History of Technine Snowboards

Yo, what up, MFM here, rockin’ it in the
Technine booth. We’re chillin’ at SIA Tradeshow 2011, Denver, Colorado. You’re
lookin’ at out booth. It’s off the chain, we’re growing crazy this year. I’ll give
you a little history. It started back in ’93. I met these kids, my good friends, Ethan and
Cole. They were part of the Technine crew back when the first time out of Denver I moved
up to Vail. They were the first dudes I met and we clicked like this. They were just starting
out with bindings. They had their first couple sets of bindings out and I was like “those
are the bomb.” And each year we’ve been really good friends working on things, getting
things together, making products better and better, cooler and cooler. And then, really
in the last couple years we got real organized, brought in some right and a really good team
and started going to work to expand. We’re doing things right, getting it on time, production-wise.
Everything is just slaughtering. Started out with bindings, you know now were doing clothing,
snowboards, went through every different kind of binding and everybody loves our stuff.
It’s really good, it works off the chain. And, now as you can see, we have our whole
line and it’s crushin’ it, and that’s what’s up. Now, we’re here today, the
best line-up of team out in snowboarding and it’s just getting better and better. It’s

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