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  • Roger Stone is a classical case of microcephaly, a genuine pinhead; Sondland is clearly a circumcised penis head. Both could star in an old fashioned deep south carnival sideshow, a display of human oddities; e.g., a freak show.

  • So , To my recognition .
    This is not a joke by the way .
    ASAP ROCKY ligitimitely will have a script in the impeachement of our 45th President of the united states .

  • Trump's anti-Ukraine approach is a Russian narrative and Trump followed through, no funding

  • Sondland didn’t throw all these fucking goons under the bus he plowed right through the shit pile

  • It is very clear that Sondland is not intelligent enough to be an ambassador. He demeans the position and endangers the well-being of thousands globally. And he is dishonest. I deserve to have my tax dollars pay for an honest, intelligent, and skilled person to represent me as an ambassador, not a clown like Sondland. All the republicans did was whine, including choosing to not see the truth. Vote the republicans out. They are supporting treason.

  • 02:05:47 Sweden arrested ASAP Rocky, consequently Sweden made all of this happen! GO SWEDEN!!!!

  • The deep state progressives are accusing Trump of doing what they have done since 2008, and, that is Pay to Play. Trump did not do that. EVERYTHING that the deep state has accused Trump of has been unwarranted, baseless, fictional, inappropriate, and, downright wrong. All of this is on public record on the FBI 203 documents, where the deep state members have been tattling on each other, reaching for a life raft. If you dispute this, then, you are in the dark, due to your indoctrination into progressivism, which is not a movement, but, a tool of leftist propaganda used by the socialist-globalist deep state in order to attain nothing but power and wealth, while selling us out to our enemies, and, allowing us to weaken as a nation.

  • Something stinks to high heaven with Sondland and Vindman and Bill Taylor and Rick Perry ,,, Sondland was not asked about what he knows about nuclear energy in Ukraine , they are all tied in with massive crimes so how come Devon Nunes doesn't know? All Sondland had to offer was his personal opinions which Schiff took as being FACTUAL. Sondland is dirty dirty and Trump needs to know this ASAP.


  • Republicans created a lot of smoke. But the concluding remarks from Schiff blew them away into the atlantic. The long, loud claps from the audience and the sense of pride it generated on those who were watching make it abundantly clear: Trump gotta go.

  • Well since the democrats refuse to find out where millions of taxpayers money went during the Obama administration to Ukraine the president is and it’s not illegal

    Also you can not say he was after a political opponent because this happened before joe Biden registered to run for president a big nothing because they don’t want us to know who took the money that’s the only reason why

  • Its pretty clear the democrat party and deepstate are finished… Now the real show begins the fall of the Old Corrupt Guard…. get your popcorn.

  • Damn, Nunes has the nerve to give Shiff subpoenas!!!! How many subpoenas has the White House ignored???? 😲🤯😠🙄😑

  • Love how the Republicans questioning basically make it so the President is the only one at fault, by mentioning the Bidens directly, while the administrative diplomatic machine did things seemingly properly the whole way. (Ignoring the holding of the aid here of course, that remain nebulous as to why it was held back.)

    If the first mention of the Biden was Trump's phone call.. then Trump did it? Also makes sense that all the concern and whistle-blowers, etc came from that phone call and not before.

    Good job Reps.

  • This constant obsession with Trump's personality is a joke. Every time the Democrats embellish a fake charge, we hear about Trump's personality and how it contributes to the problem.  Enough. This impeachment is bogus. The Russia collusion story was rubbish. The real story is that even with the constant attacks Trump has done and is doing a great job. If you don't like his tweets don't read them. I don't. They are hardly newsworthy. What is newsworthy is the threat to the constitutional order caused by Democrat obsession with Trump. Trump's personality is not responsible for the reprehensible conduct of many in Washington to undermine him.  They are doing from their own mean spirited hatred of Trump and the people who elected him.

  • When asked about his conversation with President Trump and if her had any evidence of a quid pro quo, here is what Ambassador Sondland said…

  • it wold have been just brilliant if under that "I want NOTHING" quote (written on the board behind) Dems included the date of that statement :v (which is the day investigation was announced)

  • Trump is fuckeddd! Good, time for the clown to go, America is tired of the circus!

  • WH won’t give sonland his papers and info because THEY KNOW it will show evidence of wrong doing via Trump

  • Just saw a Mike Huckabee ad — his old ass looks better than his daughter– no wonder she's such and evil liar



  • Time to join together for a revolution! Lies lies and more lies this is a waste of money and are taxes are being wasted ! Time to go to DC !

  • Give away $1 million dollars. get 1 million problems,
    and win a chance to go to jail!

  • Sondland looked so smug in the beginning of Nunes’ cross examination. At the end he looked liked a beat old man who just lost everything!

  • Is that Scaramucci behind him? Looks like him.

  • These people wouldn't know the truth if it fell on their heads! This is just a show on Dumb and Dumber!

  • Wow. Devin Nunes is in some kind of alternate universe where nothing comes out making sense 😉

  • GOP should have an attorney of Daniel Goldman's caliber. Stephen Castor is in WAY over his head and is not ready for hearings of this magnitude.

  • The Democrats only use the 2+2=4 logic when it benefits their narrative, but obfuscate and lie about facts when it doesn’t.


  • Did you see that staffer in green stretch like a kitten. Cspan knows what sells! 🙂

  • The Democrats are trying to impeach trump for the very thing they’ve been doing to him since before he ran for president!!!!!!!!!!

  • Party that fails to prove or disprove the aligation's they face, should pay back all the public tax dollars, (Out of there own salaries) maybe this will stop the BS, yes?

  • Schiffty Schiff is full of schitt.

  • Another loss for the dems hahaha

  • democrats either have selective hearing or need a translator.trump says there is no pro quo…dems hear there is pro quo, dumb asses

  • funny how trump don't worry about being on trial (no wrong doing) and biden is hiding from it with dems protecting him..(guilty as sin)

  • trump on trial in public dems will be on trial in gitmo…military tribunal

  • Trump, the president that broke the democrats back.

  • The impeachment hearings is the hill the democrats decided to die on. Lol

  • Can you hear the bells? I love a justified impeachment first thing in the morning!

  • To speak truth is of the same difficulty and risk in a democratic country!

  • oh it's more clear now. When Trump did not get Ukraine to co-operate, he then, very suddenly, threw the Kurd's under the bus, another opportunity for Russia to get closer to a foothold in the area. I would love to hear the closed door talk between Putin and Trump during Trumps trip to Russia, when he subsequently told the entire world our USA intelligence Community was sub par.

  • I wonder if the people giving a feed a 'thumbs down' , simply aren't pleased what the trials are verifying and/or revealing, thus far?

  • It doesn't matter how well you can prove Trump is a criminal the Senate Republicans will never vote for impeachment! That's ok cause Trump will lose in 2020 bigley!

  • Isn't there an Ambassadorship open on Ellesmere Island in Canada that this guy can be posted to?

  • mike quigley is great at sophisms
    his example about the arson is ridiculous and anyone not seeing how disingenuous it is must be not too bright

  • i would like to ask eric swalwell a hypothetical
    if a man is speaking and while speaking he makes a face
    stops midword and a fart is heard
    would that be the sound of a mug being moved across a desk

  • What is up with Politician eyes these days? AOC and this bug-eyed beast freak me the F out. I mean can they see Pluto from here?

  • If this is not a reason to be fired from your job, I don’t know what is. Most people are convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison with less evidence.

  • the whole country and ukraine would benefit from an investigation into the bidens

  • Someone needs to take 2:32:44 and put the curb your enthusiasm song with it
    Nunes' face is just priceless

  • I don't appreciate it how the Courts knew that the Plaintiffs started this first. There were allowed to use my response as a new case on the same matter. That is not how the Court proceeds in this matter. How is it a new case if Someone else has already filed perjury on the same matter in that Court. It is the same case. The Courts and the four Government Agencies were aiding the Trespassers abd Suspects to turn this matter around because they knew the Sheriff did not have any evidence. They kept letting the Clerks lie like it was a new case once I stated that they had no evidence to try to make me the Plaintiffs looked right. When has that been the procedure and guidelines of the Court. I told those shady Governments over and over again that that is not the guidelines under the Courts and that I was being attacked. The four Governments kept aiding the Trespassers and the Suspects knowing the procedure of the Courts causing all these damages. The four Government Agencies are professionally trained and committed these criminal acts. Hold them accountable in Oakland, Ca. and stop trying to make a burglary complicated. There is NOT any COMPLEXITY to burglary. Either you were supposed to be at Someone else's home. Or you were not supposed to be at Someone else's home. Based on the Analyst, the Hearing Officer, and myself the water pipe was not fixed to be at my home or a letter or phone call of any dispute. According to my deceased Father, Brother, the East Bay Water Company, and the Police Officers who saw the water damage clearly in the home. It was BURGLARY. The work was not completed when the Sheriff entered my home. What did the Sheriff find in my home. Boxes of paid BILLS and proof of my innocence. Poems from Soldiers. Completed Novels. Completed R&B songs. WORK. Bowling and tennis equipment. Music equipment. Exercise equipment. No drugs. No alcohol. No Men. No F'ing crimes. Leave me the F alone. Nothing is complex but envy from deranged behaved low lives. Stop the excuses.

  • so why dont we investigate the bidens on order to clear them since obviously they did nothing wrong

  • Sondlands testimony was all over the place

  • pause on loving his ass.

  • Did Trump conspire? "RUSSIA, IF YOU ARE LISTENING YOU WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED FOR INTERFERING" Very clear that Dirty Donald was stirring the conspiratorial pot with those words.

  • I think Sondland knew directly the Biden involvement before the dates he had testified about becoming aware of it from the call made public, but has denied it to not incriminate himself in the process.

  • They all were put into their positions by trump… they’re all afraid of just telling it like it happened. They all answer questions in a lawyer like form

  • i thought Congress job was to legislate…..Not Investigate !!!

  • Now the GOP stance is the Holocaust is a "crackpot" conspiracy theory

  • "I want nothing from Ukraine. No quid pro quo" This coverup and backtracking obfustication by the Liar in Chief only after being outed and busted with the texts and emails being put out there, violating the Trump Crime Syndicate goomba speak and code of silence.

  • 2:32:45 The expression and look that at Counsel that Devin Nunez gives is priceless! 😳😳😳

  • All spies uncovered within the intelligence community, Go forth Mr President Trump and your Angels of Peace God Bless The Knights of Peace.

  • Dems Have DAMAGED The Nation

  • What this shows is that there is way, way too much bureaucracy on the Hill and in the White House so everybody is getting confused about who has ownership of these decisions and discussions and policies and then you've got a bumbling gobbo like Trump rolling around magnifying the confusion with his incoherent nonsense and double messages to different people along with his insistence that Rudy be the point man, what a car crash. If nothing else Trump needs to get out of the way because the level of bewilderment he generates for those around him is incredible.

  • Jordan is such a dick.

  • How many times does this Sondland guy have to say the words "presumed" before people will understand it's meaning? #walkaway

  • Authoritative governments don’t want bureaucrats that act independently. They want yes-men who follow the will of the executive without question.

  • Are we gonna get testimony from Jussie Smollett soon?

  • Sniff is integrity personified

  • So far…The republicans have not provided any serious contrarian defense for the actions of the Prez. Very weak counsel and Nunes is useless.

  • Nunes face starting around 2:32.48 #PRICELESS…

  • Goldman is a BEAST!!! The other guy seems like he cheated on the bar. And why does that lady look like she’s going to the club when this is over 🤣

  • Gordon Sondland is what Jeff Bezos what look like if he had a growth spurt.

  • Or possibly just snoring because this is a snore fest

  • But we're back to the key facts or did you hear the president demand an investigation into the bidens.and did you hear the president's state that if they didn't investigate the fighting there wouldn't be any aid those are the key facts that matter what mr. Giuliani said the president wanted is immaterial. It's hearsay. Mr. Giuliani is definitely not going to testify because it would violate attorney-client privilege. And you're hearing Mr Giuliani say the president wants is hearsay.every minute I listen to these hearings I realize that something shady was going on but that there is no actual evidence the point to nothing you can prove.

  • Yes that's an accurate recitation of the questions you just asked him and he just answered and you repeated it twice. You weaselly f***

  • Do you notice the Democrats never ask any of the pertinent questions. the only question he needs to ask this guy right now instead of dancing around the subject trying to put words in his mouth is did you hear the president say any of it the meeting the a the phone call or the aid was conditioned on a public announcement that the investigations would w happen. there's a reason they haven't asked a single witness any one of the pertinent questions. it's because they know their answer is no. it's a common litigation practice. you don't ask a question you don't know the answer to and conversely you only ask the questions that are going to result in the answers you want.

    Republicans on the other hand do not fear the answers to the most important questions and that is the first thing the Republican lawyer asks each witness.

  • Scott look at that weaselly lawyer Manny won't let it go he just keeps trying to get him to admit or imply the President Trump either gave him the impression or didn't actually try to dissuade him from it even though I'm pretty sure he's on record testifying at some point the President Trump said no quid pro quo

  • ASAP TRUMP X ASAP SONDLAND worked to help release Pretty Flacko a.k.a ASAP ROCKY "FACTS"…Thank C-Span for open comments!

  • Jesus GIF are you now testifying as to what one of your witnesses said or meant when they said about you simply quote them if you want to reference their testimony but don't apply motivations or their thought processes to your own obvious testimony

  • Why is C SPAN not covering the URanium 1 trials going on at the same time as this waste of tax payer dollars to bring the best gaslighters of the hillary/biden/obama cover up of stealing uranium ?

  • Sewell's voice is a relief after Jordans yelling

  • The quiet reminder "recognize yourself" was funny 😆

  • This guy has a sense of humour

  • Nunes is a laughing joke!

  • Is he making stuff up as he goes along!

  • Fire Nunes now!

  • He is not going to get re-elected!

  • I am glad it didn’t happen!

  • Need popcorn watching this!

  • Only trumpers believe this bullshit!

  • Roll up up your pant legs!

  • They are hiding it. Because they are afraid!

  • This persons life could be in danger!

  • Why! The boss is potus!

  • Whistleblower will not testify.

  • They were all in the loop!

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