History’s Mysteries – America’s Stonehenge (History Channel Documentary)

Coming up: Is it possible that America
has its own stone head our understanding of the ancient past
comes from studying artifacts that have survived through the centuries pieces of
pottery or tools that provide clues about our ancestors with each new
discovery our perception of history is enhanced and sometimes revised right now
a group of researchers believes that when a site in New Hampshire is fully
excavated we’ll need to do more than just revise a chapter in history we’ll
have to rewrite the whole book join us for American stone on the islands of
Malta and Gozo in the southern Mediterranean stand massive chambers
tunnels and walls constructed from stones weighing as much as 30 tons each these are considered the oldest standing
manmade structures in the world dating around 3000 250 BC within the next 1,000 years war stone
monuments begin appearing throughout the old world from ziggurats the forerunners
to the great pyramids built in present-day Iraq to standing stones
stone circles and chamber tunes constructed in what is now France
Britain and Ireland the most famous and enigmatic of the
structures from what archeologists call the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age
his Stonehenge what we see today is actually the last of a number of
monuments built on the same site there was something like 1500 years the stones
themselves don’t really start to be erected until about 2400 BC they start
with the circle small stones standing upright and then there are five big
trial of things as we call them with the two uprights and the lintels and then
inside those there’s another circle of small stones so it’s quite a complicated
monument all together when it comes to archaeology the new world is a late
comer of construction and permanent stone buildings at the time of
Stonehenge America’s only comparable constructions are made of earth like the
enormous pyramids of the Cahokia people and I myself have been on the pyramids
of Cahokia just outside of st. Louis and pyramids there are as big as the
pyramids and the old world so Indians had absolutely all of the technology in
the interest to build monuments of great complexity think of the Serpent Mound in
Ohio or some of the great earthworks that were built at Marietta however stone structures most notably
the ancient Olmec buildings of southern Mexico
don’t start appearing until around 1500 BC when Stonehenge is already a thousand
years old and the earliest stone dwellings in the US like those at Mesa
Verde Colorado date only to approximately 1200 AD the current belief among mainstream
archaeologists is that there would be nothing in the new world that compares
with safe this 4,000 year old Bronze Age dwelling in skara brae scotland or is
there we believe it’s one of the oldest man-made stone constructions in the new
world we’ve dated it as early as four thousand years old this collection of
ancient looking chambers walls and standing stones is not in Scotland in
France or anywhere near the Mediterranean it is 35 miles north of
Boston in North Salem New Hampshire some researchers have likened it to temples
in Malta to places in the Iberian Peninsula to my sania to Manoa in Crete
you see the structures of these chambers and they’re so similar to what we have
here not only in the construction but in the way that the structures are shaped
in the directions that they face and possibly the functions that they have
it’s very hard not to look at them ago that’s that’s incredible that you can
see this here and then see that there it could be coincidental or perhaps it’s
more than that maybe some of the same people that were building these
megalithic sites throughout Europe were coming over here and building a similar
type structure and using a very similar purpose the site has been explored by
professional archaeologists and enthusiastic amateurs since the 1930s in
1958 the site was established as a tourist destination under the name
mystery hill caves in 1982 it was renamed America’s Stonehenge in the
belief that this location will one day prove as historically important as its
English counterpart I don’t really know what it was used for
and that’s one of the interesting mysteries as far as I’m concerned
certainly it’s peculiar it’s enigmatic and individual features
look like individual features at other sites but all together certainly does
the main site at mystery Hill are America’s Stonehenge covers a little
more than one acre of wooded hilltop at its entrance is a stone chamber known as
the watch house excavations in the 1950s uncover what
some believe are stone and bone pennants indicating the chamber may have been a
burial place we found out there is none of the original stone work have drill
marks from metal tools or any metal hammers that whoever built the roof
slabs and all the stones up there we’re using Stone Age technology from the
watch house a double-walled pathway peppered with standing stones shaped by
human hands leads to the main site here a series of increasingly complex
chambers where a striking similarity to the burial chambers found in Carnac one
of the oldest Bronze Age sites in Brittany
the largest chamber at America’s Stonehenge is called the east-west
Chamber which runs 30 to 40 feet it runs east and west about 40 feet in
length and the consist of very logical slabs cap with large roof slabs it’s
very similar to what you’ll find in France and also in northwestern Ireland
they call them galley graves the belief today is that they were used as tombs markings scattered throughout the main
complex indicate a variety of early civilizations could lay claim to being
the builders of the site the question of who built America
Stonehenge is perhaps one of the most important questions now we have mocking
set up and identify destination the Libyan and Celtic Ogham the centerpiece
of America’s Stonehenge is also its most enigmatic this fallen a half-ton the
stone slab is called the sacrificial table because of speculation about what
it may have been used for to have that huge flat granite slab with
a groove all around the edge obviously a place for fluids to drain off we got
have to accommodate a human being or a large animal it seems obvious as you
look at it it must have had some type of sacrificial significance the so-called sacrificial table is
adjacent to a large subterranean chamber near the top of the site
it’s Elijah’s chamber still on anarchist Stonehenge it runs about thirty feet in
depth and about eighteen feet in width and about six feet high it’s called the
Oracle chamber because of a feature we have in this wall we’ve called the
Oracle tube there’s a step I’m standing on and a person of about five to five
and a half feet tall could turn to this hole in the wall and speak through this
tube the sound will go through and it comes out underneath the sacrificial
table the tube is similar to what we saw in Malta and they’re used and we think a
similar manner people would get his voice they thought it was a spirit or
some sort of a deity but this is a way of people would get spiritual guidance at face value the standing stones
scattered around the perimeter of America’s Stonehenge bear little
resemblance to his English name sake however astronomical studies show that
many of the stones in new hampshire feature the same astronomical alignments
found in the monument on Salisbury Plain they don’t think there’s any question
but what it is a huge astronomical calendar on the site here and the Salem astronomical alignments ancient
inscriptions Stone Age technology taken in its entirety america’s stonehenge
presents a dizzying array of possibilities about its mysterious
origins is it Phoenicians Liberian Celtic was it built to be a tomb a
sacrificial site a calendar nobody can figure out what it is all
kinds of people have their own theory and come up with different explanations
but nobody can agree on what it is and no one I think will really ever know
unless you are a mainstream archaeologists in which case the story
of mystery Hill was not so much about its historic origins as it is about the
way in which history can be twisted to make a megalith help very few things are
impossible in archaeology people always changing things but some PI think the
wait lies with people who favorite mr. Hill to prove it because I don’t not
going to the moment we return the search for the truth about
America’s Stonehenge begins with the first archaeological excavation at the
site mr. Hill 7,000 of them the Great Pyramid at Giza at 481 feet was the
tallest structure in the world for four thousand years until surpassed in 1889
by the Eiffel Tower we now return to America’s Stonehenge on history’s
mysteries the things written about the site and some of them are totally untrue
some of them are half true and some of them were correct so you have to sort it
all out but that’s what makes it a mystery here although many people
believe that America’s Stonehenge dates to the Bronze Age 4000 years ago one of
the first written accounts about the mysterious structures at the site
doesn’t occur until 1907 the book history of salem new hampshire reveals
the existence of mysterious caves on property owned by the descendants of a
19th century farmer named jonathan patty the book presumes that caves are the
stone construction seen today but there is no direct mention of manmade
structures at the site or the town records in Salem New Hampshire and we
found as the site changes hands they show up in the records getting paid for
gravel and stone if the stone had been quarried by the Patti’s they would have
been subject to a quarry tax but no such tax was ever paid so the assumption is
that the patties are selling off the original ancient stone from America’s
Stone Age piece by piece the problem with the site today is about
half of its gone they used two stones for building bridges and different storm
systems in the nearby cities of Lawrence and Andover Massachusetts so what we’re
looking at as a skeletal remains of a much larger complex the first evidence
that anyone believes the rocks in North Salem or anything more than mysterious
caves or scrapped for building bridges comes in 1936 in that year
William Goodwin a wealthy insurance executive visits the site and is
fascinated by what he instantly believes is evidence of a pre-columbian
settlement William Goodwin was an amateur archaeologist he graduated from
Yale he did some work on the mounds in Ohio
he also did a lot of work looking for the original Vinland you know Leif
Ericson soja jizz and Goodwin claimed that Vinland was in Portsmouth Harbor
and that’s not too far from North Salem in 1937 Goodwin purchases 20 acres of
property from the Patty family and it begins the first full-scale
investigation of the site Goodwin thinks that the site’s
remarkable resemblance to ancient structures in the British Isles maybe
because there was a Celtic presence in the G world around 1000 he bases his theory on 11th century
Icelandic sagas that describe a quote white man’s land
unquote across the Atlantic who are these so-called white men Goodwin finds
the answer in the 7th century chronicles of Saint Brendan who writes of sailing
the Atlantic to a place that many interpret as being North America
Saint Brendan describes things he just couldn’t describe unless you release our
doll sort of plants and marine life and even the angle of the Sun overhead when
Goodwin finds that stone dwellings used by Saint Brendan on the dingle peninsula
in Ireland are strikingly similar to the structures in North Salem a theory is
born he attributes the sight to an obscure sect of Druidism known as the
Cody monks the men who supposedly sailed with Saint Brendan we know that these
monks made it to a number of places even before the Norse they were in the the
Shetlands and the Orkneys and they went they were in Iceland before the Norse
got to Iceland but could they have made it all the way across the Atlantic up
the Merrimack River and then overland to North Salem
William Goodwin begins to look for proof unfortunately what good would calls
excavation of restoration others call destruction of evidence he dug out the
dirt removed the brush cleaned it and then he began rearranging it he felt it
was an Irish called monk monastery and he started restoring it to fit that
theory so we have a few structures up there that have been modified to kind of
fit into that theory in his 17 years on the hilltop Goodwin and his well-meaning
assistants modified and moved 10 to 15 percent of the site therefore the issue
then becomes well how do we know what is original what’s pristine and what
deserves fair comparison to say old-world construction and what somebody
thought it should look like and is only the product of the last few decades of
reconstruction on his death in 1950 Goodwin wills the site to his colleague
Malcolm Pearson whose own theory is that the stone structures date perhaps to the
Bronze Age seafarers who had built similar structures in Europe
Pearson forms the early sites Foundation which is the first group to mount a
full-scale scientific inquiry they did recover artifacts from mr. Hill
7,000 of them how many of those are traceable to Bronze Age Europeans well
exactly none of them all of the artifacts that
were excavated either traceable to Native Americans and that area was Celt
was inhabited by Native Americans probably for 10,000 years
so that’s not surprising and then in the site they also found artifacts traceable
to Europeans who came into the area in the 18th and 19th centuries
given the origin of the artifacts archeologists explore the possibility
that Native Americans could be responsible for the constructions at
mystery hidden contrary to popular belief Native Americans did use stone
and they continued to use stone it’s been documented up into contemporary
times that they build prayer seats they build stone mounds they build stone
walls they build many different kind of sacred sites out of stone I think it
probably was a sacred site to most of the Native American sites that were
sacred to them were up on high hills they built up all over the Americas
Indians had absolutely all of the technology in the interest to build
monuments of great complexity but did they build this Monument
I haven’t seen any evidence from the excavation reports of any association
between the obviously ancient Indian artifacts there and the stone
constructions the scientific verdict in 1956 is that the surrounding area was
once inhabited by Native Americans but that the structures must date from the
colonial period or later there are even suggestions the site was
either built by Jonathan Pattie or even Goodwin as some kind of hoax
mainstream archeologists quickly lose interest but a small group of dedicated
managers continues to pursue research on the hilltop
in the late 1960s they make a series of intriguing discoveries that reignite the
debate about the ancient origins of mystery hill when we continue radiocarbon dating
reveals organic matter more than 3,500 years old and a startling parallel to
the real Stonehenge is discovered that’s interesting that’s exactly what
we’re looking for now let’s show me more amateur archaeologist William Goodwin
was convinced that ancient Irish explorers had visited much of New
England in 1946 Goodwin announced he had located at least 15 other mysterious
stone structures all of which he attributed to the Irish we now return to
America’s Stonehenge on history’s mysteries the history of mystery Hill as
a tourist attraction begins in 1957 when the property is leased to an
entrepreneur and amateur archaeologist with a curiously appropriate name Robert
stone builds a small museum and opens the site to the public under the name
mystery Hill in 1965 stone buys mr. Hill and his
family owns it to this day in easy answer would be to just say it’s a hoax
or fake or misinterpretation and walk away from it but if you look at the
evidence you just can’t do that although faced
with a series of disappointing findings from the 1950s the stone family
continues to pursue evidence that mystery Hill is a meal with it or Bronze
Age site in 1967 Robert stone has organic material from the site
radiocarbon dated a tree root growing through the wall of
one chamber is dated to 1690 eliminating William Goodwin or even Jonathan Pattie
as the builder of the site you don’t build a stone chamber around the tree in
the wild was already this so we have a wall that was say before what Jonathan
was born before his father was born and before his grandfather would have even
been on top of the property the radiocarbon date I’m aware of on this
tree it’s really interesting and I’m not gonna debunk that I would say that’s
that’s interesting that’s exactly what we’re looking for now let’s show me more
to find more Robert stone enlists the help of Jim with all a self-described
maverick archaeologist in 1969 Witte Hall unearths a chunk of charcoal near
this chamber and sends it to a laboratory in Cambridge Massachusetts
for radiocarbon dating the charcoal is approximately three
thousand years old the results confirm Stone’s belief that he is the owner of
an ancient site I can find a radiocarbon date from that charcoal but that dates
one thing and one thing alone it dates when that tree that produce the
wood that burned when it died the charcoal that I pick up couldn’t be from
a forest fire that burned hundreds of years before the site was occupied or
thousands of years after you have to be very careful with
radiocarbon you can’t always take the result you get at face value it depends
very much what material you’re dating and where that material has come from
the context of material is very very important
two years later in 1971 wit Hall believes he finds that necessary context
next to a stone wall under a layer of topsoil he finds a slab of bedrock that
appears to have been quarried resting on top of the bedrock are stone tools and
more charcoal the law of stratigraphy the study of layers of artifacts says
that the lower you go the older things get meaning the bedrock was quarried
before the charcoal burned the results of this was even older
chocol dated the 4000 years plus the – I believe us 500 years late so the first
thing that had taken place 4000 years ago apparently was the dead Rock was
stripped out of that area then a wall was eventually built but was that
quarried rock the same rock used to build the structures on mystery Hill I
don’t doubt for a second that they’ve got charcoal at that site that is as old
as they say the key issue here is can that charcoal be demonstrated to date to
the same period as the structures at mystery Hill and I as far as I can tell
that’s not true that that’s not the case undaunted by skepticism about the
relationship between the charcoal and the rock Jim wittol pursues more proof at the time there is much excitement of
archaeologists about the recently published findings of seemingly
deliberate astronomical alignments at the real Stonehenge the outer perimeter of the monument
there is a single stone which stands upright which is known as the heel stone
and the midsummer Sun rises above the heel stone conversely if you stand on
the other side of it on the winter solstice the Sun sets into Stonehenge
which is really quite a spectacular thing
the published report also finds alignments at smaller European sites
that more closely resemble the stones encircling mistery Hill the rollright
stone circle known as commonly as the King’s Men stone circle is from the late
Neolithic period so it’s approximately four and a half thousand years old we
don’t know why they built it or what for there’s been several astronomical
alignments suggested for this circle the main one being that the ancestor circle
is aligned to the major standstill of the moon at midsummer in 1971 the owners
of mr. evil spots are an astronomical survey of their site and in the
following years find that it too has stones that mark important celestial
events the awesome thing is to actually see the
sunrise out there on the horizon and it’s coming up right behind one of these
standing stones on the edge of the hill or to see it actually go down right over
these standing stones and to know that it’s been doing that for probably four
thousand years and then to ponder a little bit who was here then these
stones were intentionally removed from the bedrock and stood on end and he very
from about five feet to nine feet in height and they must have had a purpose astronomical surveys find that not only
do the standing stones and circling mystery he’ll mark the winter and summer
solstices they also mark the spring and fall equinoxes and four significant
dates called cross corners that were important
public holidays once we found those cross quarters and
those are the four Celtic holidays that are marked up there on the hill dad
pretty much clinched it for me that this had to have some connection with the
Celtic peoples of Europe because here here are their holidays and they’re
marked I challenge anybody to walk the stone walls around this tree hill and I
guarantee you you will find other large upright stones that are not marked on
the map well they’re not marked on the map because they don’t represent any
alignment well if that’s the case then well then what they’ve done is sort of
picked and chosen those stones that they can make an argument are aligned
according to some celestial event on the horizon while debate about the purpose and
significance of the standing stones that mystery Hill continues to this day an
even more controversial discovery is made by Harvard professor Barry Phil who
is now deceased he was brought to the site in 1975 and he found a inscription
to bell the Sun God and he said that this inscription was a Celtic
inscription in Iberian Punic in 1975 Liberian Punic has been a dead language
for more than 3,000 years this was controversial because no one
had ever found it in North America before these were some alphabets that
were only used in Europe when we continue are these stone tablets
conclusive proof that mystery Hill is older than the first documented
explorers of the Western Hemisphere so I think people cut across the Atlantic
before plugs yes think so elsewhere in the world in 1975 in England the world’s
first music video Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen aired on a show called top of the
pop scene and web anon war between Christians and Muslims destroyed much of
the ancient city of Beirut and in the United States 19-year old Harvard
dropout Bill Gates co-founded a software company Microsoft moon we now return to
America’s stonehenge on history’s mysteries unlike organic material rock can’t be
carbon-dated if it could the mystery in North Salem New Hampshire would have
been solved while ago instead the various owners of the site have
attempted to find artifacts astronomical alignments and design similarities to
prove the theory that this is an ancient place built by Bronze Age Europeans they’ve also looked at the rocks
themselves for evidence of a human hand a few stone tablets in Robert stones
Museum are clearly carved they are an earth in 1964 during a restoration
project this tablet sits in the museum labeled unknown markings for 11 years
dr. Barry fel the ciphers it in 1975 dr. fell looked at it and he said this
is they’ll be okay then Kanan Goodman but basically those are the letters that
he assigned to these markings and it was something like two to Belle of the
Canaanites are dedicating they are dedicating this at the time of his visit
to mystery Hill dr. fell is already a celebrity in the rarefied world of a pig
Rafi the study of stone inscriptions a Harvard biologist by training fel shakes
up the mainstream in the early 1970s by deciphering a number of North American
inscriptions as primitive Iberian and Libyan and/or Phoenician he also claims
to be the first man to decipher linear markings like these as a previously
unknown Celtic language called vowel ‘less ogum there are people who believed
that he was a genius and that he in essence or single-handedly completely
toppled the existing paradigm or the existing standard view of American
history on the other end of that spectrum you have people who think he
was a charlatan and a fool and everything he did was detrimental to our
understanding of history at mystery Hill fell finds the same
language as he is deciphered at other sites in North America
the tablets are vowel is Ogham Libyan and Iberian Punic a language attributed
to the ancient Phoenicians who dominated sea trade in the Mediterranean between
the 12th and 4th centuries BC barry fells interpretation was that
there were a number of different occupations there was an original
Phoenician occupation and then after that was a Celtic occupation then after
that was a Native American occupation however not everyone is convinced by
fells interpretation of the mystery Hill inscriptions the fact of the matter is
that in a number of cases linguists have been highly critical of people
translating these sorts of things very often in these these ancient
inscriptions you get two different linguists to translate them and they
translate them entirely differently that’s interesting I’ve never seen it
before it certainly has man-made linear
markings and you could say that was an L and you’d say that was an L going the
other way or you could call it a P I have no idea what that says but it’s an
interesting thing there are examples throughout United States of hoaxes being
played on hockey ologist so I do have to be careful but we can tell you that
we’ve never tried to pull a wool over anybody’s eye I would think that any
inscription that was several thousand years old in New England that somehow
survived the rigors of a New England winter would be really unusual however
the owners of mystery Hill do in 1982 based largely on Barry fells
interpretation of the site as a Phoenician settlement taken over by
ancient Celts they officially renamed mystery Hill America’s Stonehenge
we’ve been called lunatics the fringe element but we had people from
established institutions talking with all people coming across the Atlantic
thousands and thousands of years earlier than we talked about do I think people
could across the Atlantic before Columbus yes I think so
why not I mean there were the plenty of people voyaging about all over the place
just be getting there by accident then the first thing they would want to do is
to survive of course first of all avoid be getting killed
okay so settle birds settle down men lasted beyond their might will be
stopped building makers if the Phoenicians were the new world they
would have brought some of their stuff would people bring stuff they’ll lose it
they discard stuff when it gets used up they put it away for safekeeping and
forget about it and we archeologists find that’s what archaeology is all
about and such artifacts do not exist at this site anything that they had a
permanence that long ago would be something that would be so precious to
them it would be a disposable one we have today that they would take it with
them and carry it with them well then if they are here in New Hampshire building
this site enough of them to build this structure for a long enough period of
time surely surely they would have dropped something diagnostic of that
culture from that time period believers in the antiquity of America
Stonehenge have an explanation for this it was the sacred ceremonial site so
people didn’t leave trash and debris around and the stone circles and other
megalithic sites in Britain also have a lack of artifacts could america’s
stonehenge be the first house of worship in the new world extraordinary claims
require extraordinary evidence present-day adventurers are proving that
it’s possible to cross the Atlantic in unconventional ships in recent years men
and women have made the journey in a small sailboat a canoe a rubber raft and
an amphibious Jeep at the road right stone circle in
Oxfordshire England a circle of Neal druids perform the traditional rituals
of their ancient ancestors behold a cauldron of our one gift these are our
ancestors of blood of spirit of mud and we can hear their spirit we can feel
them within the stones and to come back to a site like this to celebrate in a
stone circle that’s 3,000 years old in honor of those ancestors I mean you do
need any other reason I mean it’s magic it’s fantastic then
it’s still here with the blessings of the great stag in the element of fire we
do thank the spirits of the south and bid you hail and farewell more than
3,000 miles away their American counterparts are drawn to a site where
they feel the same kind of spiritual energy it is America’s Stonehenge I think that the structures at North Salem
New Hampshire are clearly a spiritual or ceremonial site their use probably had
to do with the astronomical events of the solstices and the equinoxes the
evidence that I see is is the contemporary evidence where we have say
on a solstice celebration we have people from all walks of life who come who come
to the site which I think has probably been happening for thousands of years the claim that this was a site sacred to
ancient Europeans is also based on the lack of relevant artifacts found here
this was a very special place like when people go to church they don’t leave
their trash around they you know they don’t mess the place up
so I think that’s why we don’t find a lot of archeological remnants so you got
this interesting if you find anything you prove something but if you find
nothing you prove the same thing however archaeologists at Stonehenge do
use just this argument to explain the lack of artifacts inside their sacred
monument we actually have very little evidence
because it’s very difficult to know what you’re looking for on a ceremonial site
what would be left behind if people were singing and dancing and drinking and
having a good time they wouldn’t necessarily leave material made of stone
or pottery that we would find they may have been using wooden artefacts and all
sorts of things that wouldn’t be preserved but while the actual monument
is relatively clean the area surrounding it is littered with tools bones of all
the debt reduce of daily Bronze Age life items that are sorely lacking at
American Stonehenge I would be really surprised if Europeans were living in
New Hampshire a thousand years ago I’d be surprised
it wouldn’t rock my world I would be shocked stunned absolutely floored if
Europeans could have lived in New Hampshire a thousand years ago and
didn’t drop a single item that represented European material culture
and even the one item that could be an artifact the so called sacrificial table
like those at Malta has a mundane American explanation
if you just drive down the road from mystery Hill into Massachusetts and go
to the farmers museum and Hadley mass you’ll see exactly the same kind of
stone and Hadley mass they know it’s a piece of farm equipment it’s a life
stone for making soap for nearly a century
mystery hill america’s stonehenge has engendered passion on both sides of the
archaeological spectrum but despite all the outlandish claims
and the vehement arguments against them there is still no single definitive
answer to its purpose or exactly who built we believe that the builders of the site
we’re from the Iberian Peninsula the latitude is about the same as it is at
America Stonehenge and the type of structures you can find over in Spain
and Portugal are very similar to those found in America Stonehenge we think
that these people were maritime culture that they were able to travel from
island to island and the British Isles as well as to the Mediterranean and
across the Atlantic Ocean and what I want to see is a bronze axe of
demonstrable European origin in a form that was in use in Europe 3,000 years
ago found in a sealed archaeological layer these things together and properly
published would show me that it was a genuine European Bronze Age find and
then of course one would accept that extraordinary claims require
extraordinary evidence if you just say it’s Celtic I will agree with that
because if you look at southern New Hampshire who would happen at southern
New Hampshire in the 18th and 19th centuries its Celts guess what they
brought with them sort of standard traditional technologies that you can
trace back in their home territories for thousands of years but you know what
Celts were doing that up until the 20th century in the United Kingdom so if
you’ve got styles that look similar on either side of the Atlantic that doesn’t
show its ancient it merely shows the same culture but we already knew that I
think the site has a layering of cultures and who started that layer we
don’t know I think it’s still too early for us to even try to guess definitely
who did it we know that there were a great number of people
that have contributed to the side archeologists in Massachusetts recently
received a call from a man reporting what he thought was a spectacular find
hidden away in a remote part of his property were stone structures shaped
like those at Stonehenge but smaller when the archaeologists arrived they
soon realized that the mysterious formations were stone benches remnants
of a structure that had once occupied the site a Dairy Queen to discover more
about this and every history’s mysteries topic at History Channel com I’m Arthur
Kent for the History Channel thanks for watching

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  • I got a theory: mesolithic and neolithic people all over the world purposefully made mysterious and seemingly impossible buildings for specific cultural/religious reasons. Since people are similar, and physics is universal,the ancient engineering tricks from people who never met each other are very similar. After those cultures die out, every culture that finds these buildings for thousands of years are struck by the mystery and all have there own ideas of how its made and each adds to the archaeology.

  • If you really want to know what it is, all ou have to do is ask the indigenous people of the area. Duh!

  • Thank you so much for your time and effort.

  • i've herd about on history channel 2 called american unearthed

  • There is also one in the western United States. In the Washington State Gorge.

  • Those dates are waaaayy off. Good doc though

  • Mystery hill, 4,000 yrs old…….1question when did the earth tilt from true North to magnetic North…..

  • crazy how you mentioned Serpent Mound AND Marietta. they're like 20 minutes away from each other lol guess we had some pretty creative Indians around here 🙂 there's also a strange mound in Circleville that's shaped like a Celtic cross. its like 1000 years old, long before any Europeans(besides maybe the Vikings) ever came to America

  • Kjrktry

  • The History Channel is just that, "History"

  • Yeah I've been here, 2pac lives in one of those caves now.

  • I don't think it's thousands of years old, but I hate "experts" who get so defensive and attack anyone who thinks it may be true. People like Ken Feder should not be a dick.

  • I live in N.H. and this is not in north Salem. It is in Windham New Hampshire.

  • I grew up in Salem NH. Stonehenge was only a few miles from my house. It was called Mystery Hill in the 70's.

  • Phoenician ,Celtic Libyan ,writing similar to the Kensington stone writing .perhaps maybe pre flood civilization. or alien survivors. I grew up in Connecticut I've seen Phoenician writing in Groton Ct Wallingford CT. NEW Hampshire all these stone fence go from New Brunswick. Canada to Long Island Vermont Massachusetts. There is a Ancient alien connection there. perhaps people should take a aerial Nazca look at those interrupted Stone Fence . perhaps maybe there is a connection with the Crystal within the stones . If your looking at a skeleton picture . look at old land saver maps. ther are maps of nova Scotia and Oak Island diagrams in of all place Bridgeport CT. maps of lake allagash Maine and other UFO area carve in stone .thought out Fairfield county CT. lake Champagne Vermont NEW York. Stone face mountain NH. may not have been Natural. it could be another Markuwasi Peru.     ,Celtic

  • Impossible to be done by the natives found by the Europeans. The South American culture was more advanced, but they did not influence the North. The North American natives, developed a culture in which men were not working, but only hunting, preparing for war or going to war or at least to a fight with somebody from another tribe. So there was nobody to do the job. The development of such culture was caused by the continuous state of war, for territory, between the tribes. The wars kept low the number of people.

  • It is a curious site, and the documentary thankfully includes the necessary skepticism needed to balance the accounts and opinions of those who actually own or work at the tourist attraction.

  • Thx !! 👍 👍! !

  • This site is around an hour and a half from where I live. I may have to take a drive there one of these days!

  • Lol dairy queen

  • Aliens did not fly here to make quarried stone huts.
    I guess they were mining Dilithium for thier warp drive and just piled up the crap they didnt use in the shape of a dwelling, while deciding to make a fence line to keep the klingons out?! Seriously, shut up lol
    My personal message to Alien wannabes and enthusiasts.
    Alien wannabe = man who thinks he is really an alien, like the current idiots on "scripted history" channel

  • those who claim farmers built the structures have yet to explain how or why they used stones which are several tons when they could have easily used lighter materials like farmers did every where else, or why there are dolmens which are not found any where else in the world except in ancient western Europe, or why there are millions of feet of walls that were not used to enclose anything. Hummm maybe people should keep an open mind.

  • HASHEM said that when you BUILD an ALTER NO METAL TOOLS CAN BE USED… SOOO stone age teck ?? Maybe HASHEM COMMANDED.?? Tribe of DAN ??
    Ship Builders, Ancient Phoenicians,
    Copper mined in Michigan Found off coast of island of Crete.
    10 COMMANDMENTS in paleo Hebrew / Phoenician in Los lunas, NEW MEXICO.

  • its hard to draw any conclusions about this site, it has been contaminated by charlatans and profiteers. keep digging, the real answer might still be there somewhere.

  • What if the Indians built them have a place to get out the weather and decided to live there and have a home that they can say this where I want to stay but more you looked to what isn't right the more your going want to see into nothing more than a place out of the weather

  • I love history and what you people call history is a Lot of hopes mixed with lies now the true history of you hope would tie north Americans Indian to people who never was here until selfs greety English came here who didn't care about anything but what they wanted you people need to look what is real not what you hoped it mean when all it truly means is what it means nothing more than people who just want to live the way they knew

  • It makes sense its very old as i also think the ancient Egyptians had contact with the people of South America hense cocaine in Mummies.

  • 1492.. first printing press brought over by Elizabeth warren 1548…. So… 18 century and 19 century… of when people came over is a little off, then there is the written language of 900 ad collapse of the priest of the Mayan expanse of their civislaiton, and their visitors of sailors that they considered gods, and came and taught them many things in their language, so what is accurate. The navals of the world have been massive up and down, and there are even natives demonstrating roman tactics fo warfare, such as turting method of attack with shields and sinew. So lost fleets and people sail off, I am sure there is many people that arrived upon the shores of NOrth America not just in 1492… the atitic wars…. what happened ot all these massive fleets and ships, and machines, if one does retire and makes birth to have chidlrne, often if the land is pleasant, the boat is dismantled and the metal and forms of cooling anre and can be changed into forging equipment to build al and colony and base, with all the needs to reproduce the ship, so… human race recycles things a lot to survive, efficiently…. Depends on teh scarcity of metals and or other materials… Today we have lots of waste, but only because of the capital worship of paper rather than natural udenrstanding, ie, a natural udnerstanding gives way to peope that understand reality and thus then there is an abundance nad never really a scarcity.. ie, metal and other raw materials.. So I suppose is a problem of things.. those things is tiem ,and without observation we are always guessing.

  • Makes me wonder how many sites like this have been ,totally, wiped out (if any) and reused ? Britain has loads of stone circles etc, so why only one like this in America?

  • The biggest problem with this structure is so much of it was sold as Building material and then it was partially rearranged to fit someone's idea of what it should be. It could be far older than Believed, it could be Ancient European, American Indian, or even predate these Cultures, or be from much later. Its definitely before the European Colony's after 1600. It's probably been used by Native Americans and Europeans and altered by each to suit their needs. It was covered by dirt until recently and seen as cave's, a good shelter for Hunter's or anyone else who needed protection from the weather. Until unique artifacts used by a particular Culture, at a known period of History, can be found alongside of organic material that can be dated, all we can do is guess about who built and used it. Its Interesting enough to put money into learning more about it, originally it covered a much greater area than what it does now, the area for at least a half a mile around it should be explored. Was there a village nearby? Ceremonial grave goods or weapons that can be traced to a certain time and Culture? You can't rule out Native Americans, because they were quite capable of Building something like this. Even if you find writing on stone, it could be from someone useing the structure long after it was built, or put there recently. What ever you believe, this is a Mystery worth looking into and learning more about.

  • Newgrange in Ireland dates back at least 8000 years.. ask any indian about this so called stonehenge as i did . none of them knew about this… another american made up history.. Shame on you . the red man is the real american . the rest is just blowins.

  • This is definitely one of my favorite ones, probably like the 5th time I have watched lol. Have it on a playlist actually 😊💜
    Thanks my friend! I know I say that alot but it's true. You are much appreciated 💜💪💜

  • A paradigm shift needs to happen. It's interesting that biblical Nephilim is not even mentioned as a possibility. Their origin is from Genesis 6, in the beginning of the chapter. Yes, they sacrificed to Baal, and some of them were Canaanites.
    – Modern science disdains any evidence of them. Because if they existed, then the whole prehistoric man worldview would have to be scrapped. The native Indians would tell you that there were giants that lived in N. America before they got there. Hence the snake / serpent mound in Ohio,… In S. America, they made the Nazcar lines. See L.A. Marzulli for more info. The Celts might have had different festivals that coincided with solstices…. but they probably got those from the Neph.
    They say- so where are the artifacts? The artifacts are staring at them in their faces, but they can't see them. It's the stone structures themselves.
    Like most MSM 'mystery' shows,… they don't provide conclusive answers… Just more room for questions. That wouldn't be so bad… if they considered ALL the possibilities. Them not considering all of them leaves one with suspicion.
    Don't worry about it…. God will have a final judgement, where ALL is revealed…. Everybody who ever lived. Yes this is in the Bible as well. It's coming to a planet near you …. probably sooner than you may want.

  • 8:28 is a butcher block for feasts maybe?
    Why does everything have to be blood and guts 'human sacrifice'!?😒

  • Fake History Chanel. North America was part of Tartarian empire. This is leftovers,find the people.

  • As I live, in Massachusetts, about 30 miles from this place I've been there 3-4 times over the years. It is interesting and it is everything this video shows. A spooky kind of place .. out in the woods as it is.

  • Um, no. Maybe they could get their own name, but I guess they may as well call it that now for the marketing later.

  • Unfortunately 'mainstream' is extremely onesided. Left to them we will never know the truth. Good video my friend.

  • Indians had nothing to do with this. They used it, didn't buit it. Arrow heads, axes and a few small tools yes. No stone structures.

  • I wouldn't even call it Americas stone henge it's been contaminated by people if it was real we may never know but it looks nothing like the real stone henge they said earlier in the video the guy moved the rocks around to fit what he thought it should look like so there you go case closed nothing found

  • New historical discoveries never rewrite history, they just add to it.

  • There's a Stonehenge memorial in the Columbia River Gorge, on the Washington side. It's kind of creepy at 3am during the summer though but has an awesome view of the river

  • Fred flintstones crib

  • The Americas has Pyramids from the Aztecs to the Mayans. The Americans is the continent. If you say the u.s.a I would agree.

  • Do you go out of your way to find more critics than supporters for these shows? Why didn't you tear apart the druid ceremony as they have no idea what the ceremonies actually were?
    This shows great bias. I have found from watching these shows that the mainstream so-called experts always have the opinion that if it does not agree with my group's interpretation then it is rubbish a hoax etc. There are so many groups that oppose each other in the context that if we didn't find it then you are wrong in your assumptions which is exactly what archeology is assumptions. I have been to the site in New Hampshire and it needs more research but it isn't a hoax there is too many facts and yes there is some destruction by the owners over the years

  • Nap time!!! Thank you.

  • Nothing is obvious

  • dreadful audio, banging, clanging, horns blaring, WTF ,,,,,,engineers must have been deaf !

  • I never heard of this…..AWESOME!

  • Neanderthals built it.

  • This a late 90's/early 2000's History Channel documentary, take everything with a grain of salt & watch at your own risk
    I make no claims as to the subject, content or accuracy of the episodes on my Channel or Playlists
    This is a non-profit, non-monetized Channel. I do not own the rights to this programming and I accrue no income whatsoever from it
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  • So much of America's history has been buried and lost by the absolute fear, blind hatred, and greed of racists afraid to be called out for their billions of inhumane, evil acts against their very own brothers and sisters.
    There is never much difference between racists and murderers, and often there is no difference at all.

  • Fake. Some New Englanders during the early 19th century built these structures. I don't recall the reason. I think it was a drinking bet among some townfolks. U can google and learn for yourself.

  • I think its neat humans as a speaches doesnt know where it come from outstanding!

  • Punny stupid humans

  • If the indigenous population hadn't been wiped out maybe they could of enlightened you….?

  • Very good video, thank you for the upload. However, the captioning was seriously funny and probably done by a dolt! In 1 instance when referring to "Mystery Hill" it was written as "mr. evil"! I kid you not, there are at least 50 mistakes in the captions. Worth reading them for a good laugh.

  • Was this documentary made before the discovery of goebekli teppe and some comprehension about these various things, pyramids of Egypt and across southern Atlantic, and the other huge monolith sites everywhere, aren't going to fit in the biblical timelines preferred, for psychological comfort and other security such as avoiding conflict with church, by historians and archeologists?

  • There is a falsehood in this video regarding the great pyramid at Giza being the tallest man made structure in the world for 4,000 years (until the Eiffel Tower).. This is only true if the pyramid is older than most Egyptologists claim (~2,500 BCE) since a tower at Angkor Wat (built ~ 1,000 years ago) is ~700 feet high.

  • Thanks for the upload, until watching this I’d never heard of America’s Stonehenge x

  • Thay did this….Who done what…We think this we think that…Who done what….Well maybe who done what and where….It comes down to this for sure….Who is on first and what is on third so who is on second no who is on first and what is on third….Budabot and lucostelo …Same deal here….!

  • No matter how much I argue with college ed. That European boat people. Or even phonation or Mediterranean

  • In this one shot it looks like a fake rock or somethin

  • first mistake was to call it "american stonehendge". 'Me too' names never stick.

  • I find Rebecca Day very beautiful.

  • The 1977 episode 2 of ‘In Search of’ brought me here.

  • This site lines up perfectly with Stonehenge.

  • What about the ancient Phoenetian like ruins in northern Georgia or the "ox hide" copper ingot foundries found in Mississippi, all dating back 6,000 blue years?

  • There are similar ancient stone works in northern Arkansas as well scattered in areas of the Ozark mountains.

  • 33:23 is an Indian with a bow and arrow, even though the bow is backwards. This was the artist interpretation.

  • some so-called scientists often make some rather unscientific assumptions now and then…..such as "people long ago could not travel long distances" . We tend to forget that our own priorities are based on assumptions about time….such as " I have to get home by next week" . It only takes a small craft 30 days to cross the Atlantic…..less if the winds are currents are perfect but without our modern day distractions there's no reason to assume people 5000 years ago didn't have "time" to travel…..or to notice that the North Star always stays in the same place…..However…a modern day "druid" saying he ""feels the energy" is about the most useless input ever. It's just too bad the place wasn't documented well in the first place.

  • History is NEVER rewritten. It is only added to what we have already found. BTW, why is Medicine wheel never discussed?

  • Following along the evidence that only outside of the structure area at Stonehenge, (UK),  has the largest number of artifacts. Perhaps the area outside of the structures at America's Stonehenge should be examined. I.E. suitable camping, gathering areas, locations by water sources and the like. It looks like the forest comes right up to the structure area now. When the site was in use these adjacent outside areas may have been cleared for the use of the, "worshipers" outside of the, "temple" itself.

  • Aliens did it bruv.

  • This is a colonial cider processing sight.

  • Too many Yankee entrepreneurs and amateurs have altered the site for it to have any real value. sad

  • Man miss these old documentaries. Sitting around after dinner watching this with my family.

  • culdees had nothing to do with the druids

  • One Word. Alien. Then you have Alien 2, Alien 3(Third) and so on and so on….

  • Colonial period, where they stored butchered meat and tables where they cut ,I bet, in NH in winter itd be a cold dry place to keep food good., Though alot of people the colonial free masons held meeting/rituals there, but the site is not ancient

  • I'm really enjoying watching these old episodes– I remember watching them religiously the first time around (never missed even one!), so this is great. But dear gods, did anybody think it was worthwhile to proof the closed captions? Because calling Stone Henge 'stone head' is pretty bad.

  • Phoenicians buit it

  • I love the New England accents!

  • The mistake is thinking that these were built by Indians. The idea that Europeans were not traversing the Atlantic before the Vikings is rediculous. But never the less it is why the history books will never be Rewritten no matter how much evidence shows that Europeans are the original inhabitants of America, because that would cause the entire anti-white movement in America to lose all the power they have.

  • Even a sacredly built site would have dropped tools, that were accidentally covered. Broken tools and excess building materials would have been discarded nearby. There would have been pottery, eating and cooking utensils that were used by the builders. There would have been stones that were not cut properly, also they would have been discarded nearby.
    I think there's more evidence that Bigfoot exists, than evidence of this being built.
    I do agree that the new world was discovered before Christopher Columbus set eyes on it

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