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Are we almost ready to get started? Hey, real quick. Do you have any good email open rates numbers you can send me? I’m putting together a few slides on an email campaign. yes! Actually I just read a really good blog post about that. Let me try to find it. Okay..when did I see that? I think it was a couple days ago? Hang on, I literally JUST read this blog post. I gotta get to a meeting, but do you want to just email it to me later? Yeah, I’ll try to find it and I’ll just email it to you. Does this ever happen to you? Of course it does, it happens to all of us. We see something on the internet and then
when we need to find it again, BUT we rarely can. The struggle is real ya’ll, but the good
news is today’s tool is going to save us hours and hours of searching. Stay tuned for today’s product showcase. What’s good peeps? I’m Chrystie with AppSumo & today we are
talking about HistorySearch which makes your internet browsing SEARCHABLE! Instead of scrolling endlessly through your
list of visited webpages, you can actually search and find the webpages you visited using
keywords. Let me show you how it works and how easy
it is to use. The first thing you’ll want to do is download
the History Search browser plugin. Once you install the plugin, history search
will start indexing all of the pages you visit which then makes them searchable by keywords
or phrases. So for example, I remember reading
a website about building lean muscle (don’t judge me), but I can’t remember which site
I saw it on. All I have to do is open up the history search
plugin and search for lean muscle, or anything other keywords & phrases that I remember from
that page. History search will index all of my visited
pages and return the sites that contain those keywords & phrases. This makes it a WHOLE lot easier to find the
sites I’m looking for. So if you are ready for an easier solution
to keep track of your visited webpages, then you’ll definitely want to check out HistorySearch.

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