Hope: The History of Black Spire Outpost

The galaxy can be a massive wondrous place,
filled with a variety of beautiful and unique worlds. However with its beauty, the galaxy often
brings tyranny. Thankfully in a universe so large, there are
those willing to resist such tyranny in order to live free. Sure, sometimes that freedom isn’t the cleanest
or safest, but it still brings with it a sense of character and hope. One such prime example of that character is
the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu. Located in the outer rim territories, hidden
away in the Trilon sector with three suns and two moons, sits a beautiful planet called
Batuu. In the past, before the advent and popularization
of hyperspace travel, Batuu was a bustling checkpoint for travelers hoping to make their
way into the Mid Rim systems. Unfortunately when hyperspace travel did arrive, the hyperspace lanes directed most travelers past Batuu. Overnight, the busy and lively checkpoint
fell off the radar for most pilots. But thankfully the resiliency of our galactic
denizens meant that new life could be found in the spires. While the volume of travelers wouldn’t return,
a new industry made its home in Black Spire Outpost: smuggling. Sure it wasn’t entirely legal work, but
with the eventual oppression of the Galactic Empire, the letter of the law began to make
less and less sense. Citizens around the galaxy followed it, but
they followed it out of fear. Thankfully, there were those who did not fear
tyranny. They made their home in Smuggler’s Alley. One of the more colorful locations at Black
Spire Outpost was Oga’s Cantina. Oga Garra, the proprietor was perhaps a bit
cranky, but that was the kind of sass a place like Batuu attracted. That sass also came with resourcefulness. When it came to entertainment for the venue,
Oga had an old Star Tours RX-series pilot droid re-purposed into a DJ. Those looking to make… uh… independent
and confidential trade deals often found themselves ironing out the details over a drink or two
at Oga’s. From there, trade would often find itself
making its way through a few different markets, which stood as a testament to how, despite
it’s fate in the outer rims, Batuu still thrived in its own unique way. Across the way sat Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Run by a particularly resourceful Ithorian
of the same name, Dok-Ondar’s was home to a number of rare and priceless artifacts,
including a baby Sarlacc, and the lightsaber once owned by Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, who
died tragically during the ruthless uprising of the Galactic Empire. If the goods needed to head off-world, there was the local shipping company, Ohnaka Transport Solutions. Sure his ships weren’t as flashy as the
cargo transports in the core systems, but what Hando’s ships lacked in hull stability,
they made up in character. Now some of the more common goods traded would
often find themselves worked into the local economy through Merchant Row. It was a quaint corner of Black Spire Outpost
lined with various vibrant and unique shops. Whether it was clothes at Black Spire Outfitters
or toys for young ones at the Toydarian Toymaker, citizens of Batuu could find and acquire the
goods they needed. It proved especially helpful during the reign
of the Empire and later the First Order. Of course, any indication of thriving in the
galaxy usually meant that the First Order wasn’t too far behind to try and corrupt
and exploit it. They eventually illegally occupied Docking
Bay 9 of the outpost. Lead by Lt Agnon, the First Order invaded
Black Spire with the infamous and ruthless 709th Legion, known as the Red Fury. As they do elsewhere in the galaxy, the First
Order deployed their troops across the outpost to harass otherwise innocent civilians and
to try and pressure others into joining their cause. However all hope is not lost. On the outskirts of Black Spire Outpost lies
a camp. A camp occupied by those who have hope for
a brighter tomorrow and one free of the tyranny of the First Order. These heroes put everything they have on the
line in order to help free the galaxy, and with their resourcefulness and resilience,
they will without a doubt return Black Spire Outpost to its glory days. ‘Till the spire! This week’s video was sponsored by the Resistance. Are you looking to stop the tyrannical spread
of oppression by the First Order? Are you interested in righting the wrongs
that have occurred on your home world? Do you like to travel? If you answered yes to any of these questions,
then the Resistance might just be for you.

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