History of Summit Web Perth by Chris Dinham

Right, so lets get started. Who am I? My name is Chris Dinham, I am one of partners
here at Summit Web. Originally I was born over East but I grew
up in a small town called Wanaka which is in the South Island of New Zealand. So I’ll say some funny things like ‘jandals’
and “chilli bin’ but contrary to most Australian’s beliefs about New Zealanders: No, I’ve never
worked as a scaffolder. But I have worked in the mines, and that’s
where I originally started here in Perth. So I came over and started offshore oil and
gas it was a month-on-month off roster and I was there for a little while until i had
a little bit of an injury on my shoulder. So I was basically staring down the barrel
of sitting on the couch for six months watching Dr. Phil. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t sit down
for a considerable amount of time so the leading up to that surgery I was looking for something
to keep me busy. I went to a mindset seminar by a man by the
name of Paul Blackburn (highly recommend him to anyone who’s interested interested in that
sort of stuff) but a couple were speaking there by the name of Matt and Liz Rard and
they were talking about how you can buy and sell websites for profits. So I thought “perfect, that sounds exactly
like me” and to explain how you do it it’s a lot like investment properties. So we buy an old, run-down website (might
be an informational website etc) we do it up, we monetise it, get ‘traffic’ generating
to it and then sell it down the road for a profit. So for the next six months there was me in
a sling, bashing the keyboard with one arm and Dr. Phil blaring in the background. I learned as much as I could about these buying
and selling websites. About the about ninety percent (90%) of the
ones I bought I crashed, but then ten percent started to work. So after that six months I took those ten
percent websites and, doing one month offshore and then one month back in Perth, I’d just
try and build these websites up and they started to gain a little bit of traction. A couple of friends realised and said “Chris
if you can build these lead generating strategies or lead generating websites overseas, because
most of these websites were based in the United States, can you do the same thing for our
local business in Perth?” I said sure why not, the principles are exactly
the same – and that’s pretty much how Summit Web was born. So Summit Web is a lead generating web design
agency, specialising in exceptional web design and search engine optimisation. Everything we do is to generate customers
from your website. If your website is not generating customers
then it’s just a very expensive business card because we personally have to direct these
people to our website. So we get your website working for you and
and we’re going to learn some tips today on how you guys can do that for free with this
seminar. It’s going to be basically a bit of a crash
course, we’re going to run through it super quick. What we’re going to learn is: What is search engine optimisation, you know
why should even care about it for your business? and then we’re going to give you some step-by-step
tips on what you can do so you can implement

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