History’s Mysteries – Ghost Ships (History Channel Documentary)

nearly every seaside village has its
stories of mysterious shipwrecks and ghost ships legends that have been
passed down from one generation to the next
most are easily dismissed as tall tales that grow taller by the year but there
are also some otherworldly sightings that defy rational explanation and leave
sailors wondering whether they’ve entered the realm of the supernatural
join us for go ships July 17th 1996 it’s a warm summer’s
night on Long Island people are outside for a stroll or sailing peacefully along
the shoreline TWA flight 800 takes off from New York’s John F Kennedy Airport
loaned for Paris at 8:30 p.m. in the dark sky two and a half miles above the
earth the giant 747 explodes in a fiery flash
all 230 people aboard die the official conclusion of the National
Transportation Safety Board is that a spark in the fuel system caused the
explosion but Thomas Stalcup an independent investigator disagrees
Stalcup has learned that eyewitnesses reported a bright streak shooting up
from the water towards the jumbo jet 102 people saw this thing go up 96 said
it came from the surface Stalcup and others acquire 30 minutes of radar data
from the NTSB investigation and make a startling discovery here’s the debris
field right here and you can see that all the debris is falling in this
general area and directly below the debris field you’ll see this is the
closest ship to the crash and it headed in a south southeast direction
approximately 30 knots and this ship according to the FBI has not been
identified this ship of unknown origin appearing as a radar blip may be the
source of the mysterious streak of light there are reports from multiple
eyewitnesses that a ship was directly below a flight hunter when it exploded
these eye witnesses saw what looked like a light on the horizon after the crash
however that light went out according to one eyewitness in the official report
the unidentified ship has no relation to the real and known disaster of flight
800 and the questions raised by Stahl cups
mystery she may never be answered they remain riddles added to a centuries-old
collection of inexplicable seafaring and meekness there’s a whole realm of ghostly
folklore at sea starting with forerunners which are ghostly
predictions of disaster and there’s a rich tradition of those founded on the
very fear of all those unpredictable horrible things that happen at sea since
man first took to the Seas the open ocean has been as mysterious and alien
as outer space sailors who have thought themselves mightier than the seas have
paid a terrible price after Columbus discovers that you
sailing vessels begin to criss cross the vast oceans in search of new lands and
good riches Mariners seeking the silk and spices of
the Far East sail around the southern tip of Africa the Cape of Good Hope often battered by severe storms and
navigating the Cape is a most treacherous undertaking here legend says
he’s born the story of the most famous of all ghost ships the Flying Dutchman
her story begins in 1680 when a Dutch captain named Philip van der Decken
swears of curse against God that he’ll succeed in rounding the Cape if he has
to keep trying until Judgment Day the ship and her crew never returned
home but they are seen again not as flesh and
bone Norwood in canvas but as a spectral vision a seagoing ghost
sailors returning home and teller seeing the flying dutchman under cursed cou
often before experiencing a disaster of their own they have passed down the tale
that no soul aboard the Dutchman can rest unless another sailor takes its
place what fate awaits Souls lost at sea this
amazing photograph provides an eerie glimpse at the possibility of something
beyond our normal view of the world in 1924 two seaman James Courtney and
Michael Meehan died in a tragic accident aboard the tanker SS Watertown following
their burial at sea their faces appear in the roiling water alongside the ship
the captain grabs his camera and captures their images are these ghostly
specters the last attempt of The Departed to communicate a farewell to
their shipmates what looks like their faces are clearly visible in this 1924
photograph are there other worlds are there fourth
dimensions I’m not afraid to say I don’t know people disappear
they’ve been disappearing for hundreds of years and these ships show up and I
think it’s an incredible mystery we continue a 19th century ghost ship
the teaser still appears to this day in Mahone Bay Nova Scotia
I kept saying oh I just can’t believe this we got to make sure other people
see this but there it was in living color investigators of mysterious events
have found that 80% are miss identification hoaxes or mistakes that
leaves 1 out of every 5 in the realm of the unexplained mysteries mysteries
we’ll be right back here on the History Channel we now return to ghost chips on
history’s mysteries in 1813 the United States is at war with Great Britain
to help fight the powerful British Navy the US government grants American
civilian vessels the authority to attack British ships these ships are called
privateers the government license or letter makes
these sailors in effect pilots so you get these very dramatic chases
that last hours sometimes days of one vessel trying to sail another finally
they draw near enough within cannon range and the privateer usually only
fires a few shots across the battle of the enemy vessel and that’s usually in
most privateering battles it’s a remarkably bloodless form of warfare
usually you’re attacking merchant ships I don’t have a lot of guns don’t have
huge crews and they’ll very quickly surrender a very successful privateer is
the – a fast schooner prowling the Maine coast
from the minute was launched it was a very lucky ship I believe they had seven
voyages and actually 15 bounties collected and so obviously on more than
one tour they would they would be able to get more than one ship the crewmen
wanted to be on there for the money but also for the prestige it was a lucky
ship the dashes third captain is the recently married John Porter while the
crew prepares the ship Porter is bidding a lingering farewell
to his wife Lois the ship was ready everybody was ready the captain wasn’t
there he was with his new bride well everybody’s you know right fine no he
could understand lovey dovey but come on we’ve got we’ve got business to do part
of their business was to accept a challenge from a new privateer the
champlain to see which boat was faster finally captain Porter boards the dash living up to her name the – speeds so
far ahead that the Champlain’s lookout can barely spot her on the horizon then
a furious storm picks up fearing the weather the Champlain turns back the –
does not back on shore the captain’s wife senses trouble
Lois and her family are in Portland and you know it’s a stormy stormy evening a
couple days after the the – is left but there’s a big wind that shakes the house
and there’s a big crash in one of the unoccupied parlors and then one Lois
goes into this parlor and from one of the fireplaces a tile has fallen off and
it’s a tile with Scripture written on it and so she reaches down and in her heart
she she says the – is lost the – never returns but over the years
tales are told by Maine natives of the – reappearing out of the fog on windless
days stopping lobstermen dead in their tracks with its sudden appearance
the people who have seen her say the crew on deck looks like they are looking
into the fog trying to find out where they are and and how best to get home
the – makes her most famous ghostly return during World War two before a
pair of adulterous lovers at one particular afternoon when the fog
was thick of the three in the bed alarms went off like that that something had
breached the security of the harbor and they sprang into action some of them
began to fire and one of those shells landed right on the island where these
two by having their afternoon tryst well you can imagine it scared the bejesus
out of them and they wondered what is going on here they said they saw coming
out of the fog this ship and here I mean there wasn’t a bit of wind stirring
there was no air whatsoever and they could hear
the sales luffing as she was sort of coming about and as as she came about
they could see on the stern the name – Freeport from a port further down the
coast sailing out of New York the teaser takes advantage of the war of
1812 and becomes a privateer she heads north of the coast
nova scotia was a british colony at that time so we were sort of the nearest
british possession and had a very rich sea trade which of course attracted the
attention of American privateer vessels like teaser the teaser captures several
ships right outside of Nova Scotia’s Halifax harbor expressing a flair for
the dramatic the teasers Captain William Dobson with his single ship declares a
blockade of Halifax the British merchant men and warships accept the challenge
July 1st 1813 the teaser is surrounded by British ships including a 74 gun
warship at this point captain Dobson gives orders for the
defence of his ship to his brash first lieutenant Frederick Johnson
there’s crazy folklore about Hamlet says suggested that he fought with a
hangman’s noose around his neck the newspaper reports use words like he had
the disposition of the devil he was I was sort of not widely liked at a
terrible temper reports vary about what happens next but all fingers point to
Johnson some say he carries hot coals from the ship’s galley
others say he uses a flintlock pistol the result is the same
Johnson goes to the powder room and deliberately ignites a fire while his
fellow sailors are still on board a teaser erupted in a colossal explosion
her whole powder magazine grew up all at once and it was just a spectacular
explosion to rip the whole deck of teaser up and sent her mainmast crashing
into the water there were about 40 men aboard teaser only seven on the survived
the explosion it’s quite literally a very explosive issue and a very
traumatic one during the war of 1812 and one that has spawned generation after
generations of sightings of this ghost ship the teaser made a most convincing
appearance to Jill and Paul Flynn two residents of Mahone Bay Nova Scotia in
1970 when all of a sudden we saw this
schooner out there and we talked about it and it was in the form of a schooner
on fire burning and we then you know we looked at each other and said no boy
that must be the teaser with her deck of flame her cruel wailing the teaser
seemingly caught in an eddy of time a current too strong to escape quickly
vanished I kept saying oh I just can’t believe
this we got to make sure other people see this but there it was and living
coming I’ll tell ya it was in the shape of a ship and it was burning I don’t
have an explanation all I know as I saw what I saw as quickly as she appeared
she vanished the Flynn’s still walk along the shore of Mahone Bay with an I
turned out to see but have not seen the ghost ship teaser again when we return a
boarding party finds the Mary Celeste sailing aimlessly in the Atlantic
without a living soul so they had 39 minutes of light to get the ghost ship
ready to sail during the war of 1812 the US Navy had just 17 warships but
commissioned more than 150 private vessels to attack the British when they
seized the ship these privateers were allowed to keep whatever Luke was on
board history’s mysteries we’ll be right back here on the History Channel
we now return to ghost ships on history’s mysteries despite technological advances in the
safety and reliability of transatlantic steamship travel throughout the 19th
century all mastered seven ships remain the most
popular way of traversing the oceans and regardless of the experience of
their captains these large ships continue to be lost in turbulent and
unpredictable storms when a ship doesn’t reach port its
owners and relatives of the crew and passengers know almost certainly that
the unyielding forces of nature have gained the upper hand but when a ship is found without any
sign of the crew or even the slightest hint of their fate
human nature is unable to let the mystery rest
such a ship is the Mary Celeste May 1861 the Amazon the original name of the Mary
Celeste is launched from Spencer’s Island Nova Scotia on that very first
trip her captain dies Stanley Spicer’s grandfather Earl Spicer
is part of the crew on the cargo ship I can remember him telling this at the
first sight they saw was the pride of this young captain running down to see
what they had in the boat wanted return she knew that her young husband was hid
the Amazon couldn’t shake her bad luck and while later the ship went over to
England and sailing in them in the English Channel and it ran into a ship
in sanctum so one thing after another there was tragedy all through its
existence the ship changes hands several times one
owner perhaps seeking to change the look of the ship changes her name from Amazon
to Mary Celeste the odds and tradition are against it in the Western world we call ship sheep
because they really have a personified identity and for you to go mucking a
boat with the a day that ship you know a lot of mariners think that’s a very bad
idea Thursday morning November 7th 1872
Captain Benjamin Briggs his wife Sarah their two-year-old daughter Sofia and a
crew of seven set sail from New York Harbor bound for Genoa Italy their cargo is 1700 barrels of
industrial alcohol November is never a good time to be sailing on the Atlantic
November 1872 turns out to be a particularly bad time the reason we knew
the weather was bad was that ships were arriving in the Port of New York in
November reported heavy seas gale force winds it was a tough time in November
that year despite the inclement weather things are shipshape for the first few
weeks of the journey the logbook itself shows that everything
was fine up until November 24th and the Mary Celeste is not alone on the wide
Atlantic Seas eight days after she leaves New York
another double blasted Brigantine the de Gracia also built in Nova Scotia leaves
the harbor bound for Europe like the Mary Celeste
she carries ten people on the afternoon of December 4th 1872 the lookout on the
Dei Gratia spies something in the distance they look at her with the spyglass kind
of see no one on board they’re probably very curious at that point they get
close enough to hail her but no one responds captain David Morehouse of the
Dei Gratia sends his first mate Oliver de veau and two others to inspect the
mysterious ship it probably had a very eerie feeling you know you kind of
worried this vessel and here is me after cabin my skylight is open that the cabin
door is open everything is wet not a sign the ladies de veau returns to the
Dei Gratia and asks Captain Morehouse for permission to sail the Mary Celeste 600
miles to Gibraltar and their claim the salvage rights Morehouse says yes to Deveau . He takes two men over to the Mary
Celeste and boards her at 4:00 in the afternoon sundown is 4:39 so they had 39
minutes of light to get the ghost ship ready to sail that’s a gutsy guy. Deveau
succeeds in sailing the Mary Celeste safely into Gibraltar the authorities
are immediately suspicious convinced there has been foul play there is a
hearing generating 66 pages of testimony the case makes headlines around the
world they don’t believe the story that’s told by the people in the Dei Gratia. Clearly things don’t add up the ship has food water working sails a
working pump even a sewing machine and a melodeon a 19th century version of a
portable piano. The cargo except for a few broken barrels is secured in the
hole they’ve left behind tobacco oil skins raincoats and the captain’s log
what’s missing are the sextant the lifeboat and every human aboard the Mary
Celeste Captain Briggs his wife two-year-old
daughter and the seven crewmen vanished where did they go
a sword belonging to Captain Briggs is found on the ship it looks like it might
be stained with blood some speculated that perhaps pirates came aboard and
kidnapped the crew others thought an arrangement between the captains of the
Mary Celeste and the Dei Gratia had somehow gone sour which sparked a fight
the cabins were wet with salt water perhaps there was a waterspout that
watched the people overboard without proof of any wrongdoing on the part of
the crew of the de gracia the court reluctantly grants a salvage award the
court in Gibraltar believed that they were pirates and that they didn’t want
them to profit so they came up with a compromise they only awarded them a
little over eight thousand dollars on an $80,000 ship and cargo over the years
the focus for a true solution to the mysterious disappearance of all aboard
the Mary Celeste centers on the cargo she had a cargo of industrial alcohol
which has very potent fumes and had had a patch of rough weather and one of her
hatches had been pulled open probably to vent the cargo and that may have sort of
created a sort of a very ominous whooshing noise and a and a smell like
the ship was about to explode and Mary Celeste’s crew probably did a
temporary evacuation to let their ship vent, fearing an explosion. The crew unrolled
the main peak halyard, which would give them a line of at 300 feet long and
three inches in circumference and they hooked the small boat onto them they
were towing along behind and it could be that a gale came up at that point and
simply blew the ship away and it’s it’s a kind of a chilling thought to think of
ten people in a small boat watching their brig just sail away into the ocean
their chances of survival are nil at that point it’s estimated based on the
last location of the Mary Celeste in the law dated November 25th and her location
when the Dei Gratia found her on December 4th that she sailed some three hundred
and seventy eight miles alone, a ghostly presence on the open sea. and as much as the simplest solution
makes sense other tantalizing evidence suggests
another fate for the Mary Celeste the first mates wife claims that on the
night of November 25th she had a dream that said that her husband had been
murdered at sea and she woke up screaming in the middle
of the night and she has no explanation but believes very much that there was
immunity now interestingly his sea-chest her husband sea-chest was found in it
was a letter he had started to his wife on November 25th and had just abruptly
quit oh I think we will never know what happened we can always keep guessing and
other people will be coming up with probably more stories and more ideas but
as some writer said since you cannot subpoena the dead it is impossible to
ever know when we continue a five masted schooner
finds its final resting place in the graveyard of the Atlantic so from the
very beginning it’s got this appearance this ghostly appearance. Elsewhere in the
world in 1872, in Denver German immigrant Adolph Coors purchased a local bottling
company the beginning of his brewing empire. In Washington, former slave
Frederick Douglass ran for Vice President on the ticket of the Equal Rights Party
and in the American West Yellowstone was established as the world’s first
national park to search any time in history use the world timeline at
History Channel.com We now return to Ghost Ships on
History’s Mysteries A combination of nature’s forces results
in difficult sailing conditions and struggles sometimes vicious winds and
powerful currents off the curving coast of North Carolina
the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flowing north collide with the cold
waters of the North Atlantic creating potentially deadly seas perhaps the most
dangerous area is found among the shifting sands just off Cape Hatteras in
an area called diamond shores it became widely known as a graveyard of the
Atlantic one ship stands out among the more than 2,000 that have ended their
useful lives along the perilous coasts the Carroll A. Deering. Hardly a year
passes that you don’t see a story and some of the newspapers around here about
the Ghost Ship of the Diamond Shoals January 31st 1921: The rugged
coastline is nearly empty except for the life-saving stations. Officials know the
history of lives lost along this stretch of sea and establish remote outposts
staffed with brave men prepared to risk their lives to save others
just after sunup at 6:30 a.m. one station spies a ship. Surfman C. P. Brady is stationed at
Hatteras Inlet and notes a schooner all sails set stranded on the Diamond.
Four different life-saving crews attempt to reach the ship through the tumultuous
waters and they can’t get closer than a quarter
mile to the ship and because it’s still shrouded and mist they can see that it
is a large screener they can see it has five masts, but they can’t identify the
name. The ship is discovered and there it is just kind of sitting out there. So
from the very beginning it’s got this appearance this ghostly appearance. And
they saw no sign of life there had been no indication of any kind of distress
signal so they had to go back to shore and add to wait I think four days before
they could go out there and actually identify the vessel when they do return
they learn that the ship is to Carroll A. Deering but it’s what they don’t find
that is mystifying unexplainable and ominous
there is not a soul on board the ship is deserted
they seem to have vanished in a hurry but the food is in the galley on the
stove on the table and there’s no evidence of what happened
the lifeboat is missing and there is a ladder over the side but there is no
sign of the coolie there are what some might call signs and
importance preceding the Carroll A. Deering entry into the small club of
ghost ships at that time the captain and part owner of the Deering was William
F. Merritt and his son S.E. Merritt was the first mate on board and when they signed
down the crew Merritt stated that he did not feel comfortable with the crew he
didn’t like them and he did not look forward to his voyage with them. September 1920 the Deering a cargo ship sets out from Boston to Buenos Aires Argentina
with a load of coal. but on their way south they stopped at
Lewes, Delaware Captain Merritt says he’s sick. Both he
and his son, the first mate, disembark. We don’t know if he really was sick or if
something else was going on but he gets off the boat and a new captain gets on, a
Captain Wormell. The new captain takes the ship safely to Buenos Aires and the
cargo is unloaded. Returning home empty as ships are not always able to arrange
a return cargo they stop first in Rio de Janeiro Brazil later reports state that
captain normal feels the same way about the crew as did its previous captain he shares these misgivings with fellow
sea captains in Rio and later in Barbados but continues on working their way up the Carolina coast
they pass light ship number 80 off Cape Lookout the light ships are essentially
floating lighthouses a crew member hails the light ship it is January 20th the
crew member mentioned that the Deering had lost her anchors in a recent Gale
and would the master contact the Coast Guard the master of the light ship
signal back that he could not do so because his radio was was not
functioning properly but he would do what he could to get the message out the
late ship master makes one crucial observation about the sealers aboard the
Deering he commented that the crew that he observed on deck seemed to lack
discipline seemed disorganized and were most certainly not of Scandinavian
extraction. His exact words were “small brown men of color” It’s revealed later
during the inquiry that the original crewmen were all from Scandinavia
the next time the Carroll A. Deering is seen is through a spyglass on the
morning of the 31st of January she is sitting amidst the sea and spray stuck
atop Diamond Shoals four days later a captain of a salvage tug is the first to
order he finds no bodies no notes no sign of anything except a hasty exit if
a body washed up people would have figured out him word would have gotten
out that bodies washed up and people would have figured out that they would
have probably have come from the Carroll Deering but nobody’s ever turned up
anywhere because of the mysterious disappearance of the captain and crew
and the persistence of Captain Wormell’s daughter Lulu an investigation is
launched by the US State Department A letter is written to all ports with an
American representative: “Reporting the loss of the American schooner Carroll A.
Deering under circumstances which are at least suspicious the department is
desirous of obtaining any information possible regarding the present
whereabouts of any member of the crew of either vessel in order to determine
whether or not there has been foul play”. No trace of the captain or crew turns up
most people still feel the fate of the doomed crew was sealed not by some
supernatural cause but by man I think what happened was that something
went wrong on the vessel whether it was evening piracy illness I’m inclined to
think all of a sudden they’re heading for Diamond Shoals and they figured “We
better get out of here” The ships boats were gone and I had been part of that
crew I probably would have won to get him one of those boats in a hurry and
get away from there well they bet the Gulfstream going offshore they’ve got
the southwest wind and stormy that time going offshore and it seems to me that
it’s entirely possible that they might just have drifted to sea. Despite years of searching and sifting
through the meager clues left behind no one is able to solve the perplexing saga
of the missing crew the State Department drops the case for lack of evidence
sometimes the bodies of those lost at sea wash ashore sometimes they become
part of the Seas themselves the reasons for the disappearance of the captain and
the crew that left the Carroll Deering a ghost ship sailing alone to her demise
on Diamond Shoals remain unanswered there are all these stories of seagulls
being on the rigging and the masts the racket that the seagulls were making is
just an awful coffin II of bird noises but that perhaps the birds and their
sorrowful cries were the spirits of the sailors and the missing crew. When we
return, the trading vessel Joyita sets out on a 40-hour trip in 1955 and
turns up six weeks later still afloat but the entire crew is missing. A hundred
years after the event, people will still be asking the question what ever did
really happen to the jory to the largest schooner in history was the seven
mastered 400 foot Thomas W Lawson built in 1902 in Massachusetts just five years
later she was destroyed in a storm most of her crew members were killed
history’s mysteries we’ll be right back here on the History Channel the Tokelau Islands part of New Zealand
are administered from Apia Samoa about 270 miles away like many islands in the
region their economy is based on simple natural resources coconuts and bananas
the oil of the coconut made from the coconuts copra is a sought-after
commodity in March 1955 a 69 foot fishing vessel
called the Joey toe sails into the small harbour city of Apia Samoa this
one-of-a-kind boat has an interesting history she was commissioned in 1931 by
a Hollywood director and may have been the site of a starlets murder she was
also used by the US Navy during World War two she was chartered in 1952 by a
seventh generation sea captain an Englishman named Thomas Henry Miller
called dusty by his friends Miller plans to use the joie de for
commercial tuna fishing in the South Pacific Terry Dunleavy remembers the first time
he saw the Joyita and its captain in 1954: And we met Dusty Miller and he
took us out fishing for a day on Joyita and I thought what a wonderful little
ship it was. He was now on the threshold of achieving something and making some
money and doing the things that he liked doing; fishing and going to
going to sea. The life of a fisherman at the mercy of the tides the weather and
the vagaries of an uncertain catch is not easy
Miller wanders around the South Pacific for three years, but both he and his boat
are having problems. It was obviously in deteriorating condition
no one was really doing any maintenance, it didn’t go to sea at all
during that time. So it was a shadow of its former self. Despite her condition
the Joyita and Miller are chartered by the E. A. Coxon company to undertake a
trading trip from Apia, Samoa to the Tokelau islands. There are staples
to deliver and raw materials to pick up. Ten Tokelau Islanders also come aboard
as passengers. I have a very vivid memory we knew that this charter had been arranged and the ship was due to sail on a Sunday at noon it was still there when
I went to bed and I thought “Uh-oh, something must be wrong” But when I woke
up in the morning it had gone. The Joyita’s cargo includes forty-four 150-pound bags of flour, fifteen 70-pound bags of sugar, eleven 56-pound bags of rice, empty metal drums and lumber. It was a small boat, basically a fishing boat, should
have carried 10 people at most and had 25 and was carrying a lot of cargo as
well and the reason for that was just that there was no regular service. If
people wanted to travel they had to go on whatever boat happened to be going. The trip should take just under 41 hours Lloyd Webber is in the radio shack and
receives a message from the Tokelaus that the Joyita had not arrived as
scheduled: “No, no sign there Sir” That’s when we
alerted Laucala Bay “I think we’ve got a missing vessel” and they were in the air
next-day. Giant Sunderland flying boats take to the air in a massive air rescue
search it covers nearly half a million square miles of ocean I actually managed to get aboard one of
the Sunderland’s and fly with them on the search before I saw it a couple of
times but they turned out to be Whitecaps
after nine days of searching and tallying 163 hours of flying time the
hunt is called off the joy eat is given up for lost along with all 25 people
aboard nobody was found and I mean there comes
a time in any situation like that where you say well look we’ve we’ve looked
everywhere where the ship is supposed to be it must have gone down then on
November 10th five and a half weeks after she left Apia the joie de is found
600 miles southwest of her destination in the waters off the northern Fijian
Islands she’s half submerged her portside completely underwater the cargo
is mostly missing there’s no sign of her 25 passengers the fresh food and water
for the passengers is still on board the captain who found her said he didn’t
see any logbooks charts messages nor any indication of the fate of those on board
to me the CAD no mystery though it was simply the fact that they set sail from
a pier they sail north all that day all that night and the next day and then
disaster strikes and we have no transcript we have no record we know
nothing about what they did what they said during that time and that’s that’s
quite a large mystery to my face the Jowita is thoroughly examined and
photographed they find four mattresses thrown over the engines the radio is
tuned to the distress frequency 2182 and yet no distress signal was ever
heard she is pumped dry and towed to Suva Fiji a commission is appointed to
conduct an official inquiry they choose to separate the casualty of the ship
from the casualty of the passengers they report in detail the problems on the
ship throughout its fateful journey including a deteriorating engine
fractured pipes that cause a leakage rate of two thousand gallons of water in
our broken pumps and a broken radio antenna but in the matter of the
casualty of all passengers after nearly two months and three hundred pages of
testimony the official inquiry states they must regard the fate of the
passengers and crew as inexplicable on the evidence submitted at the inquiry
there are no answers only more questions the biggest one being why did they leave
the ship must have been terrifying for them the
Sun would have set on that night something like 620 and we know that the
boat was taking on water quite a considerable rate but everything
happened during the night I’m myself convinced that they left the ship
voluntarily hastily men in poor order because they thought it was going to get
sighs others maintain that dusty Miller who had once bragged to the appia harbor
master that the joie de was unsinkable would have never left his ship
my first thing is that something obviously happened to dusty miller
because he would have known that the ship would never sink and and he would
have never have left it because he would have more than anybody else would have
known that they’ll be out looking for us they’ll send our airplanes and send our
chips the best thing you can do is stay with the ship the crew may have believed
an SOS was sent out the radio was found to have been sent to the proper
frequency the distress message they thought they had sent or wish to have
sent would have said we’re 35 miles south of the token Islands we are
abandoning ship place in help had they done that a Sunderland would have flown
up from Fiji the next morning and in all probability rescue
not a single trace of the passengers has ever surfaced what could possibly have
lured Miller and the other 24 passengers away from what was perhaps their best
chance of survival even with no engines and no power theories range from waterspouts to
Japanese fishermen fearful of competition to Russian submarines to
UFOs some claim that dusty Miller was a
communist working for the Soviet Union I guess you could say that the jointer
is the South Pacific Marisa list unless someone comes forward
the truth of the Jowita and the fate of her 25 Souls will remain a mystery of
the sea another ghost ship with a missing crew lost forever to the world
forty-five years later I still ask myself what what happened we don’t know in 1998 Prince Edward spotted an old
schooner bearing an uncanny resemblance to a famous British ghost ship that had
been sunk in 1878 and Edwards great-grandfather King George had a
similar experience he was a 16 year old naval cadet when he wrote this ominous
entry in his logbook at 4:00 a.m. the flying dutchman crossed our bounds the
future King of England was sure he had spotted the most famous ghost ship of
all to discover more about this and every history’s mysteries topic at
History Channel com I’m Arthur Kent for the History Channel
thanks for watching supersonic jets laser-guided missiles
computer enhanced controls these are the modern rules of dogfighting but the
tactics were born out of World War one using state-of-the-art computer
animation of experience to battle dog fights the greatest air battles
tonight at 8:00 on the History Channel

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  • Who dare disturb the flying dutchm


  • very good documentary video 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • so you get all the passengers on the lifeboat in order to vent the ship! and under sails…. the fumes of alchool!!

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  • long island NY
    ghost ships plans exploding in the sky
    supposed haunted house in amityville sounds like good place
    to stay away from

  • see a ship on fire,,,,first thought,,,its the teaser?!!….not go save people

  • I heard Arthur Kent committed suicide because of the current state of the history channel….I don't blame him!

  • Thank u for putting this up from when I watched tv the good old days now only YouTube or putlocker plus lol .

  • its “lou-is” delaware not “loos” delaware idiots

  • I thought it said Dan Ackroyd when I clicked. DISAPPOINTED.

  • 800 shot down with surface to air missile. In any event "Marinetracker" a NavSat device maps all shipping in the area, vessel name, whether military, cargo or private giving speed and flag registration and eta. Saying the vessel is unidentified is bs. If they are unable to identify then that indicates they are unable to perform their duties or don't want to. Huge financial payout would be my guess. 102 witnesses qualify the shooting.

  • 3rd world nation sub? (ie, Iran, Iraq, NK, etc). I would think our subs would detect it but…

  • LOL – The History Channel. Boy, they started going to the dogs even earlier than i remember.

  • the history of the many abandoned ship floating around the oceans interests me

  • Joyita was taken…By (((Them)))

  • The flying dutchman is quite tall – for a tale…

  • Mary Celeste? you can't even spell it right.


  • When the history channel wasn’t completely $hithouse.

  • Great story and video, but for the record, you cannot discover something if it is already occupied!

  • that first one. yeah ghost ship. more like government. people are so fucking dumb. wake up. im sure the govt said it was unidentified. now i remember why i dont watch this shit anymore. do your OWN research.

  • Watching this show takes away me worries

  • Columbus didn’t discover shit. He was a failure a coward and a murderer.

  • Another thought to the add to the Joyita event is that a war was fought in those islands. I recall hearing as late as the 70s stories of Japanese soldiers still emerging from the forests of those islands. It is possible that someone survive the war long enough to attack the joyita, but not long enough to come out of the Wild.

  • After Columbus…sailors …,etc. Utter Americocentric shite. The Portuguese were in the Indies a hundred years before. Hence the 'West' Indies after Columbus rediscovered the 'New' continent in the West. Utter fantasy shite. Utter delusional shite.

  • Ghost ships? Isn't this about an airplane crash?

  • I remeber watching shows like this when I was younger at my grandparents, when both the history channel was good and my grandfather was still around, good memories though thank you

  • Around 7 minutes and enter… Goldbergs theme music haha

  • Ghost Ships are interesting. What happened to them and if a crime occurred where are the perpetrators?

  • i got a little stiffy when goldbergs music came on

  • Goldberg…. Goldberg….. Goldberg!!!

  • Arthur Kent. The "Scud Stud".

  • Is the narrator related to actor Dan Ackroyd or the author Peter Ackroyd?

  • The second officer on the Teaser looks like a bartender not a sailor.

  • Maybe ufos took them

  • Next on history channel
    "ancient american nazi gold pickers or counts customs pawn island".- iam not sure what to do with my antique nazi gold now!!!

  • Colombus did not discover the new world!!

  • Hardly accurate history though is it!!?

  • Thank You very much.

  • Misteries Misteries Misteries oh Misteries.

  • GOLDBERG theme 6:40

  • Ghost ships🙀?
    More likely US inhuman experiments and of course CIA ,FBI will deny,or mirages just like those who see oasis in the desert.

  • Starting off strong with easily debunked bs conspiracy theories. 800 was shot down by ghosts!
    Oh, and some pariedolia for good measure. Ghost faces!

  • even if the ship was nothing to do with the plane exploding in any crash like this the ship and its crew would be eye witness to the crash and in every single case would be traced as a witness and if they were there then left the area without even looking for survivors it would look odd and again they would be traced to see why they did not help , so who were they and why were they not traced ,would only take one Sam to bring down the plane and it would leave a trace on the wreckage,more than that over 200 people saw the same thing and still its ignored ,very odd but today terrorist bombings are hidden unless its white Americans doing the bombing then its front page news.

  • Untruther!

  • Hi i'm troy mclure you might know me from histories mystery

  • Good content. I subscribed.


  • um what does this have to do with HIstory? Id much rather watch Chumlee buy a 1981 pinball machine…now thats what I call history !!! Also im a millenial and retarded.

  • Fart? Is that you, Fart?

  • I love complete morons, eye witness means absolutely nothing! deal with it all the time

  • Oh, I'd forgotten the crush I used to have on Arthur Kent. What an unexpected and pleasant surprise to see him.

  • Lol love that they put goldbergs theme when they talk about us fighting British vessels at 640

  • …once was a time when the history channel was trustworthy, reputable, and respectable, not any more…

  • Boats are my life

  • Back when they were the History Channel… not "History", (or as I like to call it–"trailer park MTV").

  • Why wouldn't they just anchor their lifeboat with rope and trail at a safe distance from the Mary Celeste?
    I don't think any experienced sailors would allow their ship to sail away.

  • Dmt was involved here!!

  • Hitlery suicided that flight…

  • i cant take these History channel "documentaries" serious.

  • In the case of the Mary Celeste it was reported that the lifeboat and sextant were missing. If they boarded the lifeboat to
    let the ship vent the fumes and if the lifeboat was secured to the ship with a long rope why would they have need of a sextant?

  • 6:46 Goldberg's entrance theme

  • It's too gad Hasselhoff ditch Baywatch but I'm glad he hosted this show

  • 👺👺👺👺👺 people taste good. Less filling taste good less filling. 😀

  • The 747 was shot down by a ballistic missile from what the navy call's, a "boomer." Only sailors will know this term.

  • I’d like to know what does the history channel show now?
    Every comment is about how it’s not about history anymore

  • Its Jews and aliens I'm telling you man

  • Flight 800 taken down by a ghost ship… firing a missel… LOL. Yeaaaaaaright

  • YouTube Documentaries allows me to fall asleep at night. Love History

  • My sole question concerning Boeing 747; who was on that aircraft that had a prior or current association with the Clintons?
    Scrutinize the passenger list and identify their history…

  • It's a well known fact that ghost ships don't have surface to air missiles……lol

  • Probally different dimensions. Crazy to think about it but I beleive in spirits and things that the naked eye cant see. Just like microscopic things.

  • Eye witness reports are not generally very accurate and generally speaking not reliable. So, be careful of what you choose to believe it probably is at least not accurate.

  • I would NEVER take my 2 year old on a god damn sailing trip on an old boat. How stupid could you be!?

  • The sound is awful again!! Why don't you watch your videos before you post them!! Barely audible narration and loud background noise?? Terrible video!!

  • I thought the Flying Dutchman. Was just a Episode on SpongeBob. Boi I was wrong

  • ⛵To All Souls Lost At Sea⛵..RIP My Dear Mates May You Forever Sail tall upon the winds that may be forever at your back may your sails remain full and may your holds never run empty and may the sea forever remain Calm and lite And the Sun shine down upon you Brisk & bright With this I Kindly bid You much respect & Love & Farewell and a peaceful Goodnight We shall meet again my friend Upon the Lord's great ship sailing upon the beautiful deep blue Sky💯🌎🌅⛵🌹🌠

  • where they trying to say a ghost ship shot a missile and hit the plane?im not no professor in history but ships back in those days didn't have missiles on the ships,cannons yes but to my best knowledge no missiles existed back then

  • The way the host talks and his random head nods and hand movements/ body language are so unnatural…. Where do news casters etc. get those techniques from? It just isn't how people talk and act in real life, so to me at least it just comes off as super awkward and fake. Why do they think that's a better presentation method than just speaking and acting normally?

  • It was a us navy ship that shot it down. The captain apologized for it.

  • Never change the name of a sea going vessel without the appropriate ceremony paying respects to former crew and the spirits of the sea. Or be prepared to spend eternity in Davey Jones's locker! Or a captive of the evil Cthulu.

  • 6:40 Goldberg’s theme?!

  • Twenty Fifth-t

  • It was no mystery ship, it was a U.S. navel vessel on maneuvers that left immediately after flight TWA 800 was hit …it's well known by hundreds of witnesses that it was a surface to air missile that hit the aircraft. One witness being a Vietnam war veteran , a pilot no less ,who knew EXACTLY what he saw…reported and interviewed, he was NEVER called to testify. History channel is a bogus propaganda outlet, period, always has been. In fact NO credible witnesses were ever called and many were threatened if they continued to say what they saw. It was presumed to be a accidental firing of a navy missile , not intentional , but non the less…it's NO mystery.

  • Fucking yanks shooting down s commercial airliner.the sooner Yellowstone blows it's load and erases these morons the better

  • Hi Boris ❤🎀 from Kim Martin Lincoln Nebraska September 2019

  • you pronounce lewes DE like the name Luis please learn how to pronounce the first town in the first states name right if your going to use it


  • It was terrorists, wether they were domestic or foreign, it was terrorist.

  • As much as I have heard from a various amount of different stories, I honestly and truly think it was hit by some small missile no longer than 3 feet, and the circumference of no more than 10". Why? Because I had a very clear dream about it the night before it happened. You can think me crazy, but my dreams are always right. (TWA flight 800). Icon bought the airlines, then after that…they went out of business. I doubt it was due to the lawsuit of "Remos" (Returning Mothers). When stewardesses had babies, TWA fired them back in the 60's and '70s, I don't know about earlier. There was a lawsuit that was finally settled in the mid-'80s. There were a lot of stupid mistakes with piloting back then, too. Like clipped wings, when one plane knocked its wing into another plane's wing while taxiing and they had to use another plane, etc., etc. Was it on purpose??? Who could be so stupid???

  • As far as the Mary Celeste, they should have stored half the cargo somewhere on the deck, tied down. The rest in the fuselage, but with the doors venting. Any logical captain would know of such things. Obviously, they abandoned ship or were taken hostage because of something entirely different than what was on the ship's cargo manifest. Someone wanted something that was outside of what was going on during the ship's voyage. Especially since the ship was sound when they found it adrift. SOMETHING wasn't being said back then. $80k ship floating off on its own???? NOT! And don't say "Aliens". Pirates hired to do a no-good-deed makes sense. Hired-to-kill.

  • Carol A. Deering=Pirates. Da! They actually exist to this very day (Pirates). By the way, the cacophony of Seagulls is most noticeable when they are fighting over FOOD! That's what they do when eating. They scream and chatter like crazy. But there would be bits and parts from humans if they were feeding on the crew while the ship was found soon after being adrift. Although, if there was enough time involved, you bet your bottom dollar they and other sea animals finished the dead off. They will even fly off with the stinky clothing thinking it was food.

    Many sea birds come in for the feast, just as they do when fishing boats bring their catches in. They don't hesitate one bit. Whatever they can fly-off with, they will. Even to the point of accidentally dropping their meals in the sea. So if it's a piece of flesh, an arm or whatever was accidentally dropped, you bet they will try to fly off with it again once retrieved. It's a feeding frenzy. No ghosts, just nature.

  • I can go to sleep pretending I'm watching the History Channel

  • another propoganda film of lies pertuated by our gov

  • Gods protect us from these asshole conspiracy peddlers. They cause even more trouble than the NRA, and they do it solely for their own financial gain. Case in point: Alex Jones.

  • AhhhhhThe Golden Days of The History Channel

  • The “ghostly” faces in the waves are the end result of pareidolia. The makers of this documentary of storm-tossed twaddle are staggeringly gullible, lack critical thinking skills, or are simply liars. Soggy nonsense from the deep.

  • Thanks for the video.

    Now YouTube bombards you with those Stupid commercials

  • About the 5:50 mark I realized this documentary was post History channel bullshittery.
    I'm grateful I only lost 6 minutes of my life here.

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