History of the World Wide Web

We are living in an information technology era You can communicate, learn, trade and search for information easily thanks to Website Google and Facebook are two of the most popular websites that people access everyday Have you ever wondered who had started this colorful age and invented the World Wide Web? Well, first of all, we need to distinguish between Internet and WWW While the Internet is a global network system which connects millions of computers World Wide Web is a combination of websites all over the world, and a part of the internet Just imagine that the Internet is a railway while WWW is a train The railway is built around the planet and the train has a duty of transferring the information Tim Berners-Lee, a British man who worked at CERN – Conformation Europe Research Nuclear With the purpose of transmitting information and connecting other scientists easily By combining ‘internet addresses’ markup language hypertext’ and ‘transfer protocol hypertext’ In August 1991, the very first website in the world was invented in CERN, France From then, when World Wide Web was announced, the whole world had immediately changed The websites has spreaded like a forest fire in the next few years. Do you recognize this familiar sound? Yep, that is Yahoo In 1994, Yahoo was born which had opened a potential era for the internet in general and for the social network in particular In October 1998, Google – a free encyclopedia dictionary – was established As a library of everything with more than 2 millions searches each day Google has become the most used website until now In 2004, a Harvard’s student created a social website where all student in Harvard could connect, share and chat with each other Later then, it spreaded worldwide His name is Mark Zuckerberg Yep, we are talking about Facebook a king of social network kingdom a place for the virtual life of youth with more than 35 millions statuses updated everyday Youtube, the boss of online video was launched in 2005 Its simple UI takes people just a few minutes to watch the latest updated video And that is how Gangnam Style crazed the world You have seen a 25 years development process of WWW Now you have nothing to question about the formation of WWW anymore ? Hopefully, this video may help you know more about website’s history Thank you for watching!

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