History’s Mysteries – The True Story of Rob Roy (History Channel Documentary)

his journey deep into the Scottish
Highlands to walk the winding paths once traveled by the legendary Rob Roy
MacGregor a man who for many Scots epitomizes the stubborn pride of an
ancient race like William Wallace and Robert the
Bruce before him Rob Roy ranks among Scotland’s most colorful and
controversial figures some say that he was a 17th century hero
whose daring escapes from his enemies and selfless charity toward the poor of
his homeland made him a letter day Robin Hood others call him a cattle Raider a
common thief and a crafty opportunist who played both sides of the political
battlefield to ensure his own survival whether robbery was a hero not to think
it depends on your personal viewpoint for the past 350 years the legend of Rob
Roy MacGregor has grown with each new telling just who is the real Rob Roy
apart from the mythical character indeed no records of his early childhood exist
and much of what he is known about Rob Roy comes from stories handed down
through Scotland’s rich oral tradition today even the date of his birth remains
a matter of speculation Rob Roy was baptized on the centered
March 16 71 now at that time Highland children were normally baptized within a
month of birth which would suggest that he was born in February 16 71 but of
course there’s no record of such Rob Roy is the third son of Donald glass
also known as pale Donald fifth chief of the clan Gregor whose motto is royal is
our race his mother Margaret christens her youngest son Robert though he would
be nicknamed Arabia Rua or red Robert from that we have the English
pronunciation of Rob Roy and it just means Robert with the red with the flame
colored hair he never lost that’s a nickname that stayed with him all his
days and he was known by everybody as as Rob Roy Rob Roy country as it is known
today lies in an area of the scottish highlands called the tropics in the late
17th century the trois ixora vast forbidding land without roads or bridges
unknown to the people of the nearby lowlands
whereas most Highlanders live in turf roofed houses and see no reason to
change their ancient beliefs and time-honored customs lowlanders regard
themselves as a higher class of people in step with the changing times as they
work to improve trade and commerce with their English neighbors in pursuit of
the good life I was a very proud people and they felt that the loaders had sold
out to this new Anglicization the loaders for their part
Luke Donald Highlanders as uncivilized barbarians generations before Rob Roy’s
birth an argument between two Highland clans the MacGregors and the Campbell’s
erupts into a bloody war for centuries the more wealthy and powerful Campbell’s
are on the winning side of the dispute amassing bland by any means necessary
and driving the MacGregor clan from their ancestral homelands by 1563 the campbells wind powerful
friends in the edinburgh government these allies issue letters of fire and
sword against the MacGregors essentially these are legal approval for clan
genocide a man called McGregor could be murdered killed in cold blood and all
his property including his women and children could be claimed by the person
who murdered him MacGregor women were branded on the face like common
criminals and MacGregor children were taken forcibly from the highlands in an
attempt to break the bonds with the clan system when even their name is legally
banned the MacGregors are forced to take to the hills although many adopt the
surnames of other clans to ensure their survival the blood kin of the MacGregors
remain close and defiant the MacGregor was to come down from the hills almost
secretly carry out a raid on Campbell property or whatever and melt back into
the hills and so they’re called Khurana hewwo
in garlic which is the children thinnest during the political clashes between
Scotland and Britain in the 1660s the persecuted McGregor’s nevertheless
remained fiercely loyal to charles ii their Scottish King once restored to his throne Charles
shows his gratitude by repealing the laws condoning the extinction of the
MacGregors the Klan exists in relative peace during
the early years of Rob Roy’s life but the young lad is riveted by the stories
of his clans fight for survival and its refusal to succumb to its enemies like all Highland children of course he
be run kilee fires in the winter months especially the visiting bards there’s
named storytellers he will learn the lore if the clan of the highlands whose
all passed under what a mouth people were mostly illiterate but robbed of
course as the son of a chief would have harder at least elementary schooling rob
was never expected to anything other than the third son the worker of the
clan if you like the cattle dealer which was the principal business that his
father had built up over many years the cattle trade across both the Highlands
and the lowlands cattle are not only considered the primary form of currency
they are also a vital source of food but in these wild lawless times cattle are
easily spirited away from their rightful owners to this end enterprising clans
like the MacGregors operate a service that provides protection to cattle
owners but at a price locals come to depend upon the
MacGregors security service nicknamed the watch the modern word this
questionable service eventually creates is termed blackmail rent comes from the
Gallic war mouth black refers to the black cattle and of course a black male
has rather sinister connotations in English after several years of efficient
watching by the Highland clans some of the lowland farmers decided that they
maybe didn’t require the services anymore and would refuse to pay and if
you were foolish enough to withhold your blackmail you could rest assured that
one morning pretty soon you would wake up to find that your livestock had been
lifted you would then have to pay an inflated leg premium if however you had
paid your blackmail and you found that when morning woke up and 30 cows had
been stolen you called in the watch the great surety was that you would have 30
cows returned from his father Rob Roy learns the
complexities of the cattle trade from his elders he learns the art of
swordplay and the skills of battle and war and told that he would spend up to
three hours a day at his lessons with the sword which explains why in later
life his surprise with the broadsword was renowned throughout the length and
breadth of the whole country as Rob Roy grows into manhood he becomes known for
his striking red hair and long powerful arms that serve him well in the many
battles that lie ahead but the key to Rob Roy’s character is his
uncompromising adherence to the Highland code of honor a complex moral hierarchy
that places trust loyalty and honesty above everything else including a man’s
business clan and sward when we return Rob Roy fights to
preserve the Highland Way of life but at a high cost for his family and
clan as the charge came down the hill towards the Redcoats 600 Highlanders
fell in the first four November 1688 after three years of complex political
infighting King James the seventh of Scotland seeks exile in France the
King’s conversion to Roman Catholicism does little to endear him to his
Protestant subjects and signals the downfall of his family line of kings the
Stewart’s the overwhelming majority of King James than sevenths subjects were
Protestants or Presbyterians and they were united on one thing and that is
that they did not like and indeed feared Catholicism but there are those
especially in the Scottish Highlands who remain loyal to their Catholic King and
are ready to fight for his return these rebels are called Jacobites from
the latin word for jeans clan Gregor was steadfastly Catholic and they supported
steadfastly the Jacobite cause time and time again they violently played a great
role in what turned out to be the futile attempt but the Stuart dynasty back on
the British throne in July 1689 Rob Roy his father Donald and his brother Duncan
joined the Jacobite resistance force led by the charismatic account of Dundee the
Jacobite army of only 2,000 men faces off against more than 4,000 British
troops the two armies collide at the narrow
Gorge of Killiecrankie clans were using primarily broad swords
which were large heavy swords which with a single blow could chop off an arm or a
leg or a split a human hand from the brow down to the chin the slaughter was
enormous on both sides as the Highland charge came down the hill towards the
Redcoats 600 Highlanders were felled in the first fall despite seemingly
impossible odds of victory for the Jacobite army seems assured but during
the final moments of the battle the Jacobites leader by count Dundee is
fatally wounded forcing his army to flee into the hills Rob Roy apparently
survived the Battle of Killiecrankie unscathed it was Rob’s first real
pitched battle certainly not his last the Jacobites heavy loss at the Battle
of Killiecrankie marks the beginning of an unfortunate turn of events for Rob
Roy and his family during another savage encounter with
government troops roms brother Duncan is captured by the enemy and sent to prison
a short time later his father is arrested and held for two years on
trumped-up treason charges in the absence of his father and brother
responsibility of serving as leader of his clan Falls to the young Rob Roy
Rob’s reputation grew very quickly he was a natural leader and was respected
by his his clansmen and by the people that he had dealings with obviously a
man of enormous charisma and and great ability in 1691 Rob’s mother Margaret
falls ill and dies at harvest time just days after his mother’s funeral
government troops show up and see his rob roy’s herds this to meet prison
expenses for his father Rob’s grief quickly turns to rage the loss of this herd could mean
starvation for his clan during the coming winter months Rob Roy determines
to redress this terrible injustice his next force of action will define his new
purpose in life he will take back what he believes is rightfully his and he
will take it from the lowlanders the men of power and wealth who have persecuted
his clan for centuries the first target of rob roy’s vengeance
are the Livingston’s a wealthy anti Jacobite family who are moving a
valuable cattle herd toward the pastoral town of Stirling in the fall of 1691 the
opportunity proves irresistible to Rob Roy not only can he make up for the loss
of his seized herd he can also strike a symbolic blow for the Jacobite cause Rob Roy and his men decide to intercept
the herd in the village of Khitan for the unsuspecting villagers made nervous
by the arrival of the armed McGregor’s launched a surprise attack of their own
against Rob and his men Rob Roy commanded his men only to use the flats
of their swords they were quite capable of using them just to fend off these
poorly armed villagers and this happened just as Livingston’s drove appeared on
the horizon so everything was happening at once the drove appeared the villagers
were driven away the drover in charge was prepared to defend his capital with
his life and he was the only great casualty of that particular afternoon
though the raid is a success Rob Roy is enraged by the villagers attack on his
men and later returns to have words with them what he finds instead is a ghost
town all of the residents of Kippen have fled in fear in retaliation against
their unprovoked attack Rob rounds up all of their cattle and makes off with
both herds this was the her ship of Kevin the act
which proved this manhood but the greatest tests of Rob Roy’s manhood and
his courage are yet to come when we continue Rob Roy meets his most
formidable adversary the Duke of Montrose and I’m told that Rob Roy
MacGregor gave His grace the Duke of Montrose a two-word answer in garlic and
the second word was definitely off following his famous cattle raided
kitten Rob Roy MacGregor becomes a local hero to the people that was Native
Highlands but aristocratic lo lenders consider him
a common thief Rob Roy’s immediate concern however is his family On January 1st 1693 Rob Roy marries his
second cousin and the love of his young life merit of colmar it is said that
Mary’s black eyes shone as brightly as her black hair
like her husband she has prized spirit and a genuine distrust of lo lenders marry being a born-and-bred McGregor was
steadfast in her support of Rob they faced life and everything that likes
throughout them side by side been robbed Braves on the run she had to still feed
and clothe the children and click the blackmail payments and keep body and
soul together but by the fall of 1695 Rob is arrested in Glasgow presumably
for his role in the cattle rate of kibun the same prison that nearly destroyed
his father cannot hold Rob Roy from all when it came to escaping from custody
Rob Roy met Houdini looked like a positive novice the story is that the
jailor responsible for looking after rob was a Highlander and probably somebody
who owed a favor if not to rob but certainly a debt to Tran Gregor and
simply one afternoon forgot to relock the cell door leaving Rob to walk out of
the jail and out of the prison and simply return home Rob returns home in
time to witness the birth of his first son and to guard his family through four
years of failed crops bitter frost and rampant disease
this period is known as The Hungry years food was scarce so it was important then
to find another way of making sure that your family or clan just didn’t starve
to death these grim challenges stir Rob Roy as never before
he must provide food protection and shelter not only for his clan but
especially for Mary and their newborn son only through careful rationing dogged
determination and sheer luck do they survive 1,700 marks the return of good weather
and a new life for Rob Roy the formerly lawless Raider decides to try on the
role of a legitimate cattle trader he was high looked upon as a cattle dealer
who be trusted as what was his bond so great is Rob Roy’s reputation for
honesty and trustworthiness that in 1702 a consortium of wealthy and powerful men
including the 22-year old Duke of Montrose agreed to invest in Rob Roy’s
booming cattle trade Montrose is not only the local sheriff
but one of the shrewdest businessmen in the land the only way Rob could get a
loan from controls was on agreeing to a stand any losses which might Andean
current whereas profits of course be shared equally between them and we know
that he borrowed quite a lot of money for intros
although Montrose epitomizes the cold aristocratic lowland err that Rob Roy
has come to despise Rob continues to do business with Montrose for a number of
years perhaps his motive is simply to establish a solid business base in the
hope of better times for his family and his clan or could the opportunist in Rob
Roy be planning to make his fortune using the investments of his enemies whatever his true motives the clouds of
change begin to gather over Rob Roy and his native Scotland on January 16th 1707
Parliament enacts a controversial new law the formation of a parliamentary
Union the union of Parliament’s was a
constitutional fusion of England and Scotland technically speaking each
kingdom ceased to exist and a new kingdom of Britain was created the
people of Scotland however signaled very vociferously that
they did not want this deal so what it left behind was a bitterly divided
nation during these years of political uncertainty many Scottish business
owners faced bankruptcy although Rob Loy manages to keep his cattle trade afloat
by continuing to borrow money from Ron trolls and his investors his run of good
fortune is about to come to an end in 1712
Rob Roy Hardin got a loan which I think mounted to somewhere about the thousand
pounds sterling that money was to be used to purchase 840 cattle now during
the process of acquiring these cattle Rob gave the control to his head Rover a
man who were told this called MacDonald MacDonald his thought to absconded with
the money we do don’t know whether that’s true or
not because he might well be bothered the mysteries of what actually happened
to McDonald and Montrose’s money have never been solved but the implications
for Rob Roy are devastating rumors spread from Edinburgh to Glasgow
that Rob has made off with the funds to support another Jacobite uprising in reality rob is set off on a fruitless
search to locate McDonald meanwhile the Duke of Montrose on
hearing of Rob’s apparent disappearance spares no mercy he has Rob Roy
officially declared bankrupt and outlawed that Robert Campbell commonly
known by the name of Rob Roy MacGregor has treacherously gone off with the
money to the value of upwards of a thousand pound sterling all magistrates
and officers of His Majesty’s forces are entreated to seize upon the said Rob Roy
and the money which he carries with him he option no rights is no more if he be
killed anyone no questions asked the crafty Montrose however has more in
mind for Rob Roy and just revenge he offers to forgive Rob Roy’s debt on one
condition he must falsely implicate Montrose’s
political rival the Duke of Argyll as a Jacobite supporter
and the one way to get rid of the duke of argyll was to use rob as a pawn but
rob was not willing to be used and I’m told that Rob Roy MacGregor gave His
grace the Duke of Montrose a two-word answer in garlic and the second word was
definitely off furious at Rob’s defiance Montrose sends his henchman gram of
Killearn to forcibly drive Rob and his family from their home at craigrostan
robbers wait at the time and the clemmy’s man arrived at the house many
only attacked at the children I of the house and she stayed behind the man set
fire to the roof and then there knock down the walls was the worst thing you
can do of course mary was brutally assaulted every man in the party had his
way with Mary MacGregor while Graham of color and stood and watched
from that day forward Rob Roy swears revenge on Montrose he will raid his
lands and take his cattle the fruits of Montrose’s wealth will become Grapes of
Wrath for Rob Roy MacGregor when he continued Rob Roy takes his revenge
and a Scottish legend is born the Troy’s had no way of going where and when Rob
was to strike next after the burning of his home at craigrostan the outlaw Rob
Roy’s first priority is to provide for his family since the law forbids him from earning a
living he decides instead to live at the Duke of Montrose his expense so from the
very next night and roses cattle began to disappear he would strike one night
at one place maybe a few days roll-ups and he might strike another place it
might be several miles off then drawers had no way of knowing where and when Rob
arrives to strike next as long as Rob remains at large he poses
a threat to Montrose’s way of life there is only one way to solve this growing
problem catch Rob Roy but the resourceful fugitive has no
intention of being caught as rob roy raids Montrose’s rich
farmlands he always manages to stay one step ahead of the law
soon tales of his Robin hood-like exploits travel quickly across the
Scottish Highlands and he would just redistribute the grain
to the people who needed it and he also collected the rents and made sure that
the tenants had got official receipts sometimes signing the receipts himself
on behalf of Mundt Rose enraged by his own malicious inability to bring this
outlaw to justice the Duke of Montrose takes matters into his own hands with a
band of well-armed men he tracks Rob Roy down at his cottage at bow quitter when
Rob awakes at dawn and he is surrounded rod was secured by a broad leather belt
behind a man who if didn’t rob a favor would certainly owe a debt to the Klan
as the ponies were making their way across the Fords of through the belt
became undone robbed threw himself into the water releasing his kilt and the
kilt the cross was carried downstream was robbed actually a very strong
swimmer swam upstream and of course the the sight of the plaid bobbing in the
water drew the fire of the soldiers the time they realized they were firing at
an empty plaid sailing away rob was nowhere to be seen
Rob Roy is exalted by his people as a hero but he and his fellow Jacobites are
viewed as dangerous thorns in the government side on November 13th 1750
the Jacobite army now 10,000 strong faces off against the government army of
only 3,000 troops led by Montrose’s longtime political enemy the Duke of
Argyll a Jacobite victory seems assured but the
battle fought on the windy plains of sheriff Muir goes down in history as an
indecisive draw to this day Rob Roy’s involvement or lack of involvement in
the Battle of sheriff Muir remains an unanswered question even historians
differ on their interpretations of the event rob was actually away with his
clansmen making sure there was a route by which the Jacobite army could travel
south and by the time robber I’ve back the battle was all but over
the most common explanation of rob roy’s activities that day is that rather than
make a suicidal charge into battle rob provides cover for Jacobites escaping
from government soldiers or was that what he was really doing
as authors Sir Walter Scott suggests in his 1817 novel Rob Roy could the real
Rob Roy MacGregor have been engaged in far less admirable activities ranging
from plundering the dead of both sides to acting as a secret agent for the Duke
of Argyll and the English government all along Rob Roy himself said that he was playing
both sides the yes he was on the Jacobites side but that he was staying
in close touch with his future patron the duke of argyll and supplying him
with information and making sure that he didn’t get too involved in any fighting
against a girl whatever Rob’s role in the Battle of sheriff New York
Parliament charges all those involved in the latest Jacobite insurgency with
treason once again Rob Roy is a hunted man and
about to face the most desperate chapter in his life when we continue we’ll Rob
Roy’s final confrontation bring about reconciliation or a date with destiny
well Rob was an astute man to know that wasn’t much point to me engaging in a
battle right number two to one once again on the run from the law Rob Roy
makes his way back to the highlands in 1716 during the celtic celebration of
soin known today as Halloween as the hilltops burn bright with peace
fires in the hope of an untroubled winter Rob Roy plots his next move
against the Duke of Montrose and his henchmen gram of Killearn the man who
brutally plundered Rob’s home and family in 1713
after the collapse of the 15 rebellion the rumor went around that Rob had fled
to safety in Ireland so Graham of Cologne felt no somewhat safer are going
about his master’s business collecting the rents and as the farmers came in to
pay their rent and get the receipts Rob suddenly appeared at the door Rob and
his band seized Montrose’s rents then kidnapped Graham and order him to write
his own ransom note not so much a ransom but restitution for the burning not only
of his house but the trials and troubles that the his grace had caused him Mon
trolls however refuses to pay for Graham’s safe return despite his
reputation as a dangerous outlaw Rob Roy eventually releases Graham unharmed
montrose still determined to win this war continues to offer Rob his lands and
his freedom on one condition he must agree to implicate the Duke of
Argyll as a Jacobite sympathizer who controls thought he hugged Rob Roy when
he wanted a man that circumstances very likely to grasp any chance to clear his
name but Rob Roy was made of sterner stuff having little understanding of Rob
Roy’s belief in the Highland code of honour a code that forbids treachery
false witness and deceit Montrose responds as he has before by
burning Rob’s homes to the ground now there is only one person in authority to
whom Rob Roy can turn for help Montrose’s adversary the Duke of Argyll
himself at Inverrary Castle Rob surrenders to
the duke of argyll perhaps Argyll feels gratitude that Rob Roy refused to betray
him or secretly he admires Rob Roy’s proud the Highland spirit nevertheless
he ensures that Rob Roy is well treated unfortunately argyles protection can
only be had within the lands controlled by the Campbells rob is still in great danger farther
east in his native tropics technically rob roy’s homeland’s fall under the
jurisdiction of the Duke of Atholl another ambitious politician who
desperately wishes to prove his loyalty to the new British king but where
Montrose had failed to subdue Rob Roy through violence Ethel tries a different
approach simple deception he tricked Rob into
coming in person to see him Ethel had given his word that Rob could
come in complete safety and would be allowed to leave in complete safety upon
Rob Roy’s arrival however the Duke of Atholl has him arrested once again it
doesn’t take the charismatic Rob Roy long to make friends with his jailers
who find themselves charmed by this Highland celebrity Rob is even allowed
to receive a quantity of whiskey from his kinsmen who are secretly plotting
his escape the messenger came in with some fresh
whiskey which Robert had taken a drink of and passed to the jailers and they
were passing it round and Rob said thank you very much and I have a message to
send home and he was walking back towards where the ponies were just
inside the open doorway and before the guards could react he was up and bored
when the horses off at the gate the year 1719 brings yet another Jacobite
uprising at the Battle of Glen Sheol clans clash as British troops pummeled
the doomed Jacobites they are forced to retreat the fight is
over their dream of restoring their Catholic King will never become a
reality the following year Rob Roy convinced
that he is now safe from government troops returns to his family and home in
bow quitter in 1723 Daniel Defoe England’s first novelist and the author
of Robinson Crusoe publishes the Highland rogue based on The Adventures
of Rob Roy the book becomes an overnight bestseller in London and makes Rob Roy a
legend in his own lifetime it also clears the road for an unlikely
reconciliation between Rob Roy and his arch enemy the Duke of Montrose as all
boys having origins in these 50s and troves about the same age
I don’t have the shook hands but agreed to call off father antagonism between
one another and they parted fairly evenly 1725 in a
further attempt to clear his name Rob Roy is persuaded to write or have
written for him a letter of submission to the Scottish general in charge of the
highlands in this letter Rob Roy confesses to providing intelligence to
the Duke of Argyll at the Battle of sheriff Muir
I think Argyll must have either written or left himself or persuaded one of his
lawyers to write letter on behalf of Rob Roy and Rob Roy he must have thought
well Hyrum I’ve got this my last chance walk along with it now that were locked
in Hampshire after twelve years as an outlaw Rob finally receives his formal
pardon from the government in 1725 he lives in peace for the next nine years
at Balfe Witter with Mary and their five children but in 1734 a dispute over land
holdings between the MacGregors and their neighbors the McLaren’s brings out
the fighting spirit in Rob Roy one last time so there were 200 MacLaren’s and
optim and Stuart’s have happened facing 100 McLaren’s while Rob Roy was an
astute man – no that wasn’t much point to him engaging in a battle right number
two to one so he stepped forward and said that why not just settle this by
having a mossad fight Alexander stood the young man blowing a swordsman step
forward and across swords but it is young Stuart who draws first blood honor having been satisfied rob concedes
victory to the young champion by early winter news travels through the
highlands that Rob Roy now probably in his 60s is bedridden and ill on December
28th 17:34 the leader of the McLaren’s requests permission to pay a visit
job-wise s’posed have said to son and his wife bring my blood sword get me
ready and I’ll I’ll then light a cloud and sin once in the clan – goes off on
Molly’s death bed and when McLaren was ushered in here was
Rob sitting large at life and engaged his guests in animated conversation for
over an hour and as soon as the door closed behind
his departing guests Rob asked that he should be returned to his bed and for
his Piper to be summoned for just a few moments
young MacGregor Piper appeared at Rob’s bedside when Rob asked him to play
attune attune composed by his own wife Mary and before the tune had finished
Robert passed over to the next world although many say that Rob Roy was a man
of integrity who stood up for his principles and fought for his clan in
his country some historians still argue that he was
little more than a thief a blackmailer and even a coward
both sides however can agree on one thing Rob Roy MacGregor was a survivor
whose memory and legend remain an enduring symbol of pride to the people
of Scotland and he’s remembered very much for being
a bit like Robin Hood helped a lot of people that were old a lot less
fortunate than himself and despite everything most a day peacefully in bed
there’s a lot more to Robert than a romantic story
I think the Rob stood for everything that a Highlander believed in he was as
honest as the day was long he had enormous integrity would not compromise
his beliefs for any reason whatsoever and I think that in each Navy one of us
would like to say that there’s a bit of Rob Roy in all our souls this Saturday h2 unleashes its fury and
we’re giving you a front-row seat eyewitness accounts get what’s important
to you I have rarely seen footage these things can happen convinced disaster
deconstructed serial killer earth and each to original series from years
Saturday at 10 on each to

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  • This doc is OBVIOUSLY NOT narrated by Dan Ackroyd…GET YOUR DESCRIPTIONS RIGHT!! Why would you bother to mention who narrated this video at all, let alone get it wrong??? And asking people to "keep their comments civil" on YouTube is arrogant and ignorant. You have no control over comments, get used to it or stop posting videos (especially since you don't even know who narrates them). Considering you, as the poster of a stolen video you have no legal rights to, are in no way involved in the making of this documentary, why do you care about the comments? It's NOT YOUR VIDEO, so caring about what people think of it is just silly and, yet again, arrogant. You can't tell people what they're allowed to post in their comments. If you don't like it, disable the comments altogether…or don't you know how to do that??

  • History channel ? Don’t be fooled – history as it can be canned and sold to dumb folks !

  • I read Rob Roy when I was younger…multiple times, it's probably one of my oldest books that I've kept over time!

  • Rob Roy is still a Highland hero, will never be forgotten

  • The Clan Gregor was Jacobite, but not overwhelmingly Catholic.  Rob was a Protestant, but converted to Catholicism late in life (his wife did not).  His son Robert Oig (i.e., Rob Junior) was hanged for kidnapping a girl to marry her forcibly; on the gallows he said that his misfortune was due to the fact that he had ceased to practice the Catholic Faith.

  • teuchters

  • rent is French

  • so sad that the closed captions are so terribly wrong about simple words that any child can understand and spell

  • i'm proud some of my ancestors not just survived this time but thrived spite of it…. is how i'm here 🙂

  • With 'real' Australians fighting and dying in their hundreds of thousands for invaded and enslaved peoples in two world wars .Now 'REAL' Australians are being 'exterminated' and enslaved ,replaced by scumbag  foreign corporates agents and their migrant slaves . They speak and say they are Australians talking and acting accordingly but really help the conspiracy to rape all Australia's immense natural wealth. While 'ALLOWING' and promoting  new generations of Australians to be put into SERIOUS DANGER, with rotten addictions and unrepayable debt .EMF is frying and destroying our Children's biology, gaming, mobiles, TV,etc  is designed to addict and destroy Australian cultural community values  .Modern Helotism. If any REAL Australians see they are in a Fight for their survival please contact .We might as well die on our feet than watch as we are slowly but surely enslaved and exterminated.  In memory of Albert Jacka VC and the Boys who gave their all for Sovereign Australia .

  • You have to laugh. A dispute between the Campbells and McGregors. That is a good one.

  • Yea we still get abused to this day on our home soil by the SNP and that needs to stop ..Campbell Cawder castle still try,s to take MacGregor down .MacGregor up at drumoosie She works with the pigs to take them down ..This Brexit is another Abuse we need to stamp out ..Cawder needs burned to the ground .they got the castle when they killed all the clan chiefs .Brexit proves the red fox needs to go .. We need to clear out our houses and take back our lands and castles …They will always abuse just look at SNP salmon. ..Take our lands back take our castles back then we will be at one again.

  • We in the highlands should break away from the rest of Scotland …What have we to lose ..We can't get any lower than they treat us ..I would rather die than suffer at their hands ..

  • Through the years it's been said that he's a relative, an uncle. Looking forward to tracing back this line in my family to confirm. The ending warmed my heart. I thought of my father, he had so much integrity. Maybe the apple doesn't fall far from the family tree.

  • Did Rob Roy play both sides or was Argyle a Jacobite sympathiser? 🤔

  • Too bad the bubonic plague wasn't airborne .Phht….there are no heroes here just malignant walking tumors that waded ashore later in north america.

  • Rob Roy is my 9th great grandad though my grandad

  • A very proud people, I have great admiration for these patriots of their country!
    Hardworking, simple and honest Christians whose word is their bond!

  • They will never take our FREEEEDOMM

  • Odd, they just don't look like presbyterians. 🤪

  • I was a bartender and waitress for forty years. I often wondered who was the drink named after. Now I know. Thank you for the information and anything from the History Channel (back when it was still worth watching) is a good thing.

  • Pity these characters are all wearing the KILT – an object not invented until 200 years later by the cloth merchants of that very English city Edinburgh…….

  • Between Scotland and 'BRITAIN'? When you realise you're listening to Hollywood BS.

  • Get a kick out of Trumped up charges of Treason. His clan & sons were are war with government. Sounds legit. Plus Jacobites were disposed. So they were not legit either from my observation.

  • Gangsters & criminals also believe they are right too.

  • Will give him credit, he knew when to cut bait & run. Smart.

  • Youngbo approved..

  • The history channel does not show real history anymore. I think it’s because most of our history was the ppl in power taking from the ppl who have nothing then the ppl that have nothing band together and revolt against the ppl in power. Our government today can’t have the ppl seeing what has happened over and over again throughout history. Now go back to watching pawn stars

  • No' bad fur a Teuchter! Och Aye!

  • Why is this being narrated by an American?

  • As a distant son of Simon, these historical tales tickle something deep, don't know why but I've always felt it!Plus I love oats!haha.

  • great vid!!!!! thanks

  • "Highlanders used broadswords" shows a claymore

  • That side of my family had to change their name to McAdam.

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