hOurworld Time and Talents: A Brief Software History (3 Min)

My name is Stephen Beckett. I joined Hour
Exchange Portland in August of 2006.
The funny thing is I asked them, “Could I see my statement online?” and and they said, “No!”
And of course this is the computer age. I was doing
some Microsoft Access programming at the time and they were using principally a
Microsoft Access piece of software, and I thought perhaps I
might be able to fix it. I rummaged around in it for a
couple of weeks. After, interviewing them, we all decided that
it just would be simpler to start from scratch! So I set about writing a new piece of
software we named Time and Talents. Came back in a couple weeks with a
bare-bones skeleton with some basic functionality
built into it. and everyone was enthusiastic and so off we went! And over the next couple of
years we’ve developed that software into a kind of a, first a package that would run on a
single computer then a package that would run on all the computers in the office on a
local area network. And then we got to the point at about year two where we had a part of the database online so you could finally go and see your
statement online. And then we started adding little bits
of functionality so you could put in a transaction online, or you could
put a listing. Once we started doing that and we had two databases we have one on
the internet and we have one running on the local area network and I unfortunately was the only person
that could come in and make those two databases sync and be one again. A fellow in Vermont convinced us that we really needed to just port the
whole thing to the internet. And so over the next two years we
set about that process. Basically developing the
software so it would run entirely on the internet so all the
functions and functionality were available there. During these… It was about that time that when Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels got
involved with me and we and we formed the cooperative hOurworld. Software wise over the past two years, have continue to take input from administrators and members across the
country using this system and integrate their ideas into the
software. We call it open innovation. Given us a
remarkable kind of arena and in which to develop the
platform so that it best meets everyone’s needs, and is highly
configurable so that individual exchanges can
manage the service delivery model that they
have peculiar to their area.

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