History vs. Richard Nixon – Alex Gendler

The presidency of
the United States of America is often said to be one of
the most powerful positions in the world. But of all the U.S. presidents accused
of misusing that power, only one has left office as a result. Does Richard Nixon deserve
to be remembered for more than the scandal
that ended his presidency? Find out as we put this disgraced
president’s legacy on trial in History vs. Richard Nixon. “Order, order. Now, who’s the defendant today,
some kind of crook?” “Cough. No, your Honor. This is Richard Milhous Nixon,
the 37th president of the United States, who served from 1969 to 1974.” “Hold on. That’s a weird number of years
for a president to serve.” “Well, you see, President Nixon
resigned for the good of the nation and was pardoned by President Ford,
who took over after him.” “He resigned because he was about
to be impeached, and he didn’t want the full extent
of his crimes exposed.” “And what were these crimes?” “Your Honor, the Watergate scandal
was one of the grossest abuses of presidential power in history. Nixon’s men broke into the Democratic
National Committee headquarters to wiretap the offices
and dig up dirt on opponents for the reelection campaign.” “Cough It was established that the President
did not order this burglary.” “But as soon as he learned of it,
he did everything to cover it up, while lying about it for months.” “Uh, yes, but it was for the good
of the country. He did so much during his time in office
and could have done so much more without a scandal jeopardizing
his accomplishments.” “Uh, accomplishments?” “Yes, your Honor. Did you know it was President Nixon who proposed the creation
of the Environmental Protection Agency, and signed the National Environmental
Policy Act into law? Not to mention the Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, expansion of the Clean Air Act.” “Sounds pretty progressive of him.” “Progressive? Hardly. Nixon’s presidential campaign courted
Southern voters through fear and resentment
of the civil rights movement.” “Speaking of civil rights, the prosecution may be surprised to learn
that he signed the Title IX amendment, banning gender-based discrimination
in education, and ensured that desegregation of schools
occurred peacefully, and he lowered the voting age to 18,
so that students could vote.” “He didn’t have much concern
for students after four were shot
by the National Guard at Kent State. Instead, he called them bums
for protesting the Vietnam War, a war he had campaigned on ending.” “But he did end it.” “He ended it two years
after taking office. Meanwhile, his campaign had sabotaged
the previous president’s peace talks, urging the South Vietnamese government
to hold out for supposedly better terms, which, I might add, didn’t materialize. So, he protracted the war for four years, in which 20,000 more U.S. troops,
and over a million more Vietnamese, died for nothing.” “Hmm, a presidential candidate interfering
in foreign negotiations — isn’t that treason?” “It is, your Honor, a clear violation
of the Logan Act of 1799.” “Uh, I think we’re forgetting
President Nixon’s many foreign policy achievements. It was he who normalized ties with China,
forging economic ties that continue today.” “Are we so sure that’s a good thing? And don’t forget his support
of the coup in Chile that replaced the democratically-elected
President Allende with a brutal military dictator.” “It was part of the fight
against communism.” “Weren’t tyranny and violence the reasons
we opposed communism to begin with? Or was it just fear of the lower class
rising up against the rich?” “President Nixon couldn’t have predicted
the violence of Pinochet’s regime, and being anti-communist didn’t mean
neglecting the poor. He proposed a guaranteed basic income
for all American families, still a radical concept today. And he even pushed for comprehensive
healthcare reform, just the kind that passed 40 years later.” “I’m still confused about
this burglary business. Was he a crook or not?” “Your Honor, President Nixon
may have violated a law or two, but what was the real harm compared
to all he accomplished while in office?” “The harm was to democracy itself. The whole point of the ideals
Nixon claimed to promote abroad is that leaders are accountable
to the people, and when they hold themselves
above the law for whatever reason, those ideals are undermined.” “And if you don’t hold people accountable
to the law, I’ll be out of a job.” Many politicians have compromised
some principles to achieve results, but law-breaking and cover-ups threaten
the very fabric the nation is built on. Those who do so may find
their entire legacy tainted when history is put on trial.

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    This sounds confusing… and cheap.

  • "Richard Nixon, the last liberal president" – Noam Chomsky

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    "eh, let's change subject"
    this is so nuanced

  • I mean he also deliberately sabotaged talks between north and south Vietnam in order to be elected as president

  • “Of all the US presidents accused of misusing that power…”
    Basically all of them by one person or another?

  • Historically inaccurate – Nixon wasnt against the civil rights movement but did his best to slow down desegregation in school in order to get white middle class Southern voters – he didnt want further bussing to integrate schools

  • What about Bangladesh?

  • If they made friends with China,is America helping the Philippines win the fight over the Scarborough Shoal? I mean,what number is America to the number of China?

  • He won us our biggest and most important trading partner, China, for better or worse.

  • He committed treason obviously guilty.

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  • It's like the narrator is being held hostage, and that's why he's whispering.
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  • I love how all the "good" things that Nixon achieved were literally all progressive ideas: environmentalism, Title 9, proposed UBI, proposed healthcare reform.

  • It was Nixon who intentionally recorded himself so we'd know. He was right about what he said

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  • The only thing Nixon did wrong was get caught, every other President did it, he was just too sloppy

  • Respect gained for Nixon for helping overthrow the Allende government and helping Pinochet

  • Nixon could have been considered one of the greatest presidents…if his own paranoia hadn't got the better of him…and it did….he was a brilliant political mind…tainted by an inferiority complex that drove him to committing illegal acts against those "enemies" that he saw everywhere. In a weird way, I feel for him…if he could have stepped out of that insecure, frightened persona into a confident, persuasive one, he really could have been amazing, and done who knows what good for the country.

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  • Nixon saved Chile from becoming another Ukraine. 1932 famine.

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  • He did some good things, he did some crumby things but what I don't like about his presidency was the healthcare policy he instituted.

  • Nixon and Henry Kissinger shift Heavy industry in China late 70s From America .
    Result today's declining USA .

  • When I first saw this video about richard nixon,I saw richard nixon has united state first dictator caused he help support a coup to remove the chile democratic president into a dictator he insult the people who protest to stop the vietnam war calling them bumbs something like that, that president didn't care about people who died being shot by nationals guards and protecting his people. Richard nixon is a dictator caused dictators use laws to stay in power like making people by police during a protest against the goverment, execution,torturing,police forces and others laws dictators do, he make pacts to protected nature.

    Edit:dictators use this laws like creating terror,Propaganda,control of the elite,create an enemy,cult of personality,control of secret police,the use of violence,creating a culture of fear.

  • Trump….hold my beer.

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  • I know he started the war on drugs, prolonged the war in Vietnam, and installed a brutal dictator but think of the animals!

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    Joke… 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • The Ted Ed narrator whispering is amazing. But him doing the accents is o-O

  • Im just gonna say, the left's problems with Nixon aren't the real problems with Nixon. Nixon wasn't that great, but he should be well liked by the left because he advanced so many of their priorities.

  • Lawyer: from 1969-
    Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Why do these TedEd videos feature almost exclusively male narrators and characters? Women make up more than half the world's population.

  • Some of you’re history is not quite accurate about how Nixon won the south. One of the great false known facts

  • I guess it comes down to whether the ends justify the means

  • Alexander Hamilton

  • Nixon's defender did bad job here. The southern strategy claim has been debunked by real historians many times over. Nixon ended the war by winning it and it was the democrat supermajority congress that committed treadon for publicly walking out of the 1973 paris peace accords, thus leaving south vietnam without oil with which to operare their bigger and more advanced military than what the north had. Since the oil crisis of 73 keft sout vietnam without oil unless uS supplied it, the north got their oil from China and soviets. Thus democrats handed over Nixons 1973 victory in vietnam to a peace time defeat in 1975 when north could waltz in without any deterrence thanks to the democrats. Chiles president aliende may have been democratically elected, but he turned Chile almost into what Venezuela is today so Chilese parlament voted with over 2/3 supermajority to oust him. He refused so tje parlament called in the military to oust him. Aliende had his own purging plans, which Pinochet stopped cold. Roughly 3000 Aliendes supporters and mostly paramilitaries, or terrorisrs, who fought against the army, were killed, not a huge number if you comoare the success stories of communist take overs. Chile became the richest and most stable latin american country and pinochet gave up his power later on. This seems to me like that Nixon was right to support him.

  • He temporary(which became permanent) suspended the convertibility of the dollar to gold, taking the US and the world off the gold-standard and giving central banks a free pass to creating money from thin air.

  • If Nixon was a crook, then Obama was an arch villain.

  • One of the best orators ever, just take a look on his "Chekeers speech"

  • Nixon also almost invaded India until USSR deployed its warships in the bay of Bengal, hindering the joint USA-UK invasion

  • I just want to say when the man against Nixon said "The harm was to democracy itself."(4:47) I immediately thought this "Then there is no harm because america is not a democracy." People like to choose to not face the fact that america is not a democracy it is a republic at heart. There is one or two aspects of democracy. But if america is a full on democracy it would have more played out as monarchy. To put more simply: A Democratic Dictatorship that is heretic is a tyrannic monarchy. And besides more than half of the presidents since Abraham Lincoln founded the republican party were indeed in fact republican.

  • I will always hate Nixon for starting a war with India. Even France, Jordan and Turkey deployed their warships to attack us. Thank god Russia got our back during the 1971 war.

  • gets obnoxiously close (exaggerated stage whisper) why are you whispering

  • So THAT'S why Trump is often compared to Nixon. We never learn 🤦‍♂️

  • So Obama shoulda been tried for treason??

  • Christopher Columbus makes Richard Nixon look like a decent person.

  • Nixon: exists

    Watergate: I'm aboutta end this man's whole career

  • Obama made Nixon look like an amateur with regard to crimes and cover-ups. The media ignored his scandals.

  • He is also responsible for worsening Indo-US ties, by sending 5th fleet against India to support Pakistan who was ruled by a military dictatorship vs India a democratic republic.
    He also ignored the blood telegram sent by US embassy in Dhaka which reported about the mass atrocities committed by Pakistani army in Operation Searchlight which led to death of millions of Bangladeshis (erstwhile East Pakistan) and millions who fled to neighbouring India to fled prosecution. Interestingly UK supported US by sending an aircraft carrier too.
    Suprisingly it was USSR which supported India and the formation of Bangladesh. So much for promoting democracy! When you get ready to attack largest democratic country to support a smaller country under military control.
    P.S: US's gamble with pitting one country against another is the reason why China and Pakistan have nukes even now.

  • How was Chile communist if it was democratic

  • 2:41 its Shaggy Rogers

  • whats with the voice over sounding like its gna cry


  • Iran -Contra was 1,000 x worse than the watergate scandal. They just simply learned from and decided that the president shouldn’t be exposed what Nixon was … so rather than every man for himself and still do time ? They had one man be the fall guy and became a hero for breaking laws , drug dealing amongst them, while protecting the boss .

  • why are we whispering

  • 3:41
    Forging Economic ties that continue today
    Trump: lol what

  • 0:26 YES

  • I LOVE RICHARD NIXON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TEDED is a none profit ad shows up

  • Considering the thin laeyer representing history, we do have to agree that history only speaks negetives of people

  • The Logan Act, ha!

  • Man this entire video reminds me of some Filipinos defending the accomplishments of Ferdinand Marcos

  • He has such an asmr voice wow

  • I wanna say one more thing. Even though he covered these crimes up for a long time, Nixon admitted and made himself accountable for these actions. A characteristic of a true leader. That is one extra thing I’ll give him credit for.

  • Nixon made mistakes, but he wasn’t as bad as Regan.

  • We are a Republic, not a Democracy.

  • John F Kennedy, Castro, and McNamara all fought zombies.

  • Short answer to your question: no.

  • I don’t understand how it’s watergate that began impeachment what he did in Saigon Is far worse

  • Why is this guy whispering!!

  • Any other Canadian here trying to understand American politics I watch too much American News

  • "Uh, yes, but it was for the good of the country."

    Right… That can count for every ruler of every country through all history.

  • 4:38 So the end justifies the means?

  • these videos are super valuable as they bring both sides to important historical figures and events. well done

  • Richard Nixon did not quit.

  • Can you please put ferdinand marcos on trial???? He is seen as a tyrant but there are points that he raised and he did amazing jobs while he was in office.

  • This has completely changed my view of nixon. Time to start digging. Sounds like a wonderful president.

  • Nixon is a prude.

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