History of Siri

Hey guys it’s Greg with Apple Explained,
and today we’re taking a look at the History of Siri. Remember Siri being introduced on stage alongside
the iPhone 4s? It was an incredible moment that impressed not only the audience but also
tech critics like Walt Mossberg who called it a standout feature of the 4s. But Siri
didn’t evolve as quickly as most expected and now the same people who were praising
Siri back in 2011 are now asking why Siri seems so dumb! What went wrong with Siri and
how did it fall so far behind its competition? Well the answer can be found in examining
the path Siri has been on since its development back in 2005. You may not have known this, but Siri wasn’t
made by Apple. It was built by the SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center and they made
it available as an app on the iOS app store in 2010. The signature voice for Siri was
provided by voice actress Susan Bennett, and there were also British and Australian voices
available for Siri provided by Jon Briggs and Karen Jacobson. After the Siri app had been live for two months,
Apple acquired the company and integrated the voice assistant into the iPhone 4s. Apple
then removed the Siri app and limited the feature to the 4s even though the app had
supported the iPhone 4. It was clear Apple used Siri as the new shiny feature to entice
customers to upgrade their devices, but we know the feature could’ve been made available
for at least the iPhone 4 since Troughton-Smith, working with an anonymous partner, managed
to hack Siri and enabled it to run on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Apple later included
Siri on the iPod Touch and iPad in 2012, the Apple TV in 2015, and the Mac in 2016. Other tech companies jumped into the AI market
with more than half a dozen Siri-like services launched in 2012 alone. Samsung debuted S-Voice,
a voice-controlled assistant. Nuance, a provider of speech recognition software, released a
“Siri for apps” called Nina. Startups Evi and Maluuba each released virtual assistant
apps. IBM began working on adapting Watson into a turbo-charged Siri that could help
physicians, farmers, Wall Street traders and students. And Google followed Siri with its
own conversational assistant, Google Now. The early versions of these voice assistants
often performed worse than Siri and this positioned Apple as a leader in the industry. But this
changed. And it was because of a difficult decision Apple made that no other company
embraced. Apple decided that they would not collect data on the inquiries users made with
Siri. They kept as much data on the local device as possible, and if inquiries needed
to be sent to the cloud, Apple stripped the request of any reference to the User ID and
assigned it a random request ID. It was then encrypted and sent up to the cloud for more
voice recognition to identify the words, and for natural language processing to understand
the meaning and serve an appropriate response. This is the same process Siri uses today and
it’s a major reason why Apple lost its dominance in the AI market. Apple’s competitors like
like Google and Facebook became more creative and aggressive about leveraging user data
and cloud computing to make their assistants more and more helpful. This came with the
benefit of a smarter voice assistant, but turned their customers into products whose
information would be sold to the highest bidder. After all, they’re advertising companies
which means monetizing user data is their primary source of revenue. Apple, on the other
hand, enjoys earning about 75% of their revenue from hardware and is in a much better position
to pass up the opportunity to monetize their users data. But the way these tech companies were handling
user data wasn’t fully understood until recently with the Cambridge Analytica incident,
so from the users point of view, Siri’s progress appeared to be pretty stagnant compared
to Google Now, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana. This contributed to an opinion in
the tech community that Apple was losing its ability to innovate. Even the Wall Street
Journal wrote, “Apple is playing catch-up in a product category it invented, increasing
worries about whether the technology giant has lost some of its innovation edge.” With
this mounting pressure from customers, journalists, and competitors, Apple could have easily caved
and began mining user data like every other company. But they held strong to their belief
that customer data should remain private. But this position didn’t stop Apple from
making improvements to Siri. A year after its introduction, iOS 6 brought several new
features. It could understand and answer sports related questions. You could simply speak
to Siri and get game schedules, scores, player info and team records. Siri supported baseball,
basketball, football, soccer and hockey including a number of sports leagues. This is also when
Siri’s AI engine became really good at understanding comparison inquiries like “who’s
taller LeBron or Kobe,” and respond with the right answer. Along with sports, Siri also gained the ability
to understand movie related questions. By tapping into Rotten Tomatoes’ database,
Siri could now display movie reviews and ratings. She could also supply movie listings based
on location or showtime. Requesting information about a particular
movie also became possible. Movie information was presented in a neat card that aggregated
all relevant information, and organized them into a compact view. It included awards,
cast members, ratings and trailers. You could even ask Siri to play a trailer, which launched
in the movie player. It also gained a number of new restaurant
specific features. You could find restaurants based on cuisine, price, location and ratings.
Integration with Yelp and Open Table were also added, so you could see reviews, ratings,
and photos of restaurants within Siri, and if you liked a place you could tell Siri to
take you in to the OpenTable app to make a reservation. It was integrated with Facebook and Twitter
so you could use Siri to quickly post a status update. And the ability to open apps with
Siri was also included. A year later, iOS 7 introduced even more changes
to Siri. The most noticeable improvement was the user interface. It took over the entire
screen rather than sliding up from the bottom and occupying only a portion of the display.
“What can I help you with?” appeared when Siri was activated, and a new waveform ran
along the bottom to give users a visual cue when Siri was listening. Another major change was Apple’s decision
to ditch Google in favor of Bing for web searches. But you could still access Google with Siri
by saying “search google” before an inquiry. A common problem for Siri at the time was
it’s struggle with requests for trivial information, an area where its competition
began to excel. Apple tried to remedy this by integrating Wikipedia with Siri, but it
was a clumsy solution since it only worked with general inquiries and the user had to
search for information themselves on the Wikipedia page instead of Siri providing a specific
answer. iOS 7 also gave Siri the ability to adjust
certain system settings like airplane mode, bluetooth, screen brightness, and do not disturb
mode. Apple also introduced a new male voice for Siri and made the female voice more clear
and natural. iOS 8 introduced the popular “hey siri”
voice command so you could summon Siri handsfree. It was also integrated with Shazam so you
could identify a song without opening the app by asking Siri, “what’s this song.”
Another interesting capability was purchasing iTunes content with Siri. In iOS 9 contextual awareness was the biggest
updated made. If you asked Siri to remind you to do something while looking at a message
you’ve received, Siri would understand what you meant and add the event. Siri also became
more aware of location, so a very specific reminder like “Call mom when I get in the
car” was possible. Siri’s smarts was brought to the search window with Siri Suggestions
which included a list of people you speak with often, apps you might want to use depending
on the time of day, nearby venues like restaurants and gas stations, and relevant news. This
section was also contextually aware and offered different content based on the time of day. With the announcement of iOS 10 in 2016, Apple
opened up third-party developer access to Siri through a dedicated API that restricted
usage of Siri to engaging with third-party messaging apps, payment apps, ride-sharing
apps, and Internet calling apps. In iOS 11 Apple gave Siri improved male and
female voices that were designed to more closely mimic natural human speech. Apple said Siri’s
new voice options were powered by deep learning for better pronunciation and a more expressive
voice. It also got a new user interface and could translate phrases from English to Chinese,
French, German, Italian, and Spanish, with more languages to come. Siri also began using
on-device learning to understand more about your preferences and interests to better anticipate
what you might want next. And it would sync that information across all your Apple devices
so the Siri experience was the same regardless of what product you were using. Despite these consistent updates Siri has
received over the years, it’s still lagging behind the competition today and has lots
of room for improvement. Norman Winarsky, one of the creators of Siri,
recently spoke about its current state, how far the personal assistant has come, and how
much different it is now than what he originally envisioned. According to Winarsky, Siri was
originally meant to be a virtual travel and entertainment concierge. The idea was if you needed something done
related to these areas, Siri would take care of it for you. So if you showed up at the
airport and your flight was delayed, then Siri would automatically work on finding you
a different flight. And if that didn’t work, Siri would find you a nearby hotel room to
try and accommodate your needs: Winarsky said, “were you to arrive at an
airport to discover a cancelled flight, for example, Siri would already be searching for
an alternate route home by the time you pulled your phone from your pocket—and if none
was available, would have a hotel room ready to book. It would have a smaller remit, but
it would learn it flawlessly, and then gradually extend to related areas. Apple launched Siri
as an assistant that can help you in all areas of your life, a bigger challenge that will
inevitably take longer to perfect.” Today, Siri is something that goes beyond
travel and entertainment, and it’s easy to say that the development process that Winarsky
had originally envisioned (to make Siri work perfectly in a couple of areas first, and
then expand from there) is not something Apple is really following. Siri tries to do a lot
of things, some of those things it can do well enough, and others not so much. Winarsky
says that Apple’s efforts are exceptionally hard as the company has to deal with a lot
of customers out in the real world, but adds that Apple may be working for a “level of
perfection they can’t get”. But I should mention that based on its latest
tests, Siri was capable of recognizing 95% of a users speech, putting it on par with
Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana. The issues arise when considering how Siri responds to
our inquiries. Sometimes it doesn’t give us quite the information we were asking for,
and this is the area where Siri’s shortcomings are revealed. Greg Joswiak, Apple’s Vice President of
iPod, iPhone and iOS Product Marketing said “From the beginning, Apple wanted Siri to
be a get-stuff-done machine. It drives me crazy that people compare virtual assistants
by asking trivia questions, which always makes Siri look bad. We didn’t engineer this thing
to be Trivial Pursuit!” So, not like Trivial Pursuit, and more like
a digital personal assistant meant to help users get something done. Which, all things
considered, Siri does accomplish fairly reliably. So how often do you use Siri? Some friends
of mine never use it while others push its capabilities to the limit. I typically only
use Siri for making calls, sending quick texts, and setting timers. Let me know how Siri has
been working for you and if you enjoyed the video, don’t forget to leave a like. Thanks
for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

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