History of Storage… Future Storage?

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Talented Tech Guy before I start today’s topic i want to tell you something that I didn’t mention in my previous video and that is Connection you can connect your devices via bluetooth or wifi it does not matter the speed will be the same in both cases so let’s start today’s topic But before that we shall recap what did we see these
past ten years or more let’s begin with Computer As you know there were computers with only, I think 500 megabytes I don’t exactly remember And Then we have Floppy Disks and CDs which had 500 MB and 1GB of internal storage then we saw USBs and the capacity* was upto 8GB 16 GB and 32GB and more then we saw phones with 8 GB 16 GB and so on. then, Memory cards this is the main part I still remember when i bought a memory card which was 8 GB and that time the apps were not very big sizes but now there are games like Asphalt 8 which is maybe upto 2.5GB and these games get an update weekly or monthly So as they get updated the storage also increases so, The phone with 32GB or 64GB is enough So, recently Samsung announced memory card which has the capacity of 1.5 TB As you know memory cards are very small how can they fit so much storage in a small memory card My point is in future they will definitely make memory cards with 2TB and that’s all for now make sure to subscribe to this channel and please follow me on insta Because I can’t share link on my story and I will upload a video regarding this topic also Speaking of Instagram
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