History of Space Travel – Short Documentary

Yuri Gagarin*

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  • Very nice vid

  • better at 1.25 speed

  • Hey weirdos i can comment here since thsi is not my chromebook

  • Very informative

  • @ Technology: Past, Present and Future – you got to make it longer, you never mentioned Americas first space station the shy lab, you also never mentioned americas first functional soft-landing (meaning the computer survived landing ,Slavanca 1 's computer failed after landing in 1975) unmanned landings on mars by the viking landers. also America was the first nation state to do this on planet earth… yes its true that the Russian Salyut was the worlds first functioning space station beating the skylab by some time…in order for the Americans to catch up further they became the first to fly past Saturan and visit the planetary systems of Uranus , Neptune , Pluto and eventual some kuplier belt object i forgets alpha-numeric designation , the Americans had to win the deep space first in order to make of for Russian space station technology being so atvanced, at 7:13 you show how big the space stations can get if the united states and the russian federation and the European union work together in harmony.to build the worlds largest orbiting space base kinda space station. Necropolis. .

  • There are a lot of movies, both documentary and fiction, that portray humans exploring space and the possibility of encountering extra terrestrial life. What few of them portray is the realization that, through the mainstream media, we've been broadcasting images into space. My question is, what kind of first impression will these images make?

  • GagariN not gagariV but otherwise very nice

  • I didn't read through all the comments to see if anyone mentioned this but the first human in space was Yuri GagariN, not GagariV. Otherwise this is great!

  • At 2:13, the name of the Soviet cosmonaut is Yuri Gagarin, not Yuri Gagariv. Thanks to those who pointed that out!

  • Super
    Your voice is very clear

  • My teacher is making me watch this

  • My technology is better 😂 nice video dude

  • Actually the first momeny of tragedy on the american space program was apollo 1

  • Very good video but it could be better. For example Spirit and opportunity were not first man made objects to land on mars. And you did not said anything about venus

  • So the Germans were the first in space? i feel kinda bad for them. In our school we learned that the Russians were the first to send something in space, there wasn't any mention of them even tough they are our fricking neighbors (I live in the Czech republic).

  • I don't like how the world and media see the "Space Race" like "Apollo 11 became the most symbolic moment of human history" and "USA win the space race". I don't want to offend anybody here, not even the maker of this short documentary pls keep it in mind. In my view USSR was the first in nearly everything, like First Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, First artificial satellite & signals from Space, First animal to orbit the Earth, First lunar spacecraft, First images of Earth from Space, First impact on a celestial body (Moon), First human in Space, First woman in Space, First extra-vehicular activity, First soft landing and first photographs from Moon, First robotic automatic sample return from the Moon, First space station, First soft Mars landing (I think this is a really big achievement, because of the atmosphere). Yeah sure, USA made lot of things also as first, and yeah that Moon landing was pretty hard to achieve, but I still think that USSR won the space race, I just feel bad that the USA media made the majority of world to think, that they won the space race. Anyways awesome video, thank you for reading, have a wonderful day 🙂

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  • thx for theating me

  • It’s all a lie. We never went to the moon. Space travel is a scam.

  • Wheres my man Alexei Leonov mention at. First man to do a spacewalk in 65

  • It would have been more thorough and correct to start earlier than WWII. “Our first steps..” began with Goddard, Tsiolkovsky, And Esnault-Pelterie in the 1910s and 1920s. They had not pierced the edge of Earth’s atmosphere but got us started on space rocketry.

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