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  • Ok so where is POTUS French mistress, if we define 'Bribery' Ohh I get it now the DEMS will probably soon subpoena the 1st lady 😂 LOL!

  • Andy Biggs thinks he knows more about history than the panelists.

  • Rep Louie Gohmert: “We need some factual witnesses” “Some actual fact witnesses”. Agreed! Where is Mulvaney? Pompeo? Giuliani?? Their absence is the very basis of the obstruction charges. You’re calling for Schiff to be on the stand?? WTF. Testimony from Devin Nunes would be much more relevant to this hearing. DOES TRUMP have dirt on you?? Do your job. Sincerely, Cynthia Nichols, Republican from Texas.

  • I love hearing Republicans pretending to wonder what these events portend for the future while they gaslight everyone while the head of their party undermines every institution that makes this country great.

  • When you see mad historians writing shit you know they won't forget it.

  • This shit is all part of a war for our hearts & minds…it’s enough to drive you absolutely insane

  • Oh come on now! I thought you liberals were about feelings? What's wrong with feelings on the right side?! Lol! Liberals are the problem in this country.

  • Noah Feldman, didn't i see him on the "Untouchables" ha ha.

  • I have so much RESPECT for Mr. Turley. How refreshing to see a real professional at work and not someone corrupted by politics

  • Guy Reschenthaler needs to take that shit eating grin off his face. Fucking troll.

  • Whats not new is the fact that you constantly yell. Its most likely because you do not listen to them so you feel like they don't listen to you.

  • You is lying

  • When is Jim Jordan going to be indicted for being complicit in years of molestations?

  • Collins comes up short with no facts

  • Uney wuney wu wu!!!!!!!!

  • And statement wasted

  • 4:40:45 this is Rudy Giuliani in drag again.

  • Matt gaetz is a douche.

  • Hey im a middle schooler and am doing a paper regarding impeachment, i just want to know what the likely hood of an impeachment is?

  • Impeachment

  • This circus clown show brought to you by people who don't vote…
    All this is being paid by tax exciting

  • Rep. Doug Collins is a scum-sucking pig.

  • I am proud to watch the Democrats refrain from taking part in the all of the Republicans’ horribly disrespectful tones and snark comments of criticism towards both all of the witnesses and their own colleagues.

  • SCREW DOUG COLLINS for many reasons but especially for complaining about the giant leather chair he gets to sit in and whining about how “damn uncomfortable” it is to close his opening statement. Ignorant PRIVILEGE PRIVILEGE PRIVILEGE in plain sight from the ranking member on a committee of our House of Representatives… These Representatives are supposed to be PUBLIC SERVANTS. Disturbing.

  • Gohmert is so stupid you could weaponize it.

  • ~3:48:45 "[The President's] refusal to comply with the subpoenas … is a direct assault on the legitimacy of this inquiry." Well said! This inquiry has no legitimacy. And I thought this guy was a witness for the democrats.

  • Rep Jim Jordan knows that Trump calls everyone names but he has to be stupid about it. What crap!

  • Pamela karlan clearly hates trump. She is also a very angry person. Her soul is dark.

  • What a load of BS 😂😂

  • I'm still wondering when we're going to get to witnesses that are actually witnesses. I mean, are we going to impeach a President without ever having an actual witness?

  • The biggest FARCE that I have ever seen!
    This is a coup d’état.

  • That joke about Baron Trump did make me chuckle. Trump can barf up loads of disgusting remarks that are truly disturbing and insulting and those same morons will defend him til his death, but this minor joke enraged the idiots on the panel so much, it's ridiculous. 🤦‍♀️

  • Best caller 4:46:30 from the democratic line. I'm an independent myself, but he sum up exactly what I feel about this whole thing.

  • ms Demings (DEmonic lemMINGS), can hardly speak, her lips and teeth has problems to apart from each other (only hatred has this sign of emotion!!!)

  • This is F…'ing shit! That penguin Nadler stops Professor Turley (the ONLY PRO in this hearing), when the professor reaches a point of TRUTH!!! That Nadler's pants must be brown by now…

  • This is so retarded… So I'll go rob a bank and when they come to investigate, I'll just tell them "I'm running for President.", so you can't investigate me. And if they do, then I can impeach them.
    "Nobody is above the law…" Except for Hillary, Biden, Comey and anyone else is on our side… Give me a break… People who have done less, are sitting in jail.
    Yovanivich was lying… There is evidence she stopped Ukrainian people from contacting the DOJ. So she will be going to jail.
    What are they afraid of? Have a full trial if they are so sure… Let Trump call whatever witnesses he wants… Instead of heresy, I think, I presume, I heard for some who heard from someone… Get it all out if you are so damn sure you are right.

  • I wonder what the Democrats are going to do to waste the next 5 years when they figure out this didn't work either. I'm dumping cable TV, I'm not wasting any more of my money on these dumb asses. And the networks are the most biased waste of time. And just to see who I can p*ss off, anyone who watched the whole 9 hours, get a life,

  • I like how they only consider the constitution as the “Supreme Law” when it’s convenient and can be twisted, distorted and manipulated.

  • Why Trump Is Right, Democrats Wrong:
    30 Reasons To impeachment Failure


    In the hearings, Rep. Devin Nunes explained how Democrats have continued to exploit the Intelligence Committee for political purposes for the past 3 years( )

    Nunes highlighted how Democrats have been trying to impeach the President since he took office ( )

    Schiff, in particular, was criticized for his methods, as multiple analysts  noted that Schiff’s polling of impeachment messaging with a focus group was incredibly political ( )


    Witness Tim Morrison said nothing concerned him about the July 25th phone call ( )

    Witness Gordon Sondland said the President never told him about preconditions for anything ( )

    Sondland explained how “no one on this planet” told him that Ukraine aid was tied to investigations ( )

    Witness David Hale testified that he had no knowledge of strings attached to the Ukraine aid ( )

    Hale said he was not aware of any connection between the Ukraine aid and investigations ( )

    On multiple occasions, Former Ambassador Yovanovitch emphasized she had no firsthand information relating to the whistleblower complaint or the events surrounding the actual impeachment inquiry:
    ( )
    ( )

    U.S. Envoy Kirk Volker said he received no “indication whatsoever or anything that resembled a quid pro quo” and that he was never involved in anything “considered to be bribery.”

    Director for European Affairs on the National Security Council Alexander Vindman testified that he cannot remember any Ukrainian ever mentioning any pressure to do investigations ( )


    The Defense Department’s Laura Cooper said she was proud of how supportive the Trump administration has been to Ukraine ( )

    Despite Democrat obfuscation, Yovanovitch detailed how President Trump strengthened Ukraine’s position with the sale of Javelin missiles on several occasions:
    ( )
    ( )

    Both Cooper and Hale testified that Trump provided Javelins to Ukraine when the Obama administration refused ( )

    Vindman testified that President Trump provided important Javelin missiles to Ukraine when the Obama Administration had not ( )

    Both Hill and Holmes agreed that Javelins are an “important strategic deterrent” in Ukraine ( )

    Volker testified that President Trump’s policy on Ukraine fundamentally turned U.S. policy around after Obama ( )

    CNN’s Scott Jennings: “The discussion of lethal assistance reminded many that Obama refused to give it for TWO YEARS after Russia invaded.” ( )


    While Democrats struggled to find any shred of evidence, their witnesses spoke about the concerns they raised concerning Hunter Biden and Burisma
    ( )
    ( )
    ( )

    Both Vindman and State Department Employee Jennifer Williams testified that Hunter Biden and Bursima had the “appearance of conflict of interest.”
    ( )

    Vindman testified that Burisma had a “pattern of questionable dealings & questions about corruption.”
    ( )

    Vindman testified that the President was “certainly” within his right to ask for investigations into corruption.
    ( )

    Yovanovitch testified multiple times concerning Burisma and the Bidens, including disclosing that the FBI had investigated Burisma 
    ( )

    … and that she had been prepped by the Obama Administration on how to respond to questions involving the company and the Bidens (

    Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: “Who doesn’t think” there’s a “serious” appearance of Biden and Burisma conflict of interest.
    ( )

    The Hill reported that opposition to the impeachment inquiry has jumped by 10 points among independents (

    (See the source article for these facts: )

  • O why don't I have come up with a my self

  • How do the republican congress & senate expect that the American people believe their phony bullshit ? Aren't they worried the look like they are Russian agents of Putin just like the so called president ?

  • Ugh Dems are so corrupt it's sickening. May the Lord come against them and make them stumble over their own schemes.

  • I have to turn down the volume whenever Jim Jordan speaks.

  • I'm like what is all this 😂 professors jeez i believe America is being laughed at this is Sad indeed Donald Trump is innocent shame on them

  • 3:03:30 is the beginning of legitimate logical discussion of the Constitution.
    3:06:00 "The only more dangerous place to stand in for an academic is between Congress and Impeachment"

  • NIXON did not resign based on the SCOTUS ruling. He resigned the very next day, when in a Camp David meeting his Senate members stated he had no support from them. When he knew the Senate will do their job and remove him thence he resigned.

  • Turley is stating that you have to go to court and see if Trump defies a Suponea. But congress has such power. If you defy that suponea it is the same as defying one at the court. Turley is stating that the court must decide regarding obstruction. That was not the case when the republicans impeached AG Holder. Obama and Holder handed over tens of thousands of documents, and yet the republicans stated that he did not hand over the documents, and impeached him anyway.

  • Ironic the Repulitarurds complain that it is moving too fast, when they were asking for the process to be hurried up. also ironic they stated that the "people" of the US voted in for Trump. Trump lost the popular vote. He just won an electoral college, a slave owner system that can usher in a President with less than 40% of the popular vote. Not winning the popular vote and not having a president being voted in in a majority, defeats the purpose of an election.

  • Boy. Some really stupid people calling in to CSpan. Yeah, all of you who get caught up in Republicans' conspiracy theory or who believe the President and can't (or don't want to) see the evidence of Trump's corruption right in front of them. You're going to bring your country down. Your country is already on the way because of Trump's actions/words.

  • Its like attempted murder is a crime. So is attempted bribery. Intent to sell weed is a crime in some states. Trump is a slippery snake oil salesman.

  • Noah Feldman Harvard Law Professor has an 18th century look about him lol

  • #TheRoadToSeditionBeganHere  …
    … explains the filth in/at CNN et al, and the seditious degeneracy infecting Obama and the Democrats: "Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Spy Scandal in American history": Google deleted the original link , so try )

  • Fast and Furious actually started in 2006. Let's not forget that we had a president between Clinton and Obama lol.

  • Does ir matter that Bidens criminally was dealing woih BERISMA and that Millioms$ of dallors went into Bidenc hands , pelosi' sos hand , kerrys's sons hand! Does it make a difference that Biden arogantly said on TV thst hd treatened IG to be fired within 6 hr. Or there would be no ad id? Does a y od that seem at all wro g to you imbassols?

  • Hahha..the Republicans are now cry babies and acting like victims …and when they are in control they are the most unfair and don't give a hoot …just watch them when it's the senates turn in the impeachment hearings next …where they will have Authoritarianisms control of the process …they should subpoena the whole administration and the president , too ,to testify under OATH ..finally ..but they won't dare ..cowards !

  • Watch the 4 without sound. Their expressions will tell you who the soviet style fanatic fascists are and who is the real impartial intellectual.

  • At 6:31:03 Jim Jordan tells Matt Gaetz, "Good Job Man". Loved it and what Mr. Gaetz had said.

  • Here comes the cartoon character "DROOPY' Nadler !! 'What's up Folks!"
    The Dim's operate on the premise, 'We can act more stupid than they are factual'.

  • We just got a good class in constituional matters. This will help the people understand the indictments that are coming out and the reason witnesses will be claiming the 5th.

  • I guess this bunch of profs are supposed to be the 'Democratic Socialist States' , Supreme Court ?

  • Why did the federalist society remove some of Jonathan Turleys past events from their website?

  • wow who is this dud collins got to look at it him closer

  • That lady isn’t very bright for a Harvard law professor.

  • Thats all foks

  • End the coup and start doing your jobs!

  • Republicans- "all hale king Trump!" Lets give president Trump Kingly privilages! lets go back to a monarchy! yayayay All hale king trump!!!

  • Can we get an investigation on Biden after this is over? I believe this is a distraction from the true crime.

  • Noah Feldman is Jeffrey Epstein's Nephew, Facebook content manager and a Shari'a law supporter. In other words, a real austere religious scholar.

  • Funny how witnesses when ask in both hearings "Do you have any FACTS that prove Trump did any impeachable offenses…. everyone was as silent as a church mouse… They knew if they lied, it would be both slandering the president and lying under oath…

  • Must stuck to not have "all the information available" that you'd like, right Reps? Maybe tell the top to set a good example and provide all the evidence too? 🤔

  • Democrats arguing to uphold the constitution. Satire at it’s finest.


  • Why are these 4 witnesses? This has nothing to do with Ukrain or anything. They are 3 Trump haters and you notice they aren't asking last guy Qs because his open screwed dems lol. Good for him!!!

  • Trump went around these traitor to get corruption evidence of 2016 election. If Joe got caught in that corruption that's jos bad not Trumps!!!!

  • Feldman wants to be Hamilton on Broadway

  • I was nervous to be embarrassed or ashamed of Andy Biggs because I’m in AZ but he looks so dumb I’m actually laughing out loud and enjoying this

  • Debbie Lesko’s mascara is funnier

  • 7:28:57 omfg the dude sitting next to Debbie Lesko’s face when she says “let me read..” WOW I cannot believe she tried to pull that one I wonder if any media out there ran with it. The man’s face shows just how ridiculous this argument is. (The transcript literally includes the word Biden in the next sentence or two)… wow.

  • obama gave them blankets

  • The Republications were there to create chaos and did not address the president's charges with they know he has done. Will they represent the truth? History will record the senate's decisions forever, did they do their duty when they took their oath of office, to protect our constitution?

  • What is the collective noun for a group of douchebags ? Republicants ? (give or take a vowel).

  • Wait for the Senate trial and cross examination of Shit head Schiff ,etc. Pelosi is just a lying , evil , bitch !!


  • 4:22:00 See what mainstream news created… She think Trumps is a puppet of Russia. A president that sold lethal weapons to Ukraine, the country that is at war with Russian that annex part of it's country. The president honestly is the most American person I have seen from attitude, to family and history. But Russia is a superpower being friends, having treaties and understanding they have a place to play in global economics is essential this will create prosperity and jobs for USA. Make friends, make trade and defend your nation interests but not cost at the decency of other countries.

  • Why is Woody Allen and Bill Nye the Homosexual Guy being questioned?

  • Biden's son isn't Trump's political opponent.

  • Ugg Collins voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Quit yelling an whining

  • I am sick to death with all the infighting. Republicans, I do not hate you, but I can’t understand why you anyone would swear your allegiance to any president over the constitution. Democrats, I do not hate you, but I can’t understand why you cannibalize your own people because they don’t agree with everyone of your principles. We, as a people, will never improve ourselves or the country without working together. Now I’m just a nobody, but I call for a political reformation, a clean slate: gut the White House, cut half the senate, and half of congress. Abolish the electoral college and separate California into three separate states. And then we can work from there.

  • the democrat need medicine they can not help them self

  • 18:31 Hum..That lady in the bottom left corner taking pictures of their notes.. I wonder, I know it's probably nothing malicious since nothing classified would be there in the first place without being redacted but.. Why would she take pictures of what they're gonna talk about it if they're gonna talk about it anyways, which brings the question.. who does she works fort. She seemed awful concerned about having nobody watching.. She could genuinely be stupid enough to believe that cameras don't start rolling before the hearing is started, I've seen dumber people.

  • That Feldman is a butterface, harvard (I did that intentionally) must regret having him representing them right now.

  • Mr Turleys input was worthy ,now the other 3 obviously something was askew,,lol,,

  • Michael Bolton is needed to testify,about the nature of political drug deal.All americans want to know about this theme:political drug deal. Mr Bolton has to elaborate on,these powerful words which are followed by:the political drug deal,political drug deal,political drug deal,political drug deal,political drug deal.

  • You'll never get the Republicans to cross the isle and flip on Trump. You can argue and present evidence all day long but they'll always vote along party lines. Politicians have been bought and paid for by billionaires and big corporations years ago. They may be embarrassed by Trump's behavior and statements but he's doing exactly what they want him to do. This is all just a formality.

  • Turley, the star of the show, utteryly DESTROYS (this time for real) The Three govt Stooges, this was a gold standard in how to burn down incendiary minds…he slapped them with a reality check that turned them into putrid fish guts.

  • Seems republicans don't know the difference between a impeachment inquiry, and a criminal trial,

  • #impeachObama

  • Democrats need to be held accountable for all this BS and spending all the moneys of the taxpayers. Vote them all out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TRUMP JR FOR 24.! 12 MORE YRS.! 12 MORE YRS.!

  • What’s the name of the guy who the Dirty Democrats referenced was in prison now

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