemi is done) “A golden robe with a white winter scarf…” The scarf is obviously for winter… (Embarrassed) I admit it looks funny. “We were glad to see the food researcher, Ms. Shim.” Well… It lacks soul. – It lacks soul. / – Lacking soul. This is what I’d write… (Demo by skilled social media apprentice) Ms. Shim devoted her life… Right, “devoted her life.” (Thinking of the warm times spent with her) (Boss Park writes a heartfelt comment) (What will she write?) Ms. Shim devoted her life to researching food. Ms. Park spent 42 years making hanbok. In 20 years time, will I be living as wholesomely as Ms. Park? – It doesn’t work. / – Too long. No one will read it. Some people like long posts. But the last part, “In 20 years time…” “Will I be living as wholesomely as Ms. Park?” Everyone has questions like that. Such a good-intentioned post. – Good, right? / – Boss Yang… (Pleasing the building owner…) It really pulls my heartstrings. Add these gestures to your flattery. – But… / – He’s being honest. It’s not flattery. I love the post. He’ll be her tenant before long. He’ll move in soon. (First post finished) Try it. The social media post… (Second attempt at social media promotion) (Second task, a photo caption) Isn’t that clearly posed? Writing a caption for that will be tough. Will she write about the chicken or what? What did you write? It lacks soul. “Beautiful Korean culture.” (How is that related to this photo?) It’s not useful as a caption. (I’ll show you) I was born in the Year of the Chicken, so that’s why I like chickens. (Huh?) She sounds like a grade-schooler. (Grade-schooler level) I was born in the Year of the Chicken, so that’s why I like chickens. Hanging this picture makes me happy. – I know why she’s laughing. / – Make it heartfelt. Yes, Ms. Park. It’s the difference between a 64 and 28-year-old. You lack sentiment. – “The fourth floor was renovated…” / – Well done. (Second post ended up promoting chickens) – Eat this. / – Thank you. – Let’s see if the fourth floor is ready. / – Yes. (How has the fourth floor changed?) (The space was empty) It was completely empty. Oh, my. Look at those doors. Is it a hanbok boutique? This fourth-floor space is a studio where customers can take photos. That is our storeroom for silk. (Storeroom will be filled with silk) There’s a dining area for eating with acquaintances. The kitchen, where you make sales. – I must sell hanbok. / – Trapping customers there. – That’s a red clay room. / – Really? To display bedding for sale. It’s for selling bedding. When sales are tough, she’ll push customers in there. They can’t leave without buying something. (History of Korea’s hanbok) (Displayed with scenes of the hanbok master’s life) (Fourth-floor studio embodies Korean beauty) (Entering the fourth floor) Do you know about the stones we’re standing on? What are they? Macheon stone. Laid by a master stonemason. – You know Gyeongbokgung, right? / – Oh. The same mason who built the palace walls. He paved this floor. Now it looks different. The whole fourth floor was renovated by master craftsmen. We should appreciate it with every step. Traditional Korean crafts don’t change. – Even in 500 years. / – Right. Look at this turtle. – What is it? / – Made by a master wood architect. He also worked on restoring Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palaces. It was the same master wood architect. – Properly made. / – Dragon-shaped. It looks awesome. (Precious things) These three layers here… They cost $1,400. – That wood… / – $1,400? It’ll last for over 200 years. It’s made to last that long. The raised wooden floor cost over $35,000. (What a privilege to stand on it) A master wood architect made this as well. These decorations were all made by masters. All made by master craftsmen… This was no ordinary renovation. It required a bank loan for $800,000. – $800,000? / – For the fourth floor. For the basement… – I can renovate it myself, right? / – Sure. – If you move in. / – No master craftsmen. You need Macheon stone. You should renovate properly while you’re at it. Sure, I’ll do it properly. Macheon stone is simply awesome. Our equipment might fall on it. It’s extremely durable. Thick and sturdy. How much did the Macheon stone cost? Nearly $50,000. (Gosh) She’s trying to scare him away. (Will Boss Yang’s gym open a second branch?) (Fourth-floor studio required a loan) We took a loan for this. Let’s work harder in the future to safeguard this studio. I’m letting them know we need to sell more hanbok. The employees must feel pressured. (Pressured) (Boss Park checking the hanbok) (Right then) (Clang, clang) Come in. Hello. (First guest on the fourth floor) Is it a group of customers? The renovations look so nice. Ms. Park, this is our team. – Our program director. / – They came to work. – A virtual reality director? / – For VR filming. I started out promoting hanbok in local papers. As a way of promoting hanbok, as a way of reaching the public, I had a virtual reality video shoot. Please start by explaining this to me. You’ve never worn VR headgear, have you? Never. We don’t like wearing those things. We only wear hats. It’s worn over your eyes, not your head. Oh, is that so? You didn’t even know what it was? I just do everything I can to promote hanbok. – It’s your first time, right? / – Yes, my first time. I’ll put it on. (Boss Park’s first VR experience) Once you wear it… – You see in 3-D. / – You get a 3-D view. I don’t like those dizzy things. But I did it to promote hanbok. – It’s quite fascinating. / – Indeed. You feel like you’re actually there. We’ll film you explaining these things. You’ll be giving a lecture. Sure, I’ll do my best to promote the beauty of hanbok through VR. Camera rolling. I’ll clap the slate. The hanbok displayed here… Is it a traditional wedding hanbok? Indeed. In the old days, when it was costly, people sometimes made it themselves. This one displayed here is worn after the wedding while paying a formal visit to in-laws. – That’s how it looks. / – It’s filmed like that. It’s what they filmed that day. How intriguing. (Enjoying a 360-degree view with VR) Indeed. (Enjoying a 360-degree view with VR) They wore these to greet the parents. In my next life, I’m determined to have a traditional wedding. Actually, you can have one… – For Donghyeok’s wedding. / – My son. He should wear this. – You’re making a sales pitch? / – Of course. – But she’s working. / – In 5 years or so… Donghyeok should wear that. Traditional wedding hanbok like these… – Can be styled modernly, right? / – Sure. Those clothes simply shine overseas. Imagine wearing hanbok in Europe. – They’d really admire it. / – Indeed. Clothes like that should be owned. You should buy it. For Donghyeok’s future wedding. – Sales pitch again. / – Her sales pitch. – It all ends in sales. / – Now we know her son’s name. I wasn’t sure how to interrupt Ms. Park to bring the wandering talk back on topic and continue the lecture. It’s hard to edit the 360-degree footage. Once Donghyeok becomes an adult… The film crew said the sales pitch lasted an hour. – They had to edit it? / – Yes. Editing is no easy task. You need two hanbok outfits for his wedding. (Unquenchable passion) You need winter hanbok. – A full outfit for Donghyeok. / – Mentioned again. – How old is Donghyeok? / – He’s 25. – Is he in college? / – Yes. I mean no, he graduated. He’s working now. How did you know he graduated? I have to know. It’s part of selling hanbok. (Sales queen, Boss Park) She’s right. I hope he gets married soon, so I can sell this. (Feels like he’s already a groom) – We can’t include that in the lecture. / – I see. (Too bad…) A bittersweet look. It was traditionally worn at weddings. – You’ve heard of brocade, right? / – Yes. It’s a type of brocade… Please tell us how to wear hanbok. The trousers… – Oh? It’s a blooper. / – Who is it? Isn’t that Jeon Gwangryeol? What’s going on? – Hello, Ms. Park. / – We’re filming. – He brought snacks for the shoot. / – Really? Are you close friends? – Yes, I’ve known him for 20 years. / – 20 years. He’s a fixture on entertainment shows nowadays. He might end up buying hanbok today. Yes, I must sell hanbok. – You look lovely today. / – We were filming. – It’s fine. / – We’re hard at work. Is that so? – I got some tasty pastries. / – For the crew? You brought so much. Clearly, it’s not for just me. It is for you. You eat a lot. You heard rumors about my big appetite? Wow, so many pastries. You’re such a generous couple. – Are they married? / – They’re married? She’s his wife. – They’re married? / – Really? She’s lovely, isn’t she? I once had dinner with Jeon Gwangryeol’s wife. Really? – Yes. / – You didn’t recognize her? No wonder she looked familiar. I’ve known Jeon Gwangryeol for more than 20 years. He and his wife modeled hanbok for one of my fashion shows. He stops by when he’s in the area. He brings snacks. A whole boxful, not just a few. He is such a generous actor. I’ll clap the slate. One, two, three. We should eat when we meet. – Whenever we meet. / – Oh, my. That’s her sales tactic. – For selling at least 3 hanbok. / – Looks tasty. She’s pulling out her sales tactics. They must buy as much as they eat. That’s a sales tactic. It makes you totally unarmed. I’m so full. Well, now… You should buy a hanbok. Feeding me and then this… Alright, alright. – Eating makes you good-humored. / – Okay. – Oh, dear. / – Oh, dear. They took the bait. – Is this water? / – Yes, don’t worry. I’d never give you anything bad. Enjoy it. They took the bait. (Took the bait) (Shall I start my sales pitch?) How long ago did you star in the drama “Hur Jun?” – Well… / – Natural small talk. – 21 years ago. / – 21 years. It’s already 21 years ago. You haven’t changed at all since then. He has changed. When seen from up-close? He was rather handsome back then. – He’s the same. / – So similar. He was fresh. What is she saying? Sometimes, there are re-runs on TV. He doesn’t look like that now, but it reminds me of my son. That’s Donghyeok. Their son looks so cute. He has a job in the U.S. He works now. He won’t need hanbok in the U.S. He does since he’s Korean. Donghyeok should get married soon. I need to sell him winter and summer hanbok. You said that ten years ago. You wished he’d get married soon. – I do wish so. / – That would be nice. – But he is busy with work. / – He is. I’m always amazed by Ms. Park. Whenever I come here, she always… – Greets customers herself. / – Right. People buy hanbok only when I’m here. Today, I’m determined to get the people’s actor Jeon Gwangryeol… She called him the “people’s actor.” To buy something. – He was just visiting. / – Right. – With snacks to cheer for his wife. / – Yes. It’s my chance to make a sale. But he doesn’t need hanbok at the moment. Buying hanbok is a way of supporting our culture. If she succeeds at making a sale, I’ll acknowledge her sales prowess. – Yes. / – Since he didn’t come for hanbok. He is there on business. – Yes, just visiting. / – But I must remind them. Hyemi, bring out the vest. You have it ready? You’ve been planning this. Sure, since we’re meeting like this. I thought I could sell hanbok for Donghyeok, but he won’t be getting married soon. – Wear this over your black sweater. / – Me? Hyemi, ask Mr. Jeon to try it on. Hyemi moves fast. – Just take off that jacket. / – In the middle of snacks… She probably bolted the door shut. (Unwillingly trying it on) Suits are fine, but you should wear hanbok. – It looks nice. / – Let’s get started. It looks good on Mr. Jeon. These aren’t gifts, are they? No, not gifts at all. – They might think they’re gifts. / – Right. Without asking, she makes them wear those. Then she starts her sales pitch. – This seems too small. / – A bit small. You should go on a diet, Mr. Jeon. Well… But… This vest… It’s a bit small for me. He won’t be buying it. He was open to his wife’s vest. But not so with his vest. Perhaps he didn’t like the color. That’s a naturally dyed fabric. He might say, “I like artificially dyed fabric.” (Goodness) “I like synthetic fibers.” – Hyunmoo won’t fall easily. / – Not me. It’s just for getting a look. Hyemi? Hyemi? (What now?) (Abalones appear) – There’s the abalone. / – Abalone. Giving them abalone out of the blue. Giving them abalone out of nowhere. – Those… / – Abalone? The actor Oh Jiho sends them every holiday. – Oh Jiho? / – Yes. You made him buy hanbok too? Yes, for his baby’s first birthday. (Food appearing nonstop) (Surprised) Soy sauce marinated shrimp… – Stir-fried vegetables… / – Like a restaurant. And abalone too… A tasty meal. After such a festive meal… – You’d have to buy something. / – Right. You’re a target the moment you sit there. They should’ve gone out the door. In my generation, we grew up always battling hunger. That’s why I like to eat with guests. Since you’re here, I feel that eating will get things going. Please start eating. – But this meal… / – Indeed. It’s a bit… It’s funny to see them wearing the vests. (Fearful stammering) – Unable to take them off. / – If any food splatters… They’d have to buy them. I feel uneasy, but it looks so tasty. We should eat, right? It’s hard to refuse that meal. – It looks so tasty. / – Fit for a king. We’ll start eating, Ms. Park. I’m reluctant to take the first bite… – Go ahead. / – I feel uneasy. – It’s fine. / – Thank you for the meal. He took the bait. (Took the bait) (So tasty) It’s top-quality food. (Shall I start my sales pitch?) Amazing. She’s working hard on the VR shoot. She’d be great running her own business. She’d be spectacular. I admire her so much. – She was our hanbok model too. / – Yes. She treated the entire staff to a meal. She always tries to promote hanbok and tries to wear hanbok. She’s a perfectionist. Sounds like a wedding speech. She stays in such great shape too. She is quite skilled at this. – I want to buy this now. / – See that? She wants to buy it now. Buy one. Let’s buy this. – It’s pretty. Let’s buy it. / – You should buy it. Let’s buy one. The wife fell for it, right? Right, she fell for it. But not Jeon Gwangryeol. The color looks great on him. That’s big for you. Mine is too small. But these days… – Loose fit is in style. / – It’s in style. – It’s fashionable. / – It is. You didn’t know, did you? Buy it for me. Now I can eat happily. It’ll taste better since she made up her mind. Your wife knows what’s fashionable. That loose style and fit. The buttons on this vest… I can make alterations. (Amazing) Alright. Understood. – You sold it? / – To Mr. Jeon? I have to sell it to him. I made the alterations. – He didn’t buy it yet? / – Not yet. – Not yet. / – Today… – Only his wife’s vest? / – He’s no easy target. – Let’s take a photo. / – Sure. – The camera is there. / – Yes. She’ll take photos. Now, the photos… They’ll take at least 100 shots. First, with Ms. Park. Hyemi took photos of me a few times. She was like a machine. Without a soul. (Free from all thought) Look at her face. She’s done that for so long. Your face looks so small. – You’re too far back. / – You leaned back. It’s her habit. You’re leaning too far back. – You have a small face. Lean forward. / – Oh? (Last shot) – Celebrities have such small faces. / – Yes. (Finished after several dozen shots)

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