History of the Internet Podcast Trailer

I ask people do they use memes politically? Usually the knee jerk answer is no but if millions of people use them to communicate there must be something to it I think we need to look at it a different way The history of the internet is the podcast that explores the trends that started online that now dominate the way we carry out our day-to-day lives We are the species that changes our technology constantly From hashtags to memes this series goes back to the beginning of the stories of cultural phenomenon that have given us a new way to grasp and move through the ever complicated world we live in before catching up and pondering it’s future I chat to the man behind the hashtag craze We were trying to find a way to group things on Twitter, and we’d been having this ongoing conversation Then I tweeted ‘hey guys why don’t we use the hashtag, or pound sign’ Ask some of those ultimate internet questions like: what even makes content go viral? They are always fake, 99% of the time those videos are fake And look forward to how the internet of things, AI and technology is sucking up our social data and changing our world I do think there is a great opportunity for biometrics. I think the time is starting to finally come Subscribe now on apple podcasts and of course, where ever you listen to your podcasts so we’re downloaded straight into your feeds when we go live every Wednesday in July Until then prepare for the history of all things ‘internet bantz’ as season one focuses on the stories of the social internet With me, @jamie_wareham

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