History of the Indian Republic Day

Today 26th January 2020, is Republic Day. Today on 26th January 1950, the Indian Constitution was adopted. Because of the Indian Constitution, citizens now have the power to elect their leaders such as President, Prime minister, etc. India was no longer being ruled by the British Queen and was completely independent. So how was the Constitution created? What was the process and its history? Let me tell you. After a long struggle India finally gained independence. However sadly there were no laws that would enable the citizens elect their leaders. It became very difficult who would govern the country. Queen Elizabeth’s husband King George VI would help govern India just like the British Government. There would be no oppression like before but they will govern according to the rules. The process to create the Indian Constitution wa started by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who was the chairman of the first parliament of India. They discussed and formulated laws, rights and all the rules. They worked extremely hard and the Constitution of India was adopted on 26 November, 1949. The Indian Constitution was adopted on 26th November 1949 but it was officially adopted on 26th January 1950. Why? Well let me explain. Earlier on 26th January 1930 everyone in India demand complete independence from the British. This day came to be known as ‘Purna Swaraj Diwas’. On this day people demanded independence. Finally after gaining Independence, in memory of this day, the Indian Constitution was officially adopted on 26th January.

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